City AM

– Earthquake heartbreak – focus on Nigel Farage and Nick Clegg.

– UKIP aims for further wins as the big three struggle.

– Allister Heath: It’s hard to be optimistic about the future of UK politics.

Major victories for anti-EU and left wing blocs.

– Ryan Bourne: UKIP is not a creation of the media – it is a reflection of voter disaffection.

– Stephan Shakespeare: Our fragmented future: Why we’re now in an age of coalition politics.

Daily Telegraph

– Business leaders demand new deal with EU  (also in Daily Mail).

– Mrs Farage: Nigel drinks and smokes too much  (also in Daily Mail).

– Farage tells rivals: You ain’t seen nothing yet.

– Neil Hamilton: I’ll be back in the Commons for UKIP.

– A normal bloke? Farage is a consummate politician, claims PM.

– Analysis: UKIP have torn up the map.

– Paul Goodman: Why Cameron isn’t the most damaged by Farage’s triumph.

Daily Express

– UKIP’s Nigel Farage. Victory is a dream come true but you ain’t seen nothing yet.
– Cameron: We got the message.

– Miliband blasted by Labour MPs who say party faces disaster over Europe.

– Patrick O’Flynn: Why I felt it it was my patriotic duty to stand for UKIP.

– Editorial: Have mainstream parties finally got the message?

– Cartoon: It’s a political earthquake caused by UKIP.

Daily Mail

– Obliterated in Europe. Facing mutiny in his party. And poll shows Clegg will lose his seat in a General Election. The face of a leader at bay.

– My people’s army is on march. Farage aims to take Newark off Tories, then it’s the Labour heartlands.

– Quentin Letts: I’ve done it all on adrenalin and pints of bitter.
– Simon Heffer: Blueprint for a pact between Tories and UKIP.

– ‘Elitist’ Ed is heading for disaster say Labour MPs.

– Blair: We should not be bothered about migration.

Rebellion that swept Europe.

– Dominic Sandbrook: Brussels elite stunned by a right (and left) hook.

– Max Hastings: Over half the country opposes Red Ed, but he could still end in No 10. What a pitiful travesty of democracy.

– Richard Littlejohn: A change is gonna come. Don’t bet on it.

– Cartoon: It’s Mr and Mrs Farage, Prime Minister – come to measure the carpets and curtain.

The Times

– Farage sets his sights on Labour heartlands.

– ‘Gutted’ Clegg vows to fight on.

– UKIP donor boosts funds for Newark.

– Farage left seething over party set up by ex-MEP.

– Rachel Sylvester: Power would annihilate the people’s army.

– Cartoon features Nigel Farage.

– John Hutton and Alan Milburn: Stop kowtowing to UKIP. Immigration works.

The Guardian

Clegg taking Lib Dems to wipeout.

– Ian Traynor: Banquet will offer wounded EU leaders a hard-to-digest set of courses.

– Farage plans to take fight on to Labour leader’s home turf

– Labour split over how to win back alientated voters.

– Tom Clark: A familiar protest – but this one may well stick around

– Cameron to block move to ally with Merkel rivals

The Independent

– Clegg faces fight for survival after European disaster.

– Cartoon: One man band.

– Editorial: This was less a mindless lurch to the far right than a warning that ‘ever-closer union’ may have to be rethought.

– John Curtice: Unpopular big three give UKIP room to manoeuvre.

– Donald Macintyre: Farage makes hay while the goldfish cling to the blanket.

Green MEPs now outnumber Lib Dems.​

The Sun

Vince vows not to nick Clegg’s job.

– Sun Says: Heads in Sand.

– Leaders slated for ignoring voters. Milband is savaged on border policy. Now will EU listen?

– Trevor Kavanagh: London is out of touch with rest of UK (no link available at present)

– ‘Immigration often hits the working people of Britain the hardest‘, says Simon Danczuk, Labour MP for Rochdale.

Financial Times

– Cameron urges EU leaders to change tack after populist rout.

Electorates display lack of confidence in bloc’s future.

Mainstream takes a beating from man in the pub.

Daily Events

House of Commons

No business announced

House of Lords

No business announced


BRUSSELS: Informal summit of EU leaders.
0930: British Bankers’ Association (BBA) releases its latest high street banking report
1000 LONDON: Veterans of Royal Regiment of Fusiliers mount last in a series of “honour guards” outside Downing Street in protest at disbandment of regiment.
1800 LONDON: Launch of Rusi report on British defence policy ahead of 2015 Strategic Defence and Security Review
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