Well,  it’s not far off the pantomime season and UKIP has certainly been writing the script for a Bramah production. They say a good story should have a beginning, a middle  and an end – so should a good pantomime.

It  looks as though finally it will be Paul Nuttall offering the shiny new vision for a  rejuvenated UKIP relevant to the new role of independence after Brexit, which I assume in whatever battered guise will surely come, leaving Nigel to continue to find hidden goodies in his box of magic tricks which will keep Magpie May’s toes warm, directed to total/complete/hard Brexit.

So it’s for Paul to complete the story … I know one shouldn`t mix metaphors and perhaps even mix plays, but I’ll bet at the moment his thoughts go something like “A Policy, a Policy, my Leadership for a Policy!”

Perhaps some of you may remember the last visit to these shores of the current US President and his never to be forgotten stricture that we would go to the end of the queue (or line) in negotiating a trade agreement with his country, and his further advice that we should “Get back in our Box”- the box that was the “EU Care Home for Failed European Nations”. Can you remember the simpering, treacherous Cameron standing there and mentally ticking off each ‘fear’ as Obama enunciated it, as per the agenda they had scripted in collusion prior to that press conference?

Perhaps some of you will remember also the reason for this surprising and unfortunate intervention by a foreign statesman who should have known better than to trespass on another nation’s affairs, especially one with which there is supposedly “a Special Relationship”. Anyway, he did it. Why did he do it?

Apart from the USA’s psychotic problem with once having been a colony of this, our nation, we had dared to think we could throw off our shackles of the perfidious EU and resume our relationship with the Commonwealth. Whether or not one still calls it the British Commonwealth, it is “our” Commonwealth – many members of which are kith and kin or their descendants, and many of whom have actually given blood or their lives in two World Wars and other actions involving their “mother” country. In the perception of this vainglorious Mr. Obama (whose wife seemed to have a problem in keeping her hands off our Queen) we were about to step back onto the world stage – his patch! I’m sure running through the mind of this “exceptional” President, head of an exclusive and “exceptional” nation, was the phrase “there ain’t room for the both of us on this planet”, or words to that effect.

In condemning us back to the barracks of the EU box, as well as placing us at the end of the line in many other aspects, he would be aware that it was the EU dream to relieve us of our permanent seat on the security council and take up the position themselves, which in effect would prevent our ever emerging as a truly independent nation ever again.

So as for an UKIP policy Mr Nuttall – it’s the Commonwealth!

I would say our prime purpose must be to reset our trading relationship with this enormous global body. As a cohesive trading block it must offer a much larger populace and wider organisation than does the EU.

When I say “organisation” I see it as “integrated” where each nation offers “Commonwealth Preference” across the whole Commonwealth – not as previously “Empire Preference” where the inference was that we represented the hub of the Empire, and designed to further the mother country’s war effort. In effect each member of the organisation would be its own hub.

As well as trade with and amongst the Commonwealth, we must facilitate trade by the Commonwealth with other interested developing nations. We can no longer allow the dead hand of the totalitarianesque  EUs’ thoughts, methods and institutions to stifle our international get up and go, nor be such a drag on enterprise through association with a body that refuses to recognise the eventual failure of the Euro nor recognise that with that demise the body of the EU was also fatally wounded and would implode, despite constantly throwing non-existent money at it.

Finally one big task for UKIP:  I don`t know whether it should be in Paul or Nigel`s brief, but the EU has got to be excised from the warp and weft of national life!

Children have been taught they are “Children of the EU” – that has got to go, as has “EU think” from the body politic, the law, local government, the services, the NHS, the universities etc. Root and branch it has to be chopped out!

I would like to see an Implementation Commission and Tsar and even Truth Tribunals.

This is a cancer that has been insidiously and malevolently infused into our very being for over 40 years – we cannot just “hope” it will fade or go away! It is a cancer that has to be cut out.

I don`t see why this cannot be enacted, since we already have such a movement for installing “Diversity”!

Photo by Foreign and Commonwealth Office

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