Our pasty-faced caliph wannabe, David Cameron, can’t seem to shut up these days about the downside of other peoples’ extremism and the upside of his own.  Their extremism kills. His protects, by killing more people more efficiently. Their extremism is fascistic. His is democratic because it ignores a Parliamentary vote to not bomb Syria. Their extremism oppresses. His liberates  by closing down the Internet and monitoring thought crime. Their extremism is shortsighted. His is part of a long-term terror-based plan to create a GCHQ powerhouse.

Cameron’s knee-jerk, tit-for-tat ideological arms race with Islamic and other extremists and terrorists is, on its face, insane.

Yes. Terrorists, regardless of their cause, are evil and must be dealt with severely and unequivocally; nobody wants these psychos tracking their foul dogma over our national living room carpet, so, whether Cameron calls them terrorists or extremists, we must stop them. But at any cost in every instance? Surely there is room for proportionate, measured, liberty-preserving responses to terrorism and extremism. Apparently not in Cameron’s playbook.

If Cameron really wants to impress us with his streetcred as lord and protector of our freedoms, then he needs to shut the you-know-what up and do his job, which is this:

I [David Cameron] swear by Almighty God that I will be faithful and bear true allegiance to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth, her heirs and successors, according to law. So help me God.

In plain English, Cameron’s oath made to we the people in the person of Her Majesty, is a solemn pledge to protect and preserve our God-given freedoms and to uphold the English Constitution and the English Bill of Rights.

Thus far, Cameron’s job performance review is abysmal. Here’s my advice, given directly to Cameron to improve it:

Dave, forget your game of brinkmanship of oppression with mentally unhinged and murderous ideologues. It is incrementally leading us down a very dangerous path towards fascism.

Also, remember, you are a public servant, so you must:


  1. Tell us the truth at all times, not just when it suits you and those nameless, faceless money men who fund you.


  1. Accept that the people are sovereign, and that Parliament and the government must do the people’s bidding, not vice versa.


  1. Preserve and protect our Constitution and Bill of Rights, and repudiate so-called “Human Rights” and foreign law designed to enshrine an alien, totalitarian agenda in the UK.


  1. Protect our access to a fair legal system, including our right to trial by jury, which you are currently dismantling.


Please understand, Dave, that you have to do your job, so that we can do ours.

For example, we will protect our own borders, while remaining a compassionate and tolerant nation.

We will protect our own persons, families, possessions and individual rights without the need for the ugly police state that you are building.

We will staff and operate our own military, our own court houses, our own bureaucracies etc.

We will arrange our own localism without succumbing to EU regionalization and national oblivion.

In short, we, the people, can and will do all that we need to, to make the UK independent, safe and free. But you have to stop periodically lobbing ideological grenades into our lives to sabotage our honest effort, grenades such as HS2; Bombing Syria; “Austerity”;  The EU; Common Purpose;  Criminal cover-ups and complicity; Social engineering. Boom! Boom! Boom!

Of course, asking an insane man to do sane things is, admittedly, a little crazy. But, Dave, you have a rare opportunity to make amends for your litany of crimes, and to be remembered as the first British Prime Minister in decades who took his oath of office seriously and who actually did his damn job, and who did it properly. Or is that idea just too extreme for you?


Photo by Moyan_Brenn

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