Westminster at war over inflation busting 11% pay rise for MPs: Backbenchers and ministers on all sides clash over call to reject increase

  • Cabinet, and leading figures in Labour and Lib Dems set to oppose rise
  • Ipsa suggests increasing salary to £74,000, almost triple the average wage
  • Jack Straw claims rise needed to attract people from modest backgrounds


I’m overwhelmed by support says wife of the jailed Royal Marine… as 100,000 call for cut in his sentence

  • MPs and senior military figures among those calling for Alexander Blackman’s ten year jailed sentence to be cut
  • His wife Claire Blackman praised the ‘outstanding’ backing he has received
  • Blackman found guilty of executing the wounded Taliban prisoner


Ed’s cap on energy bills will bankrupt suppliers and destroy investment needed to keep lights on, warns top economist

  • Bills freeze takes no account of fluctuating energy prices, says expert
  • It could deter much-needed investment into the UK grid
  • Billions has been wiped off value of energy firms’ sharers since pledge


Why foreign criminals get softer sentences: Police are ‘too busy’ to check offenders’ convictions overseas, warns former Scotland Yard chief

  • Michael Askew: Unfair that Brits are always checked but foreigners are not
  • He said police are under ‘so much pressure’ to move on to the next case
  • Former intelligence bureau chief called for checks to be compulsory


UKIP stands by ‘expel all migrants’ councillor who denied racism accusations after being filmed saying she wanted to ‘send the lot back’

  • Victoria Ayling denied being offensive or politically incorrect
  • UKIP leader Nigel Farage has decried ‘appalling attack’ on councillor
  • Mrs Ayling insisted comments only referred to illegal immigrants


Be deputy to Boris? Yes, says Clegg as he admits he wants party to stay in power after 2015 – either with Labour or the Tories

  • Clegg said coalitions ‘here to stay’ as grip of two main parties slackens
  • Said Lib Dems are ‘good at governing from the liberal centre ground’


Why was violent robber with a 15-year criminal record allowed into Britain to burgle a family’s home?

  • Emil Metodiev, 32, took jewellery, cash and war medals from Essex home
  • Convicted last week as it emerged he has burglary and drug-dealing past
  • Police turned a blind eye by agreeing to recruit him as an informant


REVEALED: The jobless families who claimed over £26k in benefits

THE crackdown on Britain’s benefits bonanza has exposed the nation’s most workshy cities.


MP must share the pain of these belt-tightening times

MANY people will complain that MPs don’t deserve £74,000 a year but we should keep things in perspective: the director-general of the BBC gets £450,000, the chief executives of major firms can pocket millions in shares, and footballers regularly pick up more in a week than most of us can expect to earn in a year.


Ed Balls gets it wrong on the economy again

THERE’S none so blind as those who cannot see. Without a trace of irony Ed Balls denies he’s in denial and insists Labour is winning the economic argument. Clearly his party needs its Ed testing.


‘Alarming’ figures as patients forced to wait hours in ambulances

Accident and Emergency departments are often too busy to admit patients with some made to wait outside in ambulances for up to six hours, an investigation reveals


Iain Duncan Smith says Universal Credit ‘on budget’ despite millions wasted

Iain Duncan Smith on the defensive as he insists Universal Credit will be “on time and on budget” but admits that the “plan is different from the original plan”


Stop complaining about immigrants and find a job of your own, former M&S boss says

High street veteran Sir Stuart Rose claims it’s not the fault of Bulgarians and Romanians if they are prepared to come to the UK and work longer hours, and for less money, than Britons are prepared to


Philip Hammond dismays Britain’s Gulf allies by 11th hour pull-out to deal with crisis-hit defence procurement sell-off

Philip Hammond reportedly dismayed Britain’s allies in the Gulf by pulling out of a conference in the Middle East to deal with a growing crisis over plans overhaul the way that the Armed Forces buy equipment


I was planning on a dash for the aspirin – and then you rang in

Rich rainmakers and hedgies need to copy the generosity shown by the Telegraph’s readers

Conservative Home

Charlotte Leslie MP: The Good Will of the EU v the Brute Facts of border control

Charlotte Leslie is a member of the Health Select Committee and MP for Bristol North West. She is the Spectator’s Backbencher of the Year


Vote UKIP – get rag-tag-and-bobtail

Cllr Bill Borrett is Leader of the Conservative Group on Norfolk County Council

Guido Fawkes

Godfrey Bloom’s Seasonal Greeting


Is David Cameron sorry for his apartheid trip?

Kevin Maguire says the PM’s jolly to a white supremacist South Africa while Mandela languished in jail was shameful

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