Last week there was a leaders’ debate on the BBC with Tim Farron (hard left LibDem), Caroline Lucas (watermelon Green), Leanne Woods (hard left Plaid Cymru), Amber Rudd (left wing Tory), Paul Nuttall (right & left of centre UKIP), and Angus Robertson (hard left SNP).

On the matter of the recent terror attack on Manchester all first told us their thoughts were with the victims and their families.  Then many said it was our overseas interventions to blame.

Amber Rudd assured us that more resources were being put into place and more armed police and even the military were to be on the streets for major events.  Paul Nuttall said it was the Muslim problem. The audience and other representatives all shouted him down and it was clearly an outrage to demonise all Muslims.

Angus Robertson said that not all terror attacks were by Muslims, the one on the Norwegian island was not, nor was the attack on Jo Cox.  Interestingly he didn’t go on to say both were by Nazi sympathisers who were driven to despair by the wishy-washy left leaning political parties of Europe.  Both saw the Western way of life were under threat and they took it on themselves to fight back.

I am no Nazi sympathiser and state now that the acts of both ‘lone wolves’ in those cases was outrageous.  Interestingly, throughout Europe all Nazi-like organisations are banned because they are willing to use violence to achieve political goals.

Strangely Islam, which has an army of priests spreading hatred of Western people and European democracy and also has a track record of terrorism, is not also banned!

After the Manchester bombing the police and security services went into overdrive to round up those associated with the bomber.  They already knew where to find them and it has since been revealed there are as many as 20,000 Islamic terrorist sympathisers known to the security services.

Three were shot dead last night but at this time I don’t know about the other two, who might have been taken into custody or might have melted back into the undergrowth.  So now that means there are only 19,997 Islamic terrorist sympathisers here, if my maths is correct.  Presumably we will wait as they continue to commit atrocities, killing more of us than we of them, and in the meantime presumably more peaceful Muslims will join their cause.

Despite the supposedly good intentions of Jeremy Corbyn I am certain that you cannot stop Islamic terrorist activities using dialogue.  The imams are already laughing at us and the perpetrators have been sufficiently brainwashed to believe the 72 virgin propaganda.

What a mess the welcoming arms of Angela Merkel has created in Europe!  I can understand why she wants lots of immigrants into Eastern Germany who can be put to work to continue the expansion of the most dominant economy on the Continent.  I think she is an atheist so is she not bothered that so many who flock to the nations of Europe bring with them a religion and social values so at odds with the European peoples.

Unfortunately the sensible solution will take time and we in Britain can really do little about it until we first leave the EU, then build up various forms of border forces, then deport all known sympathisers.  This could take years and it seems the terrorists are quite capable of committing atrocities on a weekly basis.

Across the Continent there is now a roaring trade in teddy bears, candles and flowers.  The Islamic fundamentalists must be delighted in the amount of hurt that the Westerners are feeling.

Draconian laws that often are brought in after terror attacks are often tools of the politicians to control the ordinary citizens, well knowing they will have little effect on terrorism. Just like in the EU, every crisis is an opportunity to call for and work for greater integration.  After all, wielding political power is all about people control.

It is a bit like the damage to good health caused by chemo-therapy, hoping to kill the cancer before the cancer kills the patient.  In most cases the first step should be to remove the tumour; otherwise any therapy is a losing battle.

Maybe until we can deport Islamic terrorist sympathisers we should intern them and take away their passports.  Then hold them until such time as we have left the EU, have secured our borders and can deport them.  Frankly I care more about the safety and human right to life, liberty, and freedom of our people than I do for the would-be terrorists.

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