In the run-up to the Referendum campaign, many politicians on the “IN”-side as well as the dear hacks in the MSM will keep telling us how wonderful it is to stay in the EU, because ‘roaming’ has become cheaper, as a certain Mr Clegg told us in a seminal TV debate. And we’d never be a poor, lonely country, tiny and ineffective without the wonderful power of Brussels to help us stand against such giants as … well, Russia, of course. Or Iceland. And think of all the trade opportunities!

Well, here’s the latest insanity coming from Brussels: Fairy Liquid is deemed to be so corrosive and thus dangerous to us poor benighted people that it now must have a label to frighten us witless, according to The Telegraph.

Obviously, we’re told about this because ‘industry’ is not happy with this latest EU insanity, and then only after the fact. We weren’t told that this was in the works – we had no way of protesting. We’re only consumers; we have to do as we’re told.

Industry, i.e. the ‘Big Boys’, don’t seem to mind, they have the resources to ‘reformulate’. Small manufacturers will of course, yet again, go to the wall.

Does it really matter? After all, Brussels is only protecting us, long after we washer-uppers had our hands ruined by those corrosive washing-up liquids …

It matters because right across the EU more and more small national products and manufacturers are going to the wall. It matters because the only winners are Big Businesses. Looking back, we all remember the enforced phasing-out of ordinary incandescent light bulbs. It didn’t achieve what was said by the bureaucrats: reduce CO2 production and stop Climate Change. It did make the providers of inadequate light bulbs richer – and manufacturers in China as well as big transport and logistic firms who brought these proper bulbs to us.

We fondly remember the saga of the straight cucumbers … ah, it was soo hard to peel and slice the old varieties, being too curved and crooked, wasn’t it!

There are many more instances which have accumulated during those years, which many people aren’t even aware of.

We did want to join the Common Market, for trade. Until the ‘Union’ became ever closer, it was possible to buy products in small shops which originated in France or Germany. Now many of those things are no longer available – be it certain German sausages, be it certain French herbal pills. Either they are not made any longer because they didn’t, couldn’t comply with the fierce labelling demanded by Brussels, or aren’t imported any longer because the paper trail needed now to send them has become far too burdensome for them.

Instead, we get more and more products made by Big Business for the whole of the EU, never mind that we don’t want them or don’t like them, and above all never mind that they are far less effective than the old products we’ve used over decades – without any damage to our health and wellbeing.

One effect of that is that our lives have become less agreeable and more complicated. However, Big Business will laugh all the way to the bank. After all, when we can only buy a non-corrosive washing-up liquid we will need to use far more of it, as well as far more elbow grease …

This new EU insanity illustrates very nicely the argument that the EU is a prime example for how a Corporate State works: politicians, bureaucrats and Big Business make laws serving themselves while telling us, with more and more propaganda, that these changes are good for us and that they are only helping and protecting us. Big Business and Big Bureaucracy profit, any national differences will be levelled: one size will fit all, from Lisbon to Riga, from Bucharest to Coleraine, and we’d better like it if we know what’s good for us.

The side effect of this new EU insanity is that we’re forced into an ‘ever closer union’ by eradicating local differences in products we use, eat, or need to make life easier. It has been creeping up on us, with little changes here and there we hardly noticed – changes always introduced with the argument that they were protecting us, that they were good for us.

In my mind, I have this image of a thick brown gravy slowly being poured all over Europe, covering all national features from politics to products.

It’s not what we were promised, it’s not what we wanted – but it is what we’re being ‘given’.

It’s one more argument for us to leave the EU.

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