In the run-up to the fabled Cameron-Referendum, a.k.a. OUT-IN EU Referendum, there will be more and more subtle mindgames played by our ‘elites’ in Westminster: politicians, civil servants, hacks.

It’s not that they will simply be using blatant lies – they will, but these lies are easily refuted, and even repeating such lies å la Dr Goebbels, who said that a lie repeated again and again will eventually be believed, may not work.

No, they will use more subtle approaches, such as those we’ve seen this week across the MSM.

First exhibit: “Cecil the Lion”. Yes, that was horrible, but was it really worthy of days of headlines to the exclusion of other news? One anonymous commenter made the important point that it was the height of hypocrisy to mourn that lion when no such grief was pouring out over the wrecked lives of those girls who have been sexually abused by certain groups in our towns and cities over the years.

Second exhibit: suddenly there were news about a certain naughty ‘Lord’ who has resigned now. I hope you noticed that it took some time for the MSM to inform us that this ‘Lord’ was actually a former Labour politician. While it is always useful for TPTB (“The Powers That Be”) to smear the House of Lords, so horribly “reformed” by Tony Blair, again note that a naughty ‘Lord’ is more newsworthy than reports on what certain groups in our towns and cities get up to in regard to actual sex crimes.

Third exhibit: “Swarms of migrants”. Yes, the MSM do report on Calais, but Cameron’s choice of words got more vituperative comments by hacks than the actual events. While we now do get reports about what is happening at Calais, these reports are more concerned about the disruption to our traffic while the truly important question never gets asked. We get bleeding-heart opinion pieces about the poor ‘refugees’, we get reports on Ms May, the COBRA committee meetings, the money being spent, but not one hack dares ask how come that the government doesn’t even speak to the French government about dismantling that jungle which is the ‘migrant’ camp, how come the ‘Dublin Agreement’ is so blatantly disregarded, not just in France but across the EU?

The Westminster ‘elite’ seems to be quite content to let this situation in Calais go on while making token gestures, because thus nobody has time or space to talk about the EU or the Dublin Agreement.

The MSM, on the side of that ‘elite’ who are all bent on getting the “IN”-vote, are also content not to have to report on certain developments and reports about the EU which are written about on the Continent. It’s as if statements and proposals by such an eminent Europaean as the German Finance Minister, Mr Schaeuble, are of no import.

Thus, thanks to “Cecil the Lion”, thanks to a naughty ‘Lord’, thanks to “swarms of migrants” we haven’t been told that there are now serious thoughts on creating a EU-Tax. The first step would be a tax in the Euro-Zone, as proposed by Mr Schaeuble. Of course, already there are voices that this would be unfair, and that there ought to be a general EU tax. Of course this proposal hasn’t made headlines over here, because it might upset us (who likes more taxes?) and might make more people vote for ‘OUT’. Whitehall is always keen on more taxes, and after all, it’s ’only’ proposed for the Euro-Zone. So don’t even think about this tax having been something Mr Juncker has been pondering publicly, a tax we’d have to pay if we stayed in! No – let’s not mention that tax …!

The latest proposal by Mr Schaeuble is based on a valid critique of the EU Commission, namely that it is not right that the EU Commission is actually both handing out EU money and scrutinising how that money is spent. He said that extra agencies are needed to undertake such scrutiny and that the EU Commission must be restrained to control adherence to the Lisbon treaty only. At first glance, it sounds reasonable, doesn’t it! Never mind that this would be another step towards ‘ever closer Union’, one reason for that proposal given by Mr Schaeuble is that this might make it more palatable for us in the UK to stay ‘IN’.

No – these EU ‘proposals’ are of no interest over here. We will get more headlines and reports about other “Cecil the Lion” events, naughty ‘Lords’ and bleeding-heart concerns about a choice of expression unpalatable to the Westminster luvvies.

This is how the mindgames are being played, with the aim of keeping us engaged emotionally with ‘safe’ sob stories about animals and poor ‘refugees’ so that we don’t ask inconvenient questions, so that we don’t ever learn about EU proposals which would turn us all into “OUT” voters.

We must stay extra vigilant, because our “OUT” campaign relies on us, the foot soldiers and it’s for us not only to counter the ‘IN’ arguments, but to talk about events not even being reported here which will inevitably affect us should we stay ‘IN’.

We must be aware of the mindgames being played with us, because TPTB want us to feel as if we’re tilting at windmills and finally give up.

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