Williamson is “Out of His Mind” If He Thinks He Can Equip the UK’s Armed Forces with Kit from Dad’s Army!


UKIP’s Mike Hookem MEP has slammed the Defence Secretary, saying, “Gavin Williamson is trying to cut corners in defence spending with ideas straight out of Dad’s Army!”

Speaking from Brussels, the former commando, Mr Hookem slammed the cost-cutting ideas saying, “Britain’s armed forces need proper funding, not crackpot schemes that will make our military look like something from a third-world militia.”

“The Defence Secretary must have been watching too much Dad’s Army! Next, he will be demanding that our brave service personnel are armed with carving knives tied to broomsticks. It’s a joke, but not a very funny one.”

Mr Hookem’s comments came after sources branded Mr Williamson ‘out of his mind’ for tabling ideas such as turning old commercial ferries into beach assault crafts; disguising defence systems as Coca-Cola lorries and mounting expensive missile systems on tractors.

Blasting Theresa May, Mr Hookem continued, “while we know that Theresa May places no value having ‘first tier’ armed forces and aims to take the UK into the fast-growing EU army despite Brexit; there is no good reason to endanger the lives of British service personnel through equipping them with second-rate kit or making them go without.”

“The £20 billion black hole in the MoD procurement budget – which needs plugging through a £2 billion a year investment over the next ten years – could quickly be cleared through diverting just some of the wasteful spending in the £13.4 billion foreign aid budget.

“While our armed forces face a kit crisis, we are still giving ‘aid’ money to countries developing space programmes, nuclear weapons, aircraft carriers and stealth fighter jets.

“It’s disgraceful that our troops may have to use cobbled together kit or do without, while money is being wasted in this way. The first duty of Government is to defend the realm, and this is yet another area where May and her cohorts are failing the people of Britain. It’s time for some joined-up thinking that will allow Britain to flourish on the world stage in the post-Brexit era, and a strong and capable military is an absolute necessity.”


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