Young Independence – UKIP’s youthful wing is holding it’s annual conference today in Birmingham’s council chambers. Among the many speakers is Joseph Jenkins, YI’s comunications officer. Joe has just announced the formation of a new organisation within the party – UKIP Students.

The rationale behind this bold move can be traced back some time, but recent impetus came from the reactionary move by the NUS to officially oppose UKIP. The following report comes from the Young Independence website.

Recent events have transpired in which the National Union of Students (NUS) passed a motion at their recent conference to officially oppose UKIP. During the discussion there was a substantial lack of reasoned debate upon the motion, which is certainly not democratic. This is a very substantial and important motion as it leaves nearly 2000 students at NUS universities feeling alienated, underrepresented and unwelcome. Young Independence believes it is time to open a challenge to NUS delegates, and truly start standing up for students.

At universities & other educational institutions under the NUS we are now challenging delegates who voted for the anti-UKIP motion. Questioning on what grounds they have to vote to oppose the fastest growing political party in the UK, which also has a huge amount of student support. We will put forward that after these debates there should be a University wide referendum on whether they feel the NUS is representing them, and if they feel UKIP should be “opposed”.

Joe Jenkins, YI Education Officer, “The NUS is a small minority of out of touch students, voting on decisions that affect over 7 million young people. While at NUS Conference I saw uncanny parallels between the European Union and the NUS. We cannot allow them to continue to enforce their beliefs on the wider student population. It is not democratic, it is not representation and it must be challenged. Everyone should have a voice free from prejudice and discrimination!”


Today’s graduates are tomorrows political, business and community leaders. It’s vital everyone in UKIP supports the new UKIP Students organisation.

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