I came across this article about a woman murdered in the US by an illegal migrant and something occurred to me. It’s amazing how similar the US liberal left media’s reporting is to that in Sweden, Germany and UK. I can’t verify if it is similar in other western nations, but I would guess it is.

We have fake state controlled journalism, just like the Soviet Union. In fact, I would call this ‘political journalism’, as they report only to a set liberal left political agenda. They don’t report all the truth, they withhold information, miss key
facts or just non-report. This really isn’t journalism at all, there is a word for this though: propaganda.

‘News reporting’ is almost to a point where, just like Soviet Russia, the populace ignore it because they can see right through it. I no longer watch the BBC News or Sky News; it’s a waste of time.

The mainstream media’s writing is a mish-mash of multicultural dogma, liberal left ideology and identity politics; a dangerous and toxic combination. We have essentially entered the post-truth age, where honest reporting, truth telling and proper investigative journalism has ended. Proper journalism is now the home of the alternative media.

The MSM never mention the ethnicity (or religion) of attackers or perpetrators, or anything that diverges from the Liberal Left political line.

At no point in this article does the BBC mention that the London knife crime (and acid attack) epidemic is in fact mostly black-on-black gang warfare. We know it, the population of London know it, even the Liberals know it, but no-one will say it. Sadiq Khan can only blame ‘police cuts’. The hamstrung, politically correct, Common Purpose riddled
police can do nothing but watch carnage and events unfold.

London, or more aptly, LondGONE is quickly becoming the UK’s equivalent of Detroit.

This article and this one are related to the Rotherham grooming scandal. In the Feb 2018 article the rapist is named and shown, no mention of either his ethnicity or religion, nor the ethnicity of the other 110 suspects. In the June 2016, two years earlier, the reporting was essentially the same.

Moving on to the United States…

This article from the Washington Post relates to the white land seizures in South Africa. Here they attacked Trump for bringing this issue up. In fact, the Washington Post seems to fully support confiscation of private land (aka Communism). “The redistribution of land is a fundamental part of dismantling South Africa’s apartheid state,” said the Post. They even acknowledge apartheid ended in 1994 (24 years ago!). The land grab is nothing more than attempting to appease black nationalism and to promote victimhood culture similar to Zimbabwe (where it failed catastrophically). This is acceptable because it is consistent with the Liberal Left’s oppressed/oppressor (aka Marxist) outlook. In reality
South Africa is a mismanaged, politically corrupt and extremely dangerous nation. Murders of white farmers are common, car hijackings and murders are the daily norm. This year, water trucks had to be used, such is the incompetence in infrastructure planning (of course blamed on the weather). South Africa will probably resemble Zimbabwe in less than ten years, foreign investment will end and the money will leave. Where will the refugees of this economic disaster head? You guessed it, Europe.

Now to Germany:

In this article the Daily Telegraph reports the German media’s state sponsored cover up of migrant Cologne sexual assaults. “Authorities have said there is no concrete indication that the perpetrators were asylum seekers who arrived in last year’s record influx…”

Angry Germans however knew the truth and began venting their anger on ‘Facebook’, so much so that Merkel demanded social media censor ‘hate speech’. Merkel introduced legislation to clamp down on social media, this article from FT shows what happened. The state clearly wants to withhold the truth, Merkel, being an ex-Communist (?) should be experienced with this.

To Sweden:

These articles from The Independent and Daily Express cover state media censorship in Sweden. Migrant attacks against women happen daily, yet Swedish left wing feminists, government and media remain silent.

Recently in a bizarre, almost Orwellian twist, a young Swedish liberal left feminist student intervened in a deportation of an Afghan national. Ironically, the man she defended was a wife and child beater – hardly a candidate for feminist support? I predict that Sweden as a nation will be gone in 20 years (I’m being rather generous here); the mindset almost reminds one of Rotherham; ‘Stockholm Syndrome’ anyone?

Now for some audience participation, and hopefully, prove a point on MSM political journalism.

This article is from the Daily Express in 2017. As we know David Cameron virtue signalled on Syrian refugees and promised to take 20,000 into the UK. I typed the following into Google: ‘Hasan Alkhabbaz’ & ‘BBC News’. Amazingly, I could find no BBC report on this outrage. I then tried Sky News, and again nope, nada, nothing. Our state broadcaster fails, along with Sky. Deliberate non-reporting? You decide. The Daily Express, The Sun, Daily Mail, Islington Gazette, even the PC Met Police reported it.

Please try this for yourself and do a search; if you do find a BBC or Sky link for this then please post it. I concede I couldn’t find one, congratulations if you do by the way.

I touched on Orwell earlier, and this finally leads me to his warning to us all quoted from ‘1984’. From what I see, this is happening today:

“Every record has been destroyed or falsified, every book rewritten, every picture has been repainted, every statue and street building has been renamed, every date has been altered. And the process is continuing day by day and minute by minute. History has stopped. Nothing exists except an endless present in which the Party is always right.”

The answer is simple, we must fight to uphold and speak the truth, and never shy away from it.

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