Gazumping is back as house prices rise: ‘Chronic lack’ of properties for sale is driving return of hijacking tactics

  • The number of homes on the market has fallen by 1.6 per cent in the past month
  • But there was a 2 per cent increase in buyers registered with agents
  • London so the greatest increase where demand rose 6 per cent month-on-month

Miliband urged to reopen union vote-rigging probe: Email cache ‘shows Unite plotted to subvert Labour inquiry’

  • Labour leader under pressure to reopen vote-rigging investigation
  • 1,000 emails appear to implicate Unite in thwarting original inquiry
  • Unearthed by bosses at Ineos, company that runs Grangemouth oil refinery

The bullies led by a political Neanderthal: Why Unite has been shown in its true colours

War on fat-cat NHS managers: Health chiefs ordered to end the culture of excess by capping six-figure salaries and huge pay-offs

  • Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt told them last night it was time for a ‘collective reality check’ on the highest salaries
  • The NHS has spent £1.4billion on redundancies since 2010 and in the past year more than 950 staff were given six-figure redundancy packages

Fuel poverty Britain: 24,000 will die from cold this winter and 6m fear they cannot heat their home

  • Charity warns of death toll as heating bills soar
  • Britons woefully ill-informed about risks of cold weather
  • Freezing temperatures can bring on heart attacks and respiratory problems

New expenses scandal looms over MPs’ rented offices being used for ‘back door funding’

  • Politicians accused of renting offices from local parties and unions
  • Arrangement may be open to abuse, warns top Tory

Houses of Parliament gym to be upgraded at £250,000 cost to the taxpayer

  • Revamp will see the installation of a studio devoted to ‘spinning’
  • There will also be a new towel room and refurbished reception
  • Comes just three years after last £247,500 overhaul

Tougher academic tests for apprentices: Cameron unveils new schemes that will make vocation training more challenging

  • Prime Minister will visit Mini factory in Oxford to announce scheme
  • Apprenticeships designed to meet industry needs will last a year
  • Trainees to be subjected to more thorough academic assessments

We’ll cut licence fee unless BBC ends bias and bumper pay-offs: Tory chief’s threat to Corporation

  • Tory chairman Grant Shapps said the BBC must tackle ‘culture’ of secrecy
  • Claimed the corporation could lose its exclusive right to TV licence fee
  • Challenged BBC chiefs to rebuild public trust and become more transparent

Grant Shapps tells European Commision to ‘butt out’

A row over EC demands that Britain removes a hurdle for immigrants to claim benefits escalated yesterday when a senior Tory told Brussels to “butt out” of the matter.

Crackdown on six-figure health pay

Health service bosses face a new crackdown on excessive pay being launched by Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt.

Leftist party takes first place

Two left-wing parties appear to have finished first and third in the Czech Republic’s parliamentary election – but failed to win enough seats to use their alliance to form a coalition government.

Labour must pull itself away from union influence

FINALLY we know the lengths to which the union Unite went to try to ensure that its favoured candidate won the Labour party’s nomination as its candidate in Falkirk at the next election.Unfortunately for Ed Miliband the information comes not from the inquiry into allegation of vote-rigging in Falkirk, which the Labour leader initiated then abruptly terminated last month, but from Ineos, the company at the heart of the Grangemouth oil refinery dispute.

Barack Obama ‘approved tapping Angela Merkel’s phone 3 years ago’

President Barack Obama was told about monitoring of German Chancellor in 2010 and allowed it to continue, says German newspaper

Close A&Es to save lives, doctors urge Jeremy Hunt

Senior doctors have called on Jeremy Hunt to authorise mass closures of Accident & Emergency departments at overstretched hospitals, saying it will prevent patients dying needlessly.

BBC bias could influence outcome of a referendum on the EU

The BBC’s pro-European stance could affect the EU referendum

The almost unbelievable pomposity of BBC favourite Jonathan Portes

Why is Downing Street floating BBC reform now?

Cameron’s struggle to reduce EU red tape shows how tricky renegotiating membership will be

Britain needs a Grammar school renaissance

Michael Gove is the best Education Secretary for a generation, but Grammars not free schools hold the key to genuine excellence, writes Jago Pearson

Does Iceland belong in the Anglosphere?

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