‘Project Fear’ continues.   The Telegraph reports the launch of ‘Brexit blitz’ as Boris deepens his rift with the Prime Minister and accuses the ‘Remain’ campaign of ‘shamefully’ scaring voters.

Boris Johnson has hit out at David Cameron as he toured the country campaigning for Brexit.

The Mayor of London said the government’s pro-EU leaflets was a shameful waste of £9m of taxpayers money and an attempt to “scare everyone into voting for the status quo.”

He joked the leaflet is not ‘sufficiently absorbent’ for the purposes some wish to put it to.

There are people who say Britain has “no choice” but to remain and that “we don’t have the guts to leave”, he said.

But the status quo is not an option, he roared.

The Telegraph reports Work and Pensions Secretary Stephen Crabb who says Britain faces ‘economic rupture’ if we leave the EU.

Britain is facing an “economic rupture” that will bring misery to millions of people if the country votes to leave the EU, the Government warns.

Businesses will flee, factories will close and jobs will be lost, with “disastrous” consequences for families, according to a senior Cabinet minister.

Stephen Crabb, the Work and Pensions Secretary, warns that a “reckless” vote for Brexit would trigger an economic “shock” akin to the 2008 banking crash.

Writing in the Telegraph, he sets out in stark terms the scale of economic “self-harm” that a vote to leave the EU would cause.

The Express reports that fears over cheating in the referendum could persuade the Council of Europe to bring in international monitors to oversee the vote.

BRITAIN’S EU Referendum campaign may be overseen by international monitors because of fears over cheating.

It means this nation, which has just celebrated the 700th anniversary of the signing of Magna Carta, could be faced with the humiliating prospect of joining the ranks of Russia and Azerbaijan in having independent experts ensure fairness.

Concerns will be raised at a meeting of the Council of Europe, a human rights organisation of 47 member nations which predates the EU, when it convenes on Monday.

The call, by Tory MP Nigel Evans, was partly prompted by the Government’s decision to spend £9m of taxpayers’ money on pro-EU leaflets.

Speaking to the Sunday Express, the MP for Ribble Valley said: “The Council has great expertise in monitoring elections – in a week’s time, I will be monitoring elections in Serbia.

“It is important for elections and referenda to be monitored by experts to ensure they are free and fair.”

And the Star reports Boris Johnson’s comment that ‘Brexit gloves are off’.

BREXIT supporters believe they are winning the key arguments in the EU referendum battle.

“Leave” activists reckon that the crippled NHS, soaring immigration and terrorism fears are pushing voters towards an EU exit.

Health has become the latest battleground with leading Brexit MPs Boris Johnson and Justice Secretary Michael Gove saying we need to quit Europe to save the NHS.

In an exclusive, the Sun claims the London Mayor has commented that the Prime Minister is spouting b******s about Europe.

BORIS Johnson has accused David Cameron of talking “b******s” about Europe — and blasted his broken promise to tackle immigration.

He said the PM misled the nation by claiming he could stop foreign job-hunters flocking here.

Mr Johnson said the pledge to let in only those with jobs lined up was always a non-starter, as it is against EU law.

As a result, 69,000 people a year come here for work, “and if this rate continues, that’s nearly 700,000 people added to our population over the next decade”.

And the latest recruit for Brexit shows his hand, says the Times.

Sir Ian Botham today backs the campaign to leave the European Union, declaring that Britain should “stand proud” as he did as a cricketer.

In a coup for the Brexit camp the former all-rounder known as “Beefy” — one of England’s greatest sportsmen — claimed Britain sends £50m a day to fund “a racket” in Brussels.

He urged the UK to break free and strike trade deals with Britain’s “natural friends” in the Commonwealth, calling it “insane” that the UK cannot do bilateral deals with them now.

Botham spoke out as Boris Johnson launched an outspoken attack on David Cameron,


In other news, Breitbart reports that Germany has been flooded with under-age migrants they can’t deport.

Germany has been flooded with over 70,000 under-age migrants who cannot be deported even if their asylum application fails.

The number of unaccompanied minors coming to Germany as migrants has exploded over the past year, with over 70,000 under-age migrants arriving  since the beginning of 2015. The rise has led to a huge strain on the German government, which is required to process and look after them all as they all require constant supervision, reports Die Welt.

The system of Youth Services has seen delay after delay in finding adequate housing and has often had to resort to hostels and hotels, leaving the young migrants without the supervision of a social worker and at great expense to the German taxpayer.  The social services have become so short staffed that they have had to rope in asylum lawyers to act as legal guardians for the children.

Many of these guardians can be looking out for 20 children, and some more than 100.

Nuclear power plant

The BBC quotes the French government saying it is ‘completely committed’ to building a new nuclear power plant at Hinkley Point.

The French government is “completely committed” to constructing the Hinkley Point nuclear power plant, the French economy minister has told the BBC.

Emmanuel Macron told the Andrew Marr Show the £18bn project in Somerset was “very important” for France and EDF, which is 85% owned by the French state.

Mr Macron said work still needed to be finalised but he hoped something would be signed with UK officials this week.

Welsh Assembly elections

The Guardian reports UKIP leader Nigel Farage’s proposal to make  St David’s Day a bank holiday.

Ukip has proposed a radical overhaul of the Welsh assembly and its governance, including pledges to make St David’s Day a bank holiday, and training firefighters to double as paramedics.

In its manifesto for next month’s Welsh assembly elections, the party also said it wanted to bring back grammar schools and axe funds for climate change projects, using the money saved to abolish the Severn bridge road tolls.

Ukip has been on the fringes of previous election campaigns but is predicted to win around eight seats this time, which would fundamentally change the makeup of the 60-seat assembly. The former Conservative MPs Neil Hamilton and Mark Reckless are standing, ensuring that the party remains in the headlines.

Struck-off doctors

The Mail reports that 72% of struck off doctors are from overseas.

Nearly three-quarters of doctors struck off the medical register in Britain are foreign, according to shocking figures uncovered in a Mail on Sunday investigation.

Medics who trained overseas have been banned from practising for a series of shocking blunders and misdemeanours.

Cases include an Indian GP who ran an immigration scam from his surgery, a Ghanaian neurosurgeon who pretended he had removed a patient’s brain tumour, and a Malaysian doctor who used 007-style watches to secretly film intimate examinations with his female patients.

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