You may be a floating voter or one who has never voted before.  It may be that none of the traditional parties represent your personal ideas or it may be that regardless who gets voted into government things never seem to get better.  It may be that you think your one vote does not count for much and things will carry on with or without it.

During living memory all of the political parties have courted the electorate on issues promised in manifestos and rarely delivered, and then enacted policies, and expenditure, and even going to war for issues that never would have been agreed to by the electorate if they had been given a say.

The problem for all democratic nations is that political parties have specific ideology that is not necessarily that of the majority of the electorate.  Then as more of the population become disaffected from politics and refuse to vote, so a smaller proportion of the electorate choose who governs them.  You can be sure then that those who vote will be active supporters of the traditional parties that do not represent your view or that of the majority of the electorate.

It is said time and again that a vote for a minority party is a wasted vote, as they will never get in.  Worse still the mainstream parties shout loudly that a vote for a minority party will ensure the other lot get in.  As a result this always ensures that the major parties stay in power.  Clever isn’t it.

Furthermore, many people blindly support a party out of tradition and loyalty or that they actually hate the other lot sufficiently always to try and keep them out of power.  Political parties do this because they actually believe their ideology is the best for the country and also because of the joy of being in power.

I cannot believe that you do not care about how you are governed or by whom!  That you don’t care that successive Labour and Conservative governments have been too frightened by environmentalists to not have built new coal, gas, and nuclear power stations to replace those that would need to be replaced, thereby leaving us at the mercy of foreign powers for gas and electricity supplies.

I cannot believe that you not care about the types of food that are available, where it comes from, who has created it, and how much it really is costing you.  Or that thriving towns and villages all around our coasts are now stagnant, run down and with high unemployment because the livelihood of the fishing fleets have been given to the other nations of the EU.

That farmers cannot produce a wide variety of crops here because it is uneconomic to do so because of huge subsidies paid to French farmers through the Common Agricultural Policy.

That your local council can build unreliable wind farms at huge cost to deface the local landscape or seascape, that will not keep the lights on when the wind doesn’t blow, and will increase the cost of your electricity bills.

That the right to not be taken into custody by a foreign national without a warrant, or not to be detained and kept for an indefinite time without charge has now been taken away by the European Arrest Warrant. That any national of any country within the EU can now come to the UK and receive all the rights and privileges that have been fought for, and in many cases died for, by citizens of the nations of the UK since 1642.

That we no longer have a voice on the world stage except at the UN because our interests are now subordinated to a representative of the EU negotiating on behalf of the combined interests of the EU.

That you are not concerned that working practices, workers benefits, working hours, materials, methods, and product specifications and the much abhorred ‘health & safety’; are now decided by administrators of the EU Commission, over whom we have no redress.

Our rights as UK citizens.

There are certain rights that as modern citizens of the UK we have grown up with, and take for granted.

They are the ancient right of habeas corpus that means we cannot be arrested and kept in confinement without warrant or proper charge.

That we are allowed to say anything we like provided that it does not cause libel, defamation of character, or now incite terrorism or racial hatred.

The greatest gift of all, though often not realised, is the right to remove a government that we are not happy with, by means of an honest ballot, at periods not exceeding 5 years.

Why you should vote

Now we have seen the result of a coalition of Conservative and Liberal parties with almost opposing political ideology, whereby each of the partners is able to blame the other one for doing things that neither of its voters would approve, and worse still to renege on fundamental promises in their individual manifestos and used to achieve power.

Labour has a legacy from 13 years of government when in the last two years in power it overspent by £122 Bn on public services and welfare that is so hard to roll back.  Conservative reneged on its ‘cast iron promise of a referendum on Europe’ and Liberals reneged on its promise to oppose increased tuition fees for undergraduates.  They just cannot be trusted!

All three of the traditional parties want to remain part of the EU, though they refer to it as Europe.  We can trade with Europe without being ruled by the EU Commission.  Other countries of the rest of the World do trade with Europe without being part of it politically.

The rights of the citizens of the UK are being steadily taken away by transference of power to the EU with the consent of successive Westminster governments.  It is unlikely that UKIP can go from being a party with no seats in Westminster to one with a majority in parliament in one go BUT it is possible that UKIP can take many more constituency seats than Liberal and become part of a coalition government.  That will happen only if three things occur:-

1.  That you go and vote in May 2014 for Members of the European Parliament and give UKIP a majority.

2.  That you again have the nerve to vote for UKIP at the next general election in May 2015.

3.  That the terms of a coalition by any party with UKIP includes an IN/OUT referendum on membership of the EU.

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