The World Health Organization just released a helpful report telling me why I’m so fat and what society must do to return my body to the svelte, branch-swinging, well-oiled machine that Nature fashioned it to be. The WHO report offers the perennial, wistful list of fat fixes – better education, better food labeling, restricting this and that food ingredient. But, then the WHO gets bossy:

Researchers say the study shows that governments must implement policies to make food healthier  … “Countries need to look at how they guide the food system. This means working across several sectors including agriculture, the food production, distribution and retail industries, health, social welfare and education,” said Dr Francesco Branca, director of the Department of Nutrition for Health and Development at WHO. [My emphasis]

Must?! Who died and left the WHO in charge of me? (Sounds like a Chinese dynasty.) I’m no conspiracy nut. I don’t skulk off to my Dad’s Bacofoiled tool shed and pout whenever a global NGO contrives to punch above its jurisdictional weight; NGOs are typically redundant, profiteering and lazy, not collusive. Neither, though, will I pooh-pooh an audacious power grab by the WHO or any of the sundry global institutions who bang on about imposing international laws for the good of Humankind, and who do so under cover of a troupe of Trojan Horse ‘solutions’to manufactured global problems: e.g. the ‘obesity epidemic’ and the Warmist delirium aka ‘climate change’. Note: We’re not talking treaty-level law here, although that’s their ‘in’. We’re talking direct global law made by unelected ‘authorities’ that bypasses national governments. (Laws with words like ‘carbon’, ‘smart’, or ‘epidemic’ in them.)

What happened to our unalienable right to be, to act, and to think according to who we are, including choosing to be the size and shape we like, or don’t like, come to that?  (If ‘fat’ isn’t technically a shape, it should be.) We have stupidly lowered our guard, and the globalizers have sucker-punched us, again and again.

Academia – another largely useless global institution – endorses the WHO’s hateful fiction that we must enshrine an optimal body type into global law. According to a ‘draft’ research paper by three under-worked and over-funded boffins at the once prestigious Georgetown University Law Center, my ‘unsustainable’ fat ass is a jiggling inducement to Armageddon that must submit to “an updated global governance strategy” that will combat the “global epidemic” of obesity.

The WHO and other globalizers are currently having their way with us. The EU, the de facto illegitimate central governance for 28 sovereign governments, now cautions me that my extra 15 pounds has rendered me disabled and diseased, despite the fact that, at 54, I am in perfect health and play a decent standard of club football twice a week. Even my own government wants to hunt my fat bottom down like I’m a rabid fox running amok in a school playground.

‘Environmentalist’ doctors are convinced that my bottom will smother Gaia in her slumber, although, they struggle to explain how:

“Obesity and climate change are linked in more ways than just the immensity and apparent insolubility of the challenge. High carbon lifestyles damage our bodies and the planet. Tackling both obesity and climate change requires radical but synergistic changes to the way we live.” BMJ, Sept. 26, 2012

As history warns us,  laws intended to improve and standardise who we are ineluctably invoke horror: i.e. what happens to those of us with non-approved body types? And, when those laws go global, who can we call on to preserve us from them?

Those who deem this an alarmist question too far, who argue that well-meaning, common sense global law is benign and to be embraced, should scan the UN’s ‘benign’ Agenda 21 uber-plan to take total control of the human race, which, it claims, has ‘voluntarily’ ceded exactly that power to it:

Agenda 21 is a comprehensive plan of action to be taken globally, nationally and locally by organizations of the United Nations System, Governments, and Major Groups in every area in which human [sic] impacts on the environment. Agenda 21; UNCED, 1992

What human action doesn’t impact on the environment? This ‘blue print’ for humanity offers globalizers infinite latitude for making summary global law.

There is hope. The WHO’s blatant demand for global lawmaking – global governance by the back door – in order to solve a global ‘epidemic’ at least gives us a shot at telling them and other globalizers where to get off. I wonder how each of us will choose to take that shot? Me. I’m going to sit down next to a nice cuppa, put my feet up, bust open a box of scrumptious Hobnobs, mull the global epidemic and grin broadly at any idiot who stops by to accuse me of being a bad global citizen. Not much, I know, but a good start.

What are you going do?

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