For some years now we’ve said that our ‘great and good’, i.e. the ruling establishment, a.k.a. “Westminster Village Denizens”, including the Whitehall occupants, those populating the Islington champagne-socialist dinner circuit and the BBC, have used Orwell’s “1984” as manual, not as warning. Well, they’ve now found another manual: “Brave New World” …

We all know about the proliferation of ‘hate speech crimes’, not least because our police forces are told to spend more time and manpower on finding and nicking these desperate criminals than on finding and nicking thieves, robbers and those committing GBH.

Many of us are now very careful of what we say on social media not just because we don’t want to have our twitter or facebook accounts terminated but also because we don’t want to be woken up at 4.30 in the morning by that loud knock on the door.

That’s the “Free Speech Society” we now live in. It’s all good, because there’s not only Plod on our case – we’re policing ourselves …

There’s another side to this. That other side comes under “fake news”. We’ve observed that the establishment in our country, in the USA, and most strongly in the wonderful socialist entity called “EU”, have taken up the cudgels: “Fake News” is to be abhorred and stamped out. After all, where would the establishment be if deplorable people like us were to point out that they, the authorities, actually lie to us? Where would they be if more and more people stop reading their utterances or, worse, mock them and question them? Not privately but, horror of horrors, on social media where others, innocents, can see and read?

There’s obviously a need to do something! The EU, with the guidance of German Commissioners, have been working hard, demanding that big social media platforms like google and facebook remove ‘fake news’ from their sites within hours or be fined.

Our own government, Brexit or not, can of course not stand aside. Here’s a report in Breitbart today:

“The British government has a new unit fighting “alternative news” websites, driving their stories down search engine results and pushing the official government narrative to the top. Civil servant and government communication boss Alex Aiken said the Cabinet Office’s new Rapid Response Unit (RRU), which has begun a pilot, is not a “fake news unit” as it was dubbed when first reported in April.”

A “Rapid Response Unit”? Isn’t that a bit, ahem, militaristic? Like having a Mandarin SAS unit  combating ‘fake news’ providing ‘enemies’?

Of course, I had to check out this ‘blog’. It’s a government site. It’s run by unelected civil servants, and we’re paying for it:

The new team is made up of specialists including analyst-editors, data scientists, media and digital experts. It monitors news and information being shared and engaged with online to identify emerging issues with speed, accuracy and with integrity. We do this to better understand the news environment, to let departments know about emerging stories, and to assess the effectiveness of our public information.”

Do go on reading this government ‘blog’! It sounds ever so innocent, doesn’t it: they’re just ‘monitoring’ to ‘better understand’ and to help government departments to rebut ‘fake news’. If you think this is just what government PR people do anyway, let me quote this:

“Due to the way that search engine algorithms work, when people searched for information on the strikes, these unreliable sources were appearing above official UK government information. In fact, no government information was appearing on the first 15 pages of Google results. We know that search is an excellent indicator of intention. It can reflect bias in information received from elsewhere.The unit therefore ensured those using search terms that indicated bias – such as ‘false flag’ – were presented with factual information on the UK’s response. The RRU improved the ranking from below 200 to number 1 within a matter of hours.”

This, in normal parlance, would be called ‘blatant manipulation’. When advertisers did a similar sort of thing to manipulate google search results, the outcry was great. However, when government does it, it’s just tumbleweed.

But there’s something more sinister:

“The RRU works closely with the National Security Communications Team (NSCT), which has been recently expanded. NCST’s purpose is to allow Government to better tackle the communications elements of interconnected and complex challenges to our national security, including (but not limited to) disinformation. In crisis situations, the RRU and the NSCT closely support each other’s work. We are at the forefront of a growing international consensus on the need to take action against inaccurate or misleading information, whatever its source or intent. There is now an opportunity and urgency for the UK Government to set the highest standards in tackling misinformation with efficiency, propriety, and transparency, maintaining our position as an innovator in communications.”

Ah –  tearjerker words like ‘complex’, ‘national security’ and ‘crisis’! They make us feel that it’s proper that our government has set up this RRU – they’re only protecting us, after all. And what could be more innocent than working together with that National Security Communications team which has just got, according to this ‘blog’, more employees paid for by us …

Are you feeling safe and secure yet? You better not! This cooperation between what ought to be a government press office and national security truly is sinister. It illustrates that the government has given itself the means to make Tommy Robinsons of all of us who provide “fake news in a time of crisis” – the definition of what is ‘fake news’, the time and the ‘crisis’ to be determined not by Parliament but by Whitehall, nodded through by whoever is in 10 Downing Street.

Also note well that this is a ‘global’ effort, an ‘international consensus’. Globalism is not just about trade or migration – it is also about stifling Free Speech – globally!

Move over, Orwell – there’s a new kid on the block. It’s not about “1984” any longer.

The global establishment is now stealthily implementing another prophetic book. It is called “Brave New World”. You might like to re-read it …


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