Ancient history provides us with myths and poignant imagery which resonates through the millennia to the present. Many of our our sayings are based on events in ancient history.

One myth is that of Cassandra, who was cursed by the God Apollo to always prophecy events correctly but never to be believed by those whom she warned. They called her a liar, they called her mad. You might remember that she foretold the fall of Troy, and Troy duly fell, as archaeological evidence proved.

One poignant image is that of Emperor Nero fiddling while Rome burned. He may or may not have fiddled – but Rome certainly burned while he was on the throne, and his weak leadership meant it turned into a catastrophe. Oh – he also was a great persecutor of early Christians.

But why referring back to ancient times, now? They’re over and done with, right?


We have modern-day Cassandras, and we have modern-day Neros. They are no longer single, lone figures of myths and legends.

Take the Cassandras. There are outstanding figures, like our own Anne Marie Waters whom you all know, and Douglas Murray here in the UK, Geert Wilders who needs no introduction, or Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer in the USA. They all have in common that, in the shamefaced words of media-speech, they ‘warn’ against ‘radical islam’ and ‘jihad’. They have done so for years, earning scorn, being vilified, being dragged into court for “hate speech”. All our government politicians come up with as counter argument since 9/11, is that islam is a ‘religion of peace’, or RoP for short.

Gerard Batten MEP had an entry on his blog on the day after the attack on Parliament, where he wrote:

It is a death cult, born and steeped in fourteen hundred years of violence and bloodshed, that propagates itself by intimidation, violence and conquest.”

A few days ago on Newsnight Ms Maitliss read these words back to him, rolling her eyes in a gentle fashion. Gerard asked her what in that quote was factually incorrect. No answer … That, dear readers, is the way to silence the frenzied MSM !

It gives me great pleasure to point you to Gerard’s latest blog entry:

Would ITN call for Sir Winston Churchill to be sacked for his views on Mohammedanism?

It contains the quote from Churchill’s book, which got Paul Weston arrested when he read it out in public.

Another, rather unlikely Cassandra is of course Tommy Robinson, whose name must not be mentioned in ‘polite society’, but who is known to many of us. Do read his book ‘Enemy of the State’, or watch his videos on youtube.

In the latest twist of events, he was arrested at 4.30 in the morning on Wednesday – I thought arrests at that time only happen in dictatorships? – for ‘contempt of court’. He was trying to do what other TV media have done for years: trying to film outside the court where a rape trial (you can guess: the accused were “Asians” …) was held. He has been bailed until May 22nd.

We all have seen the clips in TV news reports, of accused being taken away from a court, a blanket over their heads, or the speeches after a win against the prosecution by lawyers and accused on the steps of the court house. Apparently these are not ‘contempt of court’, it only is when Tommy Robinson does it.

These are our Cassandras – and just like the mythological one, they are besmirched and even imprisoned.

But what about Nero? He didn’t have a Cassandra, but he knew, as everybody did, that Rome was a fire trap. He did nothing. He ‘fiddled’, not just during the firestorm – which, according to legend, he caused by burning Christian alive – but before as well.

So – what about our establishment, from 10 Downing Street to the Westminster establishment, Whitehall, the Media, the security forces? Do they not ‘fiddle’? Is it not ‘fiddling’ to spend police time and resources on ‘hate speech crimes’, to suppress reports on crimes committed by a certain group of people or, when reporting them cannot be avoided, to describe the perpetrators as ‘Asians’, for example when reporting that Asians are targeting lone (white) women in Stockport at traffic lights?

A normal person thinks “Chinese” when hearing ‘Asian’ – and that is the intended effect. We must not be allowed to connect these crimes with the RoP. I do wonder though: has it occurred to those who throw “Asians” around with such gay abandon while accusing us of racism that what they are doing is actually, ahem, racist?

Worse – any time there’s an attack by muslims on innocent civilians in European cities, from Paris and Brussels to Nice, Berlin and Westminster, our politicians tell us with tears in their voices that this has nothing to do with islam. All the attacks by one muslim on one or two people, generally now only reported in local papers: these are all committed by mentally ill ‘lone wolves’. There’s a lot of those ‘lone wolves’ around all of a sudden, but – it’s nothing to do with the RoP! And that’s the purpose by politicians and MSM when obfuscating the real threat by sing such weasel words.

But – we have learned! Many now laconically and satirically use the acronym ‘NTDWI’ in comments, because everybody knows that it is ETDWI, or ‘everything to do with islam’. Thanks to the fight of our modern-day Cassandras, we know. We listen to them, we learn from them. Our leaders, our politicians, do not. Why that is – that is a matter for another article.

Not just our country, the whole of Europe is a fire trap – just as Rome was in Nero’s time. Unlike Nero, we do have our Cassandras. But like the ancient Greeks, our ‘Neros’ don’t listen to them. I leave you with a video which should frighten us all – it’s not about Sweden, France or Germany. We are fully aware of the consequences unlimited immigration from muslim countries have on those societies. No – this is Spain, broadcast on Friday, 12th May 2017. The broadcaster, CBN, is not exactly known as ‘ultra-extreme-far-right islamophobic news outlet …

The time surely has now come for each and every one of us to become a little Cassandra in our own way, using social media, talking to people, defending our prominent Cassandras.

It’s well past time to recognise that staying silent is no longer an option. Let’s just hope that it is not too late already.

Photo by “Stròlic Furlàn” – Davide Gabino

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