LONDON, United Kingdom — The Remain campaign is “contaminating” Britain’s democratic process by relying on “outside money” and foreign interests to tell Brits how to vote, the former Deputy Prime Minister of New Zealand has said. Speaking at Westminster, Winston Peters, who also served as his country’s Foreign Minister and Treasurer, mocked suggestions Britain would suffer outside the European Union (EU) and said the UK would be welcomed by the Commonwealth.

Daily Express

NEW figures have revealed that an extra 300,000 jobs would be created in Britain if there is a vote to leave the EU. In a development that sinks the Remain campaign’s Project Fear claim that 3 million jobs would be lost, Vote Leave has revealed that the EU’s own figures show that Brexit would instead provide a massive boost for jobs. The revelation was made by former London Mayor Boris Johnson in a Churchillian speech to Brexit supporters and workers at a steel plant in Christchurch, Dorset.

ITV News

John Major has accused Brexit campaign leaders of “fuelling prejudice on immigration” and “morphing into Ukip”. The former Prime Minister will say in a speech later they have “crossed a boundary” and now risked creating long-term divisions in the country. And he warn a Brexit would trigger a bitter backlash from Leave voters when they realise they have been misled by falsehoods.

Sky News

The former Prime Minister Sir John Major is accusing Conservative EU Leave campaigners of turning into UKIP and fuelling prejudice on immigration. In a hard-hitting speech, Sir John – who grew up in multicultural Brixton – claims anti-EU Tory MPs are stirring up false fears that risk creating long-term divisions in society. “As the Leave arguments implode one by one, some of the Brexit leaders morph into UKIP, and turn to their default position – immigration,” he will say.

Daily Express

SENIOR anti-EU figures are “fuelling prejudice” with their rhetoric on immigration, former Prime Minister Sir John Major has claimed. Sir John, who supports Britain staying in the bloc, insisted Brexit campaigners risk creating “long-term divisions” in the country. He accused them of “morphing into Ukip” as their “Leave arguments implode one-by-one”, saying: “Immigration is their trump card.”

The Guardian

David Cameron looks set to avoid facing either Boris Johnson or Michael Gove in the EU referendum live television debates, despite the leave campaign threatening to complain to Ofcom or launch legal action. The prime minister has so far agreed to two events – an interview with Sky and another ITV interview back-to-back with the Ukip leader, Nigel Farage. But senior Brexit campaigners, including John Whittingdale, the culture secretary, have called on ITV to think again about its format, arguing No 10 should not be allowed to pick its opponents and Farage is not representative of the official out campaign.



Daily Express

A FRENCH presidential hopeful has promised his countrymen their own EU referendum – in a vow likely to heighten fears a Brexit vote could lead to the entire break-up of the 28-nation bloc. Bruno Le Maire, a former agriculture minister bidding to become the next French president, has pledged he will hold a national vote on a “radical reorientation of the European project” should he be elected to the Élysée Palace in 12 months time. The europhile politician, who was previously France’s Europe secretary, has admitted there has been a “total loss of enthusiasm” for the EU across the continent.




European Union (EU) immigration into Britain is nearly 1.5 million higher as previously thought, the Office for National Statistics (ONS) has admitted – confirming a suggestion by Breitbart London editor Raheem Kassam in August 2015. The ONS said in 2014 that around 220,000 EU migrants had entered Britain over the previous year, yet separate figures showed 421,000 new National Insurance Numbers (NINos) had been issued in the same period.

Daily Express

A SENIOR Tory claimed a new study revealing the “real” scale of EU migration to Britain will be a “turning point” in the campaign for Brexit. Former Europe minister David Davis said he expects a new analysis by the Office for National Statistics (ONS), due to be published this morning, will show UK authorities have been “significantly underestimating” the true number of EU migrants moving to the country. The ONS has carried out a probe into its immigration figures following a row over exactly how many EU migrants have taken advantage of Brussels’ freedom of movement rules to live and work in the UK.

The Independent

There is no such thing as a cover-up over EU immigration figures, a major report has found, with a large gap between two official figures accounted for by migrant workers who only come to Britain for short periods. Those campaigning for the UK to leave the EU had used the gap in statistics to claim immigration had been vastly underestimated, pointing at figures for new National Insurance number registrants that were much higher than official estimates. But in a much-awaited report, the Office for National Statistics concluded that the difference was down to “short-term migrants”, who come to the UK for a period of employment, study or work between one and 12 months.

The Times

Migration to Britain from other countries in the European Union over the past five years was more than double the official figures. The original data excluded people coming for less than a year. The Office for National Statistics has now combined long-term and short-term migration to produce estimates of the numbers who have arrived from the EU for business or to work or study. Statisticians produced the new migrant figures in response to pressure to explain a gulf between numbers coming for more than a year and the number of national insurance numbers issued to people from the EU.

BBC News

The EU naval mission to tackle people smuggling in the central Mediterranean is failing to achieve its aims, a British parliamentary committee says. In a report,  the House of Lords EU Committee says Operation Sophia does not “in any meaningful way” disrupt smugglers’ boats. The destruction of wooden boats has forced the smugglers to use rubber dinghies, putting migrants at even greater risk, the document says. Operation Sophia was set up in 2015 in the wake of a series of disasters in which hundreds of migrants died while trying to cross from Libya to Italy. The EU authorised its vessels to board, search, seize and divert vessels suspected of being used for people smuggling.


General Election 2015


The Tories have handed over a series of general election expenses documents after the Electoral Commission went to court to force them to do so. Police forces across the UK are investigating whether nearly 30 Tory MPs breached spending rules in last year’s general election campaign.

The commission launched an investigation in February after complaints that visits by a Tory battle bus to key marginal constituencies were not included in the candidates’ expenses. The party’s Battle Bus Tour, led by then party chairman Grant Shapps, took teams of activists to dozens of Conservative/Lib Dem and Conservative/Labour marginals.

Morning Star

THE Tories were served notice yesterday that they are being taken to court over claims they broke general election law by failing to declare all their campaign spending. The Electoral Commission has applied to the High Court for an order that would force the Conservative Party to hand over documents crucial to its investigation into the scandal. It is believed to be the first time that Britain’s election watchdog has begun legal action against a political party — and it came on the first day of an international anti-corruption summit in London hosted by PM David Cameron.

Daily Mirror

The Electoral Commission is taking the Conservative Party to the High Court over the election spending scandal. The Mirror revealed two months ago that at least 24 Tory MPs had help from notorious battle buses ferrying hundreds of volunteers to marginal constituencies during the 2015 general election but didn’t declare any of the spending as required by law. Breaching spending limits is a criminal offence and could lead to calls for by-elections.

The Guardian

The Conservative party is being taken to court by the election watchdog amid claims that it breached spending rules. The Electoral Commission has applied to the high court for a document and information disclosure order after party chiefs failed to provide requested details. The legal action will lead to claims that the party and its chairman, Andrew Feldman, are dragging their feet over allegations that the Conservatives broke spending laws in last year’s general election campaign. Nine police forces have also launched fraud investigations into claims that the Conservatives recorded the costs of activists being bussed into marginal seats as part of the national campaign rather than under individual candidates’ limits.

The Independent

The Conservative Party withheld key documents from an investigation into possible electoral fraud by the party, the elections watchdog has revealed. The Electoral Commission on Thursday applied for a High Court order to force the Tories to hand over the missing papers – which it says would help shed light on whether the party broke spending rules in key marginal seats at the general election. Police across the country have announced criminal investigations into the Conservative Party’s conduct at the general election after a Channel 4 News investigation alleged it might have broken spending rules.

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