What sort of country gives £1.2m benefits to an odious family like this? The drug-dealing dad, his 22 children (including an armed robber and a murderer) and state handouts that prove Britain’s lost its marbles 

·         Raymond Hull,  58, was arrested after cannabis was found at his home

·         Despite 32 past convictions, he received an 18-month-suspended sentence

·         Judge at Carlisle Crown Court allowed him stay home to look after his son

·         Was given an 18-month suspended prison sentence as a result

·         Adrian, one of his sons, was 18 years old when he killed his babysitter

·         His daughter, Rianna, pleaded guilty to being drunk and disorderly at a village carnival

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2538298/What-sort-country-gives-1-2m-benefits-odious-family-like-The-drug-dealing-dad-22-children-including-armed-robber-murderer-state-handouts-prove-Britains-lost-marbles.html#ixzz2qGqeZcGc 

Now even Clegg and Labour talk tough on EU migrant benefits as Iain Duncan Smith reveals he is talking to other EU nations about delaying handouts

·         Opposition and Lib Dems say migrants should be forced to wait for benefits

·         Labour’s Rachel Reeves says they must pay into system before taking benefits

·         Iain Duncan Smith is talking to other EU countries about delaying payments

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2538316/Now-Clegg-Labour-talk-tough-EU-migrant-benefits.html#ixzz2qGrLyD4J 

Cameron ‘out of touch’ with his party on Europe: PM told he risks causing disastrous divisions after dismissing MPs’ to give Parliament veto over EU law

  • PM warned it would be ‘bonkers’ to ignore views of eurosceptics
  • 95 backbenchers demanded to right to say No to EU legislation
  • William Hague says veto would harm UK economy and create unemployment

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2538299/Cameron-touch-party-Europe-PM-told-risks-causing-disastrous-divisions-dismissing-MPs-Parliament-veto-EU-law.html#ixzz2qGrmL9r3 

Families should only get child benefit for the first two children, says IDS but Clegg condemns ‘Chinese-style’ clampdown

·         Cap would mean parents would miss out on £700 if they had third child

·         Controversial idea would slash £5billion from benefit bill, it is thought

·         IDS claimed it would be a ‘brilliant idea’ yesterday, sparking Coalition row

·         Plan being studied as key policy for Conservative party manifesto 2015

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2538052/Nick-Clegg-compares-Tory-child-benefit-plans-MAOIST-CHINA-Deputy-PM-objects-Chinese-style-family-policy-restricting-handouts-two-children.html#ixzz2qGtKfILm 

Tories cannot win in the north without increasing minimum wage, Tories warn PM

·         Tory group Renewal calls for £6.31-an-hour rate for over 21s to be raised

·         Claim it is necessary to ‘right the wrong’ of Tories opposing minimum wage

·         Being considered by Chancellor in run up to general election

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2538344/Increase-minimum-wage-Tories-urge-PM-Group-MPs-says-Cameron-voters-north-risk-losing-general-election.html#ixzz2qGtoi17H 

Brussels fury at Britain’s plans for a two-year migrant benefit ban

A FURIOUS row erupted last night over moves by ministers to curb European Union migrants’ access to jobless benefits.


How the EU is now contesting with some British interests

THE contempt of the Euromaniacs for British democracy has been on full display again over recent days. In their determination to create a federal superstate these bullying ideologues loathe the concept of the people’s will as much as they despise traditional nationhood.


Ken Clarke hits out at Cameron immigration claims

Cabinet minister Ken Clarke disputes Prime Minister’s claims that EU rules have led to “vast migrations” and says that foreigners make the UK “far more exciting and healthier”.


Trust the people to decide on Europe? Whatever next!

The public are perfectly capable of casting an informed vote – but Labour won’t let them


Stuck in the EU club, but chafing at its rules

David Cameron believes it is possible to reform the EU from within. But he should keep the weapon of leaving the union close to hand


UK to guarantee independent Scotland’s debt

Treasury note to investors promises to hold all British debt amid fears that market jitters will push cost of borrowing up


Eurosceptic business group to lobby Government for EU rethink

A Eurosceptic pressure group backed by Peter Cruddas, the former Tory party treasurer, will this week present the Government with a blueprint for EU reform that could save British businesses £7bn a year.


Fracking tax millions will go to communities, says David Cameron

Oil and gas fracking in UK receives major boost as Prime Minister David Cameron says local communities will be allowed to keep tax generated by industry


The Tories are torturing Dave over Europe


Half of Conservative backbenchers want to leave the EU (or so their action suggests)


WATCH: Grayling – “We need a red card system for European law”


David Cameron has to do more than offer an EU referendum

Conservative Eurosceptics are impatient to know how he plans to renegotiate Britain’s relationship with the EU


Europe’s left has seen how capitalism can bite back

Social democrats wrongly thought the reforms they won were won for good. In Greece, the lesson has been learned by Syriza


Business lending to boom as UK recovery takes hold


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