If the Referendum vote in Britain turns out to be ‘Remain’, then, of course, we are going to have a lot more world-wide visitors coming to live with us – from the EU most certainly, refugees from the Middle East and Africa and people from other countries who just want to have a better life. Good for them! After all, we are a multicultural and multilingual nation, aren’t we? Well, that’s what the recent Governments have preferred.

But there is a problem. Many of the people who have arrived over the last few decades tend to live with their own people. This is not a new idea and has happened in many places in the past. For instance, after the Ottoman conquest of Turkey in 1453, Constantinople had separate settlements for Greeks, Armenians and Levantines as well as for their own Ottoman people. In Europe for many years most large cities have had a Chinatown; now there are Algerian areas in France, Turkish ones in Germany, and in most EU countries, their Muslim residents gather in their own areas. Naturally, with many more incomers to Britain, this will continue here as well. The national and religious groups, each with their own schools, places of worship and, in some cases, their own laws, will increase. Even Trevor Phillips, formerly Chairman of the Equality and Human Rights Commission, writing in the Daily Mail has noted in talking with people he calls decent, hard-working and unprejudiced, ‘…the apparent reluctance of some migrants to mix socially outside of their neighbourhoods’. But, after all, most do come into to a society which has a different culture, language and religion and they naturally prefer to live together. So that is quite normal — ‘birds of a feather…’ as the saying goes.

But what of those of us who are of British stock? Could we, perhaps, create our own ‘group area’ somewhere? Of course, some people might say this is a racist idea, but obviously it is not. How in fact how could it be?  We should be living in just one corner of England while giving the rest to be settled by other peoples from around the world. That’s not racist, just generous.

That is, of course, if the European Union would permit us to have our own living space!

If so, perhaps the English could have a Reservation or Native Tribal Land in East Anglia, just as the Native Americans have in the States? Say, a boundary is dropped from the old port of King’s Lynn on the Wash in Norfolk, curving down to Ipswich and Felixstowe, both ports on the River Ouse in Suffolk, although it is unlikely that the EU would permit us to include the Ferry Port of Harwich from across the river in our proposed Tribal Reservation. But this is sure to be a large enough area for those who might wish to live in their own ghetto or quarter, since many people would probably prefer to remain where they are and rub along with the various international groups around them. For instance, of all the Native American peoples, only about one fifth actually live in their own Tribal Lands.

We should, of course, have to live under the equivalent of the United States’ ‘Bureau of Indian Affairs’, presumably to be called the Bureau of English Affairs, and many people now living in East Anglia might wish to move or would have to move (lands in the US were cleared before the Native Tribal Lands were established).  But if these difficulties could be addressed, it would be a useful place for the rest to live!

Norwich, the county town of Norfolk, is already the Regional Administrative Centre and has the well-known University of East Anglia. It also has its own Cathedral as does Bury St Edmonds, a medieval market town. The whole of East Anglia has many miles of beautiful beaches and fishing ports and, while there is rolling countryside in Suffolk, much of Norfolk is fenland which has been drained and where the flat, hedgeless area is great for growing crops.

Also in Norfolk is the Queen’s own estate of Sandringham, and since she and the monarchy would no longer rule the UK – being reduced to the role of just a tourist attractions would be demeaning – she could always move to live there permanently.

If the EU permits this to happen – Britain is, one must remember, only one nation state in twenty eight so it would depend on how the other twenty-seven felt about the proposal – and as the incomers flow north and west throughout Britain, Wales and Scotland might perhaps also think about creating their own Tribal Reservations.

The only questions left are: am I being serious, or am I being sarcastic?

And, will the UK vote to Remain in the EU or to Leave?



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