This article is a follow-up to this one, which looked at how we’ve been ‘educated’ by supra-national entities about accepting “poor refugees”, which are actually migrants.

You may have heard – probably not in the MSM! – that migrants living in the Jungle Camps near Calais tried to storm a Channel Ferry, see this report. Do take note that 11 of the 34 arrested were “Westerners”, some from the UK. Read the following and you won’t need to ask why …

Here’s a closer look at how this migration ‘crisis’ was instigated, and no, it wasn’t a tsunami, unpredictable for all, especially our politicians and MSM. This was and is highly organised, and the little groups of ‘anarchists’ trying to help ‘poor refugees’ to board that ferry are, like the street dealers of drugs, just the tail end.

The various statements and bulletins in regard to migration – note the word, it’s not about actual refugees – by e.g. the EU  or the UN  date to 2012/2013 – but they are ‘products’ in the wake of years of ‘work’ by other organisations. For example, there is the ‘Parliamentary Assembly of the Mediterranean, where this resolution was prepared – for a session in 2009.

But the timeline goes back even further.

Here’s a rather interesting report about that UN meeting which produced the ‘Vienna Declaration’ (see link to ‘UN’ above), and this quote is significant:

The Alliance of Civilizations was established in 2005, at the initiative of the Governments of Spain and Turkey, under the auspices of the United Nations. The UNAOC is an initiative of the UN Secretary-General which aims to improve understanding and cooperative relations among nations and peoples across cultures and religions, and to help counter the forces that fuel polarization and extremism.”

So now we’ve gone back ten years – that’s how long this apparently unstoppable tsunami was in the preparation. Look at that date again: 2005 is well before even a sniff of the “Arab Spring” was in the air, and well before the war in Syria, ISIS, or even Libya which those pillars of humanity, M Sarkozy and Mr Cameron, with a little help from our friends in the USA, kicked off.

There is however another side to this. All these declarations by International and Supranational government organisations would not have been more than pious words had there not been a network of NGOs (Non Government Organisations) driving both the agenda and the actual, physical movement of thousands of people across the Mediterranean.

It is no secret that most of those organisations are getting some support from the and it surely is no slur to mention the founder, Mr Soros – after all, he’s on that title page.

Interestingly, many important ‘organisations’ however simply do not provide information as to how they are funded.

For example, there is one calling itself ‘globalmigrantsaction’, which even published a “World Charter” in 2011, read it here . Who is paying for that? Aren’t we told that migrants are forced to come because they’re so poor? And then they’ve got money for a get-together, for websites?

Then there’s a quite professional site, see this . Well, maintaining such site and a server does cost money, and yes, they provide us with information as to who funds them. Lo and behold – top of the list is the EU … links to other foundations either go dead, or point to another organisation .

Then there are other NGOs, such as this one , ‘alarmphone’, providing some sort of phone rescue service to the ‘boat people’, or this little one, or this blatantly left-wing one, going back to 1999 , clearly pointing to their purpose by calling themselves ‘no borders’. Finally we have this organisation, ‘Welcome to Europe’, giving handy, multilingual advice to all who cross into the EU across the Mediterranean.

Remember: these ‘organisations’ provide no information as to how they are funded – but we surely can speculate …

I want to point out the two red threads which link the organisations from top to bottom, and which should not come as a surprise to us.
First, there’s the constant overt or covert referral to ‘human rights’. Accordingly, the big and small organisations maintain that ‘migration’ is a human right, presumably like the one which our lawyers use to keep criminals from being deported from the UK because they have ‘relationships’, one even, allegedly, because he had a cat …

Secondly – isn’t it striking how the timeline connection these international, supranational and plain national splinter groups coincides with the New Labour Government under Tony Blair? With the adaption of “Human Rights” into our code of law?

Honi soit qui mal y pense: shame on those who think badly of that.

Well, I for one am becoming quite shameless when I look at what has been and is being done to us in the name of ‘human rights’, rights not accorded to us because that would be racist, ahem, “xeno-racist” …

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