Gerard Batten MEP is to deliver a keynote address at Gloucester Guildhall in one of his first Public Meetings since becoming UKIP Leader last month.
Mr Batten, who is a Member of the European Parliament for the London Region, has pledged to re-focus and re-energise the Eurosceptic party ahead of both the UK’s exit from the European Union and of local elections, which are due to take place in  May in many parts of the UK, and at which many voters are expected to register their frustration at the slow progress of the Brexit negotiations.
Commented Richard Ford, Chairman of UKIP Gloucestershire :- “We are absolutely delighted that Gerard Batten MEP has chosen to come to Gloucester as part of his campaign to put UKIP back at the forefront of ensuring that the democratic mandate of the people of Gloucestershire and of the UK as a whole as expressed in the 2016 Referendum will be honoured.
There is far too much talk on the Remain side of a second Referendum and of watering down the clear and unambiguous instructions of that vote. With a substantial majority for Remain in both the Commons and the Lords, as well as a Prime Minister who campaigned for Remain during the Referendum, it is beyond any doubt  that UKIP is needed more than ever before to ensure that the will of the people is implemented and is not undermined by the Conservative, Labour and Liberal Democrat Establishment.”
Mr Batten will also be visiting UK Glass Eels at Over, where business and livelihoods are being threatened by EU red tape and unfair subsidy by their Governments of competitors in other EU member states.
 Ernie Warrender, who is the UKIP National Cabinet Member for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises and the Countryside, who lives locally said :- ” UK Glass Eels is an outstanding example of a British business which generates substantial income and well being in its local community, but which is being hampered by unfair EU competition and unnecessary red tape.
Only by exiting the EU will companies such as this be able to reach their full potential, grow and develop new markets such as those in the Far East. Only UKIP backs British business and workers — it seems that the Conservative Government is far more interested in maintaining its tenuous hold on power and in doing the bidding of its paymasters in the banks, hedge funds and global corporations.”
Gerard Batten MEP will be speaking at Gloucester Guildhall on Tuesday 20th March at 7 pm. Doors open at 6.30 pm. The Public Meeting will be followed by a Brexit Buffet at the Old Bell in Southgate Street. More info and tickets for both events can be obtained from
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