The whole country, nay the whole world, is making New Year Resolutions today. Many will fall by the wayside as early as the coming Monday.

For us however, there is one New Year Resolution which we must keep. That is the resolution to let nobody in the Westminster Village, nobody from the Establishment parties and their acolytes in the media dictate to us how we speak and what words and language we can and ought to use.

A year ago, the media were full of how talking about immigration is racist and bigoted, and that we were oh-so-wrong to even mention that word. Remember how we had to try and work hard to counter these smears? Remember the time and effort it cost us, time and effort which would’ve been better spent on talking about what the EU was and is and will be doing.

Well, after our success in the EU elections, and after the ONS and other bodies came out with actual numbers of immigrants, suddenly even the Labour Shadow Home Secretary said on record that it is of course not racist to talk about immigration.

What in fact happened then was that we let the MSM and establishment politicians determine how and what we talked about.

We must not let that happen again.

In the dying days of last year, there were numerous articles and reports about this new phenomenon in Germany, a group of people who started walking in Dresden, on a Monday evening, calling for the government to deal properly with the way immigrants and asylum seekers are treated. This group called themselves PEGIDA – ‘Patriotische Europaeer Gegen die Islamisierung des Abendlandes’, that is: ‘Patriotic Europeans against the Islamisation of the Occident’. After two weeks in which this group swelled from 5000 to 15,000 people, German politicians and MSM were onto them like a ton of bricks.

Using the word ‘islamification’ was the huge hook on which they hung everything bad, from racism and bigotry to hate, neo-nazism, and generally ‘un-German’ behaviour.

Reports here about this group were welcoming – overlooking the fact that PEGIDA is not a new Party, and that 17,000 people at the last demo is not exactly a mass movement. The reports sadly also gave rise to some unsavoury and indeed racist comments.

While we cannot have any common cause with racists, we cannot, at the same time, allow them to determine the debate we must have.

Conversely, we cannot shrink from pointing out that there is indeed a rather big elephant in the corner, just because some propagandists of the establishment, especially those on the left, might kick of a hashtag storm. We must talk about Islam in our society, without fear. An overview, based on research by the Gatestone Institute, can be found here – it needs to be read by all.

In the same way that we created the atmosphere in which immigration can now be debated without smearing UKIP as being racist just because we do debate this, in the same way must we talk about the baleful influence some followers of Islam – not all! – have had on the welfare of our children, and that they were indeed aided and abetted by that political party which has a rose as its logo.

It is for us to determine what we talk about. We cannot and must not stop talking about what happened in Rotherham and all the other places just because some in the MSM deem talking about Islam to be racist.

We owe it to those children not to be frightened away from debates for fear of being called racist!

We owe it to them and to our members to make it clear, in public, that Islam is not a race, and that mentioning the deeds of a few bad apples does not mean we condemn all Muslims.

If we let ourselves be scared away by the MSM and the establishment, we will create the circumstances in which something like PEGIDA might appear here in the UK as well – and that will then infallibly be used by the establishment and the MSM to beat us with, day in day out, until May 7th.

So – our resolution must be to set the terms of that debate and not let ourselves be frightened. Voters will thank us for clear speaking – they will not thank us and won’t vote for us if we become mealy-mouthed because we want to please the clique in Westminster and the metro-elites on the Islington champagne circuit.


And a Happy New Year!

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