Jobless migrants to be DENIED housing benefit: Ministers insist UK’s generous welfare system will no longer be a magnet for citizens of other EU states

  • New rules mean EU arrivals claiming jobseeker’s allowance will not be able to receive housing benefit as well
  • Those who get jobs but then lose them will only be entitled to housing benefit for six months 
  • Ministers hope the measures will cut migration to the UK from EU states 
  • But both Iain Duncan Smith and Theresa May say more needs to be done

DOMINIC LAWSON: This is the liberal legacy: killing baby girls in the womb, no questions asked

Free parking for the OBESE: Overweight people given ‘blue badges’ because they can only walk short distances

  • Walsall Council gave permits after people put obesity as medical condition
  • Coventry City Council also had overweight people apply for badges
  • Applicants have to go through medical tests before passes are approved
  • Guidelines mean obese people can get one if weight limits ability to walk
  • Revelations come days after research said half of Britons would be obese by 2050

Now Labour gets tough with curb on jobs benefit: Unemployed who fail basic English and maths tests would lose handouts 

  • Unemployed would have to take skills test within six weeks of signing on
  • Those who fail would have to undertake training or lose their benefits
  • Labour’s work and pensions spokesman Rachel Reeves is set to claim the cost of training will save money in the long run 
  • She will say long-term unemployment will hit tax revenues for years to come

PM ‘is holding back list of donors he entertained at Chequers’: Downing Street accused of exploiting loophole to stop publishing visitors’ names

  • Latest annual Chequers guest list was published more than a year late on Friday with no warning
  • Reveals Mr Cameron entertained the Emir of Qatar and the provost of Eton
  • The last Chequers guest list included News International’s Rebekah Brooks

Suspended, Ukip man who said that gay marriage law caused the floods

  • David Silvester, 73, wrote a letter to the Henley Standard in Oxfordshire
  • In it he said storms were God’s punishment for legalising gay marriage 
  • Silvester, former Tory who defected over the issue, defended his views
  • He has now been suspended by his party, who had previously defended him

Ed Balls can stay (…well, until the election) says Miliband: Labour leader dismisses claims shadow chancellor could be replaced

  • Denied Rachel Reeves or Alistair Darling will get the job before 2015
  • Follows claims Labour MPs are unhappy with Balls’ abrasive performance
  • Poll found just 18% believe Miliband and Balls would guard economy well


EU now plans a ‘Plastic Day’ to raise awareness of recycling and waste disposal

THE EU faced fresh ridicule last night after “absurd” MEPs voted to create the world’s first Plastic Waste Day.


Farage vows to rid Ukip of those with “extremist, barmy or nasty” views

THE Ukip councillor who claimed God punished Britain with fatal floods this winter because gay marriage is now legal will not be deselected, despite Nigel Farage’s vow to rid the party of those with “extremist, barmy or nasty” views.


Labour questions as associate of Baroness Warsi wins £120k Government WW1 lecture deal

A “FLAGSHIP” government contract spearheaded by Tory minister Baroness Warsi to lecture schoolchildren about Commonwealth soldiers in the First World War has been awarded to one of her political acquaintances.


‘Mega trucks’ could enter Britain under EU plans

“Mega trucks” could pose safety risk and worsen congestion if allowed into Britain, campaigners warn


Britain is not doing enough to defend Gibraltar, says shadow Europe minister

William Hague should ask the European Commission to publish a letter they sent to Madrid, which Gareth Thomas says details “concerns about the heavy handed nature of controls on the Spanish side of the border with Gibraltar”


Ukip needs to take a chill pill


Leadership hopeful George Osborne gives the Tories some meat on the EU


Proof at last: Eurocrats secretly admit that countries are better off out

Conservative Home

In Norfolk UKIP are keeping Labour and the Lib Dems in power


Is Cameron really set to produce “a new policy to curb immigrants and benefits’ every week”?


European Greens consider challenge to UK tax breaks for shale gas drilling

European Greens threaten legal fight under state aid rules as UK holds out against new renewable energy target for the EU


UKIP still contains ‘fruitcakes’ insists Tory business minister Michael Fallon

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