Leaving the EU. That is what was decided for the United Kingdom by the result of the Referendum held on 23rd of June, 2016. The decision was made and represents a new beginning for the United Kingdom, with freedom regained for the people of the United Kingdom to once again take control of their future. That this decision made is now doubted in the public conversation, led by Europhilic media dominators, shows that UKIP is needed more than ever.

The people of the UK are not in control of their future. ‘Freedom of movement of people’ – it is an expression wrapped up in bureaucratic lawyer-speak, but is more essentially a reality of border control and process. Freedom of Movement has resulted in governmental chaos. It must end, to prevent social chaos. The Office for National Statistics (ONS) and Migration Watch UK show the speed in the rate of change of the constituent peoples inhabiting the UK and it makes for shocking reading.

The UK needs to take a deep breath. Housing shortages are fueled by uncontrolled immigration. The NHS is struggling to cope and the increase in population due to uncontrolled immigration is a primary cause of demand-side pressure. Schools are over capacity. Many English schools, primarily in urban areas, currently have English pupils as a minority. The problems facing a new United Kingdom free to determine its own future are both economic and cultural. The realities of the cultural changes need to be discussed, addressed to the benefit of future generations, but who if not UKIP will lead this discussion?

The UK needs to take a deep breath to understand fully the consequences of the dereliction of duty of recent UK Governments in failing to control our borders and ceding to foreign powers and individuals the supremacy of their right to enter our country over our right to refuse their entry. Successive governments have been failing to protect the culture and social fabric of our lands. UKIP needs to reinforce and uphold the rights of the people of the UK to determine who may and who may not be accepted into our country.

Multiculturalism has been a policy of successive governments for generations. At no point have the people of the UK been consulted about the continuing importation of peoples from different geographical and cultural origins into the towns and cities of the UK, particularly England. To examine the real consequences to the quality of life for the indigenous Briton in towns with significant immigrant populations results in uncomfortable questions for the governments since Edward Heath, but particularly since John Major and the signing of the Maastricht Treaty. Questions which damn the naivety of their policies and the dereliction in their duty towards the people of the UK!

That peoples with similar backgrounds, customs, origins, familial ties coalesce geographically should be no shock to people, but it doesn’t fit into the “melting pot” theme of the ‘enlightened’ 1960’s, the fantasy of human happiness that so afflicts the public personas of the incumbent political classes throughout Europe. But the “melting pot” fantasy has not played out in reality: Balkanisation has. Whichever town or city one visits, it tells a familiar story: over time, the indigenous English shrug their shoulders and, without complaint, move away if they don’t like how their area has changed. Those that have the means, do. Those that can’t, that do not have the means, become minority English residents in a formerly English town. The phenomenon is called white flight.

The residents of Huddersfield, Bradford, Leeds, Burnley, Blackburn, Preston, Nottingham, and Leicester will understand the particular local shifts in their own locales. The areas that were once populated by English families only 60 years previously are now populated by Pakistanis, Bangladeshis or Indians. Yet the United Kingdom is such a small island. Compared to the vast area of Pakistan, India and Bangladesh, the English have very little land to call their home. But if areas of Bradford, Dewsbury or Tower Hamlets become lands where the English are no more, what of the future? The current trend is culturally unsustainable. Where is there on this earth for the English to live?

Those who occupy positions of representation, whether Labour, Conservative or other, need to take a deep breath – and a long hard look at themselves and the real world around them. But most will not. There may be a handful of politicians that genuinely care, but judging from the aggregate action of the political classes, they either do not understand how enforced immigration through government diktat has affected the nature of local communities and environments, or they don’t care. UKIP is needed more than ever.

The UK needs to take a deep breath. The madness of the enforced and engineered demographic change that the unaccountable EU politicians have been subjecting the continent of Europe to has consequences. Angela Merkel herself declared to her Party members in October 2010 “…Multiculturalism has failed, utterly failed…” Yet the subsequent policy decisions to unilaterally embark on an experiment of assimilating millions of predominantly male men from Africa and the Middle East into European society came in spite of such an admission.

The madness of that decision is evidenced by the predictable consequences in respect of crime against property and person: rape, assault, arson, theft, murder. All categories of crime against the person have increased in Germany, Austria, Sweden and France as well as in the UK. The incidents of Islamic terrorism have also increased. This was predictable, predicted and known, yet the conscious decision was made by Angela Merkel and supported by the EU, to organise and facilitate the mass transfer of humans, mainly fighting age males, from Africa and the Middle East into Europe. All of this is of course at great expense to the indigenous taxpayers of the countries of Europe. To promote utilitarian objectives of increasing wellbeing and reducing suffering, UKIP needs to oppose such forced, unaccountable demographic impositions!

The crime statistics are of course not just numbers. They represent real people who have suffered. A child raped. A daughter murdered. The statistics are also cumulative. There are the girls who will be raped or honour killed next year. There will be the increasing turf war competition in the inner cities. The indigenous Britons tasked with policing the symptoms of the multicultural, uncontrolled immigration policies of the EU and LibLabCon, will suffer the brunt of the harshest of the symptoms – but for how long? UKIP is needed more than ever!

A deep breath means controlling our borders. Housing, NHS, Schools, Pensions, National Debt and Energy Provision need to be national priorities. Engaging in cooperative trade agreements globally, outside the shackles of the dying, sclerotic EU.  Strict immigration controls should be enforced to allow the country to assess the magnitude and characteristics of the problems faced by the significant demographic shift that has been allowed to take place in the UK, before our infrastructure and institutions fail catastrophically.

Without strict control of immigration and the end to ‘Free Movement’, the structural problems faced by the UK cannot be quantified or realistically addressed. UKIP needs to represent this position unapologetically and consistently and oppose the ‘open borders’ narrative of the major parties.

To gain influence and direct UK national policy – and who knows, become the anti-establishment populist Party that the UK needs, the UKIP membership need to elect a Leader who knows how to inspire, communicate and lead, but also how to re-engineer the way UKIP functions internally and to present a professional reliable and trustable image.

Is there a contender who is up for the job?

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