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Thursday, 23rd June was the Happiest Day of 2016 for all of us ‘Kippers because we achieved what we originally set out to do: we won the Referendum for Britain to Leave the European Union!

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And the joy hasn’t stopped since.

Olafur Ragnar Grimsson, Iceland’s President, agreed that Brexit was good news for Iceland, and argued that with Brexit, northern countries will only become more and more important: with Brexit, Northern countries will only become more and more important!

CRACKER JOKE: What’s the difference between Brexit and Christmas? With Brexit, there are No Brussels and No Turkey!

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Paul Blanchard of City AM gave us seven reasons why Brexit was a good news story:

  • Europe is going down  —  fast
  • Europe’s economy is in poor shape
  • They need us
  • Businesses will not relocate to Europe
  • Labour costs in Europe are huge
  • Uncertainty is a good thing
  • Brexit is the new opportunity we need.

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CRACKER JOKE: How much should it cost Britain to leave the EU? The cost of a sheet of paper and an envelope, plus the price of a first class stamp to Belgium!


Alex Downer, Australian High Commissioner to the UK, confirmed that Australia is backing Brexit Britain all the way!  Although he said that his father’s generation had been deeply hostile to Britain joining the EU in the 1970s (when Heath’s attitude was ‘so what?’) and abandoning those Commonwealth countries which had stood by to save it from the Germans in two world wars, he was now hopeful that things would change.

If Britain once again recognised that it was a global power with global responsibilities and not just a regional player, then it would mean yet more ways the two countries could work together to promote the values and objectives that both Britain and Australia share.


CRACKER JOKE: How do you like your Brussels sprouts cooked  —  hard or soft? Neither: chopped fine and then grilled.  

Billionaire businessman Wilbur Ross Jr., who is now US Commerce Secretary, has said that the US will seek out a trade deal with the UK as a top priority during the Trump Administration.

The Daily Telegraph reported that the American businessman has “extensive” financial and social links to the United Kingdom, values the special relationship, and wishes to break down trade barriers. The source said “It would be logical to expect that this might be high on the commerce department’s list of priorities”.


CRACKER JOKE: I’ve heard that Putin also hacked vegetable plots:  a white moth is decimating Brussels sprouts!


NIGEL FARAGE, our previous Party Leader, said that he wanted to be a “bridge” between Donald Trump’s US and the UK, the BBC reported. His comments came after he had become the first senior UK politician to meet the president-elect following his surprise victory. 6841636123_56d2fb3665_b_nigel-farage Mr Farage has now visited President Trump in New York for the third time, in what is likely to be a major embarrassment to Prime Minister Theresa May, who has yet to meet the US President.



CRACKER JOKE: How would you persuade Commissioner Juncker to give Britain a good deal on Brexit? Wheel out an old Junkers 88 bomber.

Suzanne Evans, speaking on the last edition of BBC’s Newsnight before Christmas, said that the Referendum result had proved so popular that the polls show that about 68% of people would now vote in favour of Leave.



CRACKER JOKE: What would you do with Britain’s redundant EU Commissioners? Cover them with braid and stand them in front of the hotels along the Promenade des Anglais in Nice.



And for more fun:

By using Einstein’s special relativity theory, Katy Sheen, UK physicist, has discovered just how Santa Claus and his reindeer can, indeed, zoom around the world and deliver presents to over 700 million children on Christmas Eve.

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So all we have to do now is to ask Ms Sheen to work out how to get Britain out of the EU and into the Real World by Christmas morning!



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