I’ve been trying for a while to pin down exactly what the European Union is. The planning and deviousness of the EU, over many years, has been an act of genius, as much as I hate to admit it. I work as an academic sometimes and although I don’t consider myself particularly bright; I can spot it in others. What’s been worrying me is that when I look at the leaders of the EU I just never have been able to spot this level of genius. I have to ask: who is pulling the strings? I know there are plenty of theories, but trying to prove which ones are true, is very difficult. Similarly, there are a lot of names bandied around for the EU and so I‘ve been trying to define which names are relevant.

So, Socialist, Marxist, Fascist or Totalitarian, I’ve heard the EU called all of these things. This is confusing because they’re all different regimes that have used Totalitarianism as a tool. The first question to ask then: is the EU Totalitarian? Wherever you seek academic reference to Totalitarianism there are always between five to seven distinct characteristics that are identified.

Most Totalitarian regimes come to power by overthrowing the existing government. We’ve watched the EU systematically undermine democratically elected governments all over Europe: this has been a slow insidious process. The EU and its member countries are today still trying to maintain the illusion of democracy, but it’s getting very thin and will soon disappear if we remain within the EU. The level of deceit and subterfuge that has been used to erode democracy in this way has been unprecedented, but our governments rather than representing the people that elected them, represent the European Union.

A Totalitarian regime will want to control every aspect of our lives. As discussed in Brexit the Movie, nobody does bureaucracy like the EU, Brussels is one giant legislative and propaganda machine. Not only are we being told what to do, but what to think, thought crime is here: it’s called Political Correctness. Of course, no regime of this nature would be complete without its Secret Police, but who knows what EUROGEDFOR could morph into.

Totalitarian regimes seek to control the population, either by increasing or decreasing it. Angela Merkel has been more successful at this than any other Totalitarian leader in history. Merkel has increased her country’s population by over a million in just a few months and is expecting other EU countries to do the same. When Eurocrats tell us that immigration is beneficial, they mean it’s beneficial to their aims and objectives, for us, ordinary folk, it’s a disaster. Immigration is stretching our Health Service, housing, Social Security etc. Population is the real issue here: how many people can we support on a little island. Refer to my article: The Zombie Apocalypse.

Another Totalitarian objective is to control the economy. The thin end of the EU’s Totalitarian wedge was called: The Common Market, a supposed trade deal that initially imposed protectionist trade policies. Then along came a politically motivated currency called the Euro, this has proved to be an economic disaster, but the EU needs it to further subsume the democracy of its member countries.

Totalitarian regimes are very intolerant of political views that don’t match their own. We’ve seen the EU remove democratically elected leaders when their views differ from official EU dictats. Jean-Claude Juncker, President of the European Commission, has recently stated that it is his intention to ban so called “Far Right” political parties. Far Right is a term the EU uses for any political party that challenges its own official views.

And finally, all of the above controls are always for your own good. Totalitarian regimes always try to sell utopian ideas, in this case: an end to wars, increasing prosperity and living in a multicultural paradise.

As the saying goes: if it walks like a duck, swims like a duck, flies like a duck, quacks like a duck and looks like a duck; then it is a duck. The European Union is Totalitarian.

So, what flavour of Totalitarian is the European Union? This is very difficult to answer and I’ve come to the conclusion that we need a new name, the EU doesn’t neatly fit into the categories of either: Fascism, Nazism or Communism. I admit that politics isn’t my area of study and I’m reluctant to get into this, I’m writing about how I see the EU and how I consider it affects me personally and many others like me.

The point I’m trying to make is that, it is extremely difficult to identify what is the driving force behind the EU; who are the people really in control. One thing I can say though is that the EU is certainly elitist. I remember how when Greece was being destroyed financially and its citizens were being reduced to dire poverty, that EU leaders would meet on an almost monthly basis, in luxury hotels and other venues to consume the finest food and wine. There are plenty of conspiracy theories that suggest that the real power behind the EU are the world’s largest corporations and central banks: I have no solid evidence.

Some have called the EU Socialist and this is interesting because it seems like this is what the EU has in store for its citizens. An overpopulated, low paid, multicultural hell-hole. The Eurocrats know how to look after themselves, but they don’t care about us, our way of life or how many people that they hurt. The European Union is about power!  Refer to my case study: A New Set of Tyres.

The history books will have a political name for the European Union, but now, were in danger of finding out the hard way. If we vote to remain, we’ll very shortly afterwards be subsumed into a Totalitarian, anti-democratic hell. If democracy ever re-appears, it’ll be after many years of struggle and the loss of many lives.

That we’re heading into a new totalitarian age I have no doubt. I know enough about the European Union to know that I don’t want it. It is my belief the EU has the potential to make Stalin and Hitler look like amateurs, it just hasn’t fully materialised yet and I hope it never does. Before you vote on June 23rd perhaps you should read this poem written at the time of the last Totalitarian age.


We live, not feeling the country beneath us,

Our speech inaudible ten steps away,

But where they’re up to half a conversation —

They’ll speak of the Kremlin mountain man.


His thick fingers are fat like worms,

And his words certain as pound weights.

His cockroach whiskers laugh,

And the tops of his boots glisten.


And all around his rabble of thick-skinned leaders,

He plays through services of half-people.

Some whistle, some meow, some snivel,

He alone merely caterwauls and prods.


Like horseshoes he forges decree after decree —

Some get it in the forehead, some in the brow,

some in the groin, and some in the eye.

Whatever the execution — it’s a raspberry to him

And his Georgian chest is broad.


—Osip Mandelstam, We Live, Not Feeling, 1934?


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