The Daily Express (18th March) reveals that The Metropolitan Police spent £25 million on translation services for 70,000 foreign nationals over the past four years, that’s an average of £6.3 million per year, and £357 per person. This was for suspects arrested in London, plus witnesses and victims.

This amount of money would be enough to pay for an additional 286 police officers.

I was quoted in the Express as saying, “Open-door immigration encourages Europe’s criminals to come to the UK. The translation and interpretation bill is a fraction of the cost of crime on society, which would be avoidable if were to exclude foreign criminals. We can’t because of the EU’s freedom-of-movement rules”.

Now it’s right that if a foreign national is a suspect in a crime or if a foreign visitor to London is the victim of a crime and they don’t speak English that they should have translators to help them. But as with so many other things we have deliberately and inflated a problem and made it much worse than it needs to be.

London is a honey-pot for Europe’s criminals – orgnaised and disorganised. Under the EU’s Freedom of Movement Directives we cannot exclude people just because they have a criminal record. It would be against EU law – and EU law takes precedence over UK law. What madness is it that stops us protecting ourselves in our own capital city and country? It’s the kind of madness that comes from the European Union. Just another reason why Britain needs to leave the EU.

Photo by Images by John ‘K’

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