Ignoring all the “New Year’s Celebrations” headlines, which this reviewer really cannot get excited about, most of the papers dwell on immigration, looks backwards forward to 2013 & 2014 and the NHS, as well as the unfortunate Schumacher story

Daily Telegraph

Non-EU citizens will be able to work in Britain after Bulgarian restrictions lifted Scary stuff!

If that was a good year for Ed Miliband, he can’t afford to have a bad one

Reasons to be cheerful as we welcome 2014 Yes, the bookies have UKIP down as winning the Euro elections.

Ukip will ‘shake up’ British politics in 2014, says Nigel Farage

And the reader’s comments are a joy to behold, UKIP supporters to a man, bar the odd troll

The Independent

North Korea: Kim Jong-un hails uncle’s execution as ‘removal of factional filth’

That’s one way of doing it. Perhaps we’ll do it through the ballot box instead.

Mass immigration ‘unlikely’ as millions of Romanians and Bulgarians find work elsewhere

This doesn’t really fit in with stories of busloads and planeloads headed here.

Exclusive: ‘It was no accident’ – Government blamed for A&E crisis

No winners in poll of polls as Tories, Labour and Liberal Democrats fail to seize initiative

The Independent are believing what their polls tell them, not actual By Election results

The Guardian

Alarm sounded on anti-Roma rhetoric as door opens to more EU workers

What we’d expect from The Guardian

Healthcare leaders urge end to ‘relentless’ criticism of NHS

Labour calls for talks with broadcasters over TV election debates

Well, there’s a turn up for the books – Douglas Alexander obviously thinks Red Ed will need some help from Nigel to bash the Tories! I am sure Nigel will bash Labour just as much.

Planet likely to warm by 4C by 2100, scientists warn

The AGW fanatics continue to find ways of ignoring the evidence.

Daily Mail

Bankers’ very happy New Year: RBS boss gets £1.5m shares after three months in job as 115 Goldman Sachs executives pocket £3m each

Hundreds of thousands from outside EU could head for UK in passport loophole

Backing up the same story in the Telegraph, which the Independent and Guardian quietly ignore

Roma already in Britain ‘are defecating on people’s doorsteps’ says top Tory council leader as she warns of burden that Romanian and Bulgarian immigrants will place on public services

Hate campaign at gong for NHS whistleblower who helped expose Mid-Staffs hospital scandal

The lady is given a CBE for her work, and then suffers from trolls online

Daily Express

UK recovery set to drive up pensions

We’ll believe it when we see it.

Police chief holds urgent talks with Theresa May after Romanians top county’s crime tables

The benefits of immigration, eh?

Russian mafia ‘dirty money’ warning for UK as Latvia set to adopt euro currency tomorrow

Another benefit!

Anger as prisoners are eating better than patients in hospital

Who has the most human rights then?

Daily Mirror

David Cameron tells Scots “we want you to stay” in New Year message

Twenty years of the European Single Market: The truth and myths about Britain’s EU membership

No doubt an article straight from Labour Party HQ. It ignores the serious issues, and mostly looks at the silly ones (like the curvature of bananas)

“Ugly and stupid”: Lib Dem chief Tim Farron’s blast at Tories over attacks on immigration

This prompted us to look at the Daily Mirror’s readership figures. It would seem that a lot of readers are being driven away from around 3.35 million in 2010 to 2.85 million in March 2013, falling by around 100,000 per quarter

2014 political predictions: Ed Miliband must be bold as parties get ready for polls war

Kevin Maguire does not have any kind words to say about UKIP:

This Colonel Blimp will grow increasingly demagogic, preaching hatred. The most annoying side of Farage is, if you steer clear of his Turbo Tory politics, he is likable over a pint.

In the coming year I reckon opponents will lose their fear of Farage and go for his jugular. Labour’s Warley Warrior, John Spellar, has drafted leaflets to expose UKIP as champions of a wealthy few.

Expect more Godfrey “slut” Bloom-style ­eruptions among UKIP’s motley crew.

Easily deflected, don’t you think?

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