…when he’s making a mistake, said Napoleon, allegedly, and he did know a thing or two about attacking and defeating enemies. Well, he did until Waterloo, and we all know how that one ended!

Also, as any who have ever played with the oval or round ball knows full well: if the opponent leaves a gap, one uses it and scores.

Here are three different reports which, taken together, show us a lovely gap through which we can attack and score in our campaign.

First we have the extraordinary spectacle of London Labour “Big Beasts” releasing a statement demanding from Miliband to turn hard left, because the election win of the Greek hard left party Syriza shows clearly, doesn’t it, that this is the way to victory. It doesn’t matter that the situation in Greece couldn’t be more different from that here in the UK.

It is about re-awakening the old socialist dreams, dreamt by the Islington champagne socialists.

Then we have moans coming out of Miliband’s election headquarters that he is running a campaign ‘in his comfort zone’, with the added little twist mentioned in this report that he now cannot remember ever having said that Labour will ‘weaponise’ the NHS in this campaign.

Finally, coming from Brussels, we hear that the EU Commission is bent on ordering us to replace all signals and signs on the Railway Network with metric signs.

It gets better!

According to this report the new training manuals which such huge, costly operation would cost, the Railway training manuals will have to be re-written, on the order of a French-based quango, the ‘European Railway Agency’.

These different reports show a nice, clear gap in the London Labour campaign through which we can attack and score.

In the first place, the reports about a lacklustre Miliband and the demand for a sharp left turn indicate that all is far from well in that campaign – there is disunity, disorder, and dare I say it: malaise. One can’t help getting the impression that perhaps Miliband doesn’t really want to win any longer?

In the second place, we have been given the instrument to pry traditional old Labour voters from the London Labour headquarters. The late Rob Crowe, Railway Union Leader, was actively questioning our remaining in the EU. Now the Train Drivers Union’s boss is querying this latest EU madness, on grounds of safety and cost.

It is no secret that Miliband wants us to stay in the EU – something not all of his Union supporters agree with. While making a sharp left turn might appeal to them, they seem to slowly realise that no such turn would make up for the mayhem created by ever more EU commission interferences, especially in areas where they have a vital interest.

Add the lacklustre campaign, the unease Miliband shows, the critiques coming from his headquarters, and here is the gap we can exploit:

The unions will lose their influence because the way they work will be dictated by Brussels, not Westminster, and there will be no exit, not even the chimera of an exit offered by Cameron with his fabled referendum.

Thus, we have another stick with which to beat the Westminster elites, of both parties, which now should resonate even more with Old Labour traditional voters: the London Labour elite would go against the views of their powerful Trade Unions, and create mayhem on our railways and worse, because they want to keep us in the EU.

Ask on the doorsteps: Do you want to keep us safe on our railways, as railway union bosses want? Then we must leave the EU, and that’s not what London Labour offers.

You can write your own sentence as to what next you’ll say on that doorstep…


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