Bolton will not stand down – see his statement here: http://www.westmonster.com/henry-bolton-im-not-going-anywhere/

Below are resignation statements from members of Henry Bolton’s shadow cabinet which were made public today. Please be aware that they are not resigning from the Party, as the MSM are now trying to spin it. They are only resigning from the shadow cabinet posts.

First, this statement from Mike Hookem MEP:

“Although I did not make it public at the time, I resigned my position as Assistant Deputy Leader of UKIP on Friday morning, both verbally and in writing.

I kept this private, as I had no-intention of pre-empting the decision of the NEC and also to give Mr Bolton the opportunity to do the honourable thing and resign.

Rather than media reports being focused on the hard work of the party and our members in fighting for Brexit, the story has become about the leader’s personal life.

This is unfair to all those who have put so much time, effort and money into our party.

Therefore, following the NEC’s meeting and their vote of no confidence in our leader, I now urge Mr Bolton to stand down as a matter of priority, for the good of the party and the grassroots membership.

This would give Mr Bolton a chance to deal with his personal life, away from the media glare; and for UKIP to get back to its aim of fighting for a real Brexit.

I will be not commenting further at this time.”

Mike Hookem MEP

Margot Parker MEP  issued the following statement, writing that she has quit as Deputy Leader of UKIP:

“I have spent the spent last few days wrestling with a very difficult situation. I had hoped Henry Bolton, UKIP Leader could ride this out but I came to the decision he could not.  The personal life took over the job he was elected to do and has put the Party in limbo.”

Margot Parker MEP

John Bickley, Party Treasurer, sent us his resignation letter earlier this morning:

Dear Henry,

It saddens me to have to officially confirm to you in writing that I am resigning as your ‘Immigration and Integration’ spokesman with immediate effect. It has been a great honour and privilege to represent the party in such an important policy area.

When you were unexpectedly elected leader last September the party saw your CV and believed the Party had elected a ‘man of substance’, a man who realised that after the disasters surrounding the Diane James and Paul Nuttall leaderships it was imperative their leadership was bulletproof, beyond reproach. How wrong we were.

The leader of a political party has to have a high degree of self awareness and judgement, has to be able to see how their behaviour and actions could be used by the press and our enemies to undermine their position and the Party’s reputation. In my opinion your actions have brought the office of leader and the Party into disrepute. We already had a mountain to climb; now we have a whole range of them to surmount.

The narrative from Mrs Bolton’s camp will always trumps yours. It is fruitless you expending energy trying to justify your actions however much you may believe them to be genuine and private. Politics is a brutal business; reputation once lost is lost forever.      

Feedback from party members, to head office, MEPs, London and Wales Assembly Members and the NEC shows c.90% of the membership want you to resign. Therefore, if you care for the party please do the honourable thing and resign today. That will allow the Party to move forward and focus on politics, especially Brexit rather than being distracted by the leader’s private life.

I respectfully suggest your time would be better spent sorting out your personal life, away from the intrusive gaze of politics and the incessant harassment you, Ms Marney and your wife would endure if you remain involved.  

Your sincerely,           

John Bickley, Treasurer and NEC Member

David Kurten AM sent us this statement a short while ago:

To the editor:

I just released this short statement:

“I have written to Henry Bolton and resigned as UKIP Education and Apprenticeships Spokesman. It is time for him to step down with dignity rather than extending the current debacle for another 4 weeks. I will continue to represent the party in the London Assembly.”

Best wishes, David

From the MSM – papers and TV – and social media we learn that the following members of the shadow cabinet have also resigned:

Tim Akers MEP tweeted: ‘Today I am resigning as UKIP’s Local Government spokesman. I cannot continue to serve under Henry Bolton. I hope he does the right thing and resigns before the EGM, so the Party can move forward with a new leader.’,  and William Dartmouth MEP (Trade) who said in a letter to the leader: ‘Your position is untenable. I am unable to serve under you.’

Gerard Batten MEP resigned on Friday, Bill Etheridge at the beginning of last week. Finally, here is the first letter from a branch chairman calling on Bolton to go. Patrick Dearsley is Chairman of the Horsham branch:

Mr Bolton,I trust that this will reach you in your Fuehrerbunker, though evidence suggests you may be cut off, more metaphorically than literally. I understand that Sandhurst teaches a chap to follow orders blindly. I hesitate to speculate where yours may be coming from, but I’d have thought a unanimous vote by the NEC, and 90/10 split among members would convince you that your time is up. Unless of course your whole purpose in becoming leader was indeed to “oversee a dignified burial for UKIP”.You seem unable to grasp that the party is not up in arms out of moral outrage–though there will be some of that–but out of horror at your lack of judgement, political naivete(and that’s putting it politely) and increasingly delusional attachment to “moving forward” and away from the scene of the crash.Despite this temporary(?) chaos, the fact remains that a significant chunk of the electorate is well disposed towards Ukip’s policies, and many are looking for leadership of the Clean Brexit that May is undermining daily. Sadly, if even UKIP diehards cannot take you seriously, there’s no chance that the wider electorate will. If your mission is to destroy UKIP, you have done pretty well so far. If not, kindly step down immediately and give us the chance to clear up this mess.

Patrick DearsleyChairman, Horsham BranchPatron

Finally, on ‘order-order’ we read this bit of news:

Bolton is currently holed up in a hotel in Folkestone, with a statement promised by 4pm…

Will Bolton resign on camera at 4pm? Watch this space …

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