Nigel Farage, a key figure in the successful campaign to get Britain out of the European Union, lent his support to Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump on Wednesday, saying Trump represented the same type of anti-establishment movement that he masterminded in his own country. Farage appeared with Trump before a cheering crowd of thousands at a rally in Jackson, Mississippi. Farage partly based his Brexit drive on opposition to mass immigration to Britain that he said was leading to rapid change in his country. His appearance came as Trump sought to moderate his own hardline stance against illegal immigration. In remarks broadcast on Wednesday, Trump backed further away from his vow to deport millions of illegal immigrants, saying he would be willing to work with those who have abided by U.S. laws while living in the country.

United States presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has lashed out at UK Independence Party leader Nigel Farage during a speech at a rally today. Mr. Farage has told Breitbart London her comments are “extraordinary” and suggested she spend more time speaking to working people in her country than attacking him. Mrs. Clinton has ranted about the outgoing UKIP leader who appeared at a rally for her political rival for the presidency Donald Trump. Clinton slammed Trump for having Farage appear on stage to talk about the Brexit vote and even went as far as to suggest the former UKIP leader of being in bed with Russian president Vladimir Putin because he had appeared on Russian television broadcasts. Just yesterday, one of Britain’s most prominent right-wing leaders, a man named Nigel Farage, who stoked anti-immigrant sentiments to win the referendum to have Britain leave the European Union, campaigned with Donald Trump in Mississippi.

Farage speaks at Trump gathering in Mississippi.



A triple serving of upbeat economic data yesterday once again confounded warnings of a post-Brexit shock. Consumer confidence is rising at the fastest pace for almost three and a half years, retailers are reporting much stronger than expected sales on the high street and mortgage lending held steady in July. One expert said the good news undermined warnings from Remain campaigners that uncertainty created by the Brexit vote could bring ‘immediate economic Armageddon’. Scott Corfe, director of the Centre for Economics and Business Research (CEBR), added: ‘It is evident that the public have yet to feel many, if any, of the effects from the vote to leave the EU.’ On confidence, a poll of 6,000 people by YouGov and the CEBR found the grim warnings from the architects of Project Fear appear to be wearing off. It said consumer confidence had jumped to 109.8 points in August, up by 3.2 points from 106.6 in July, the highest monthly bounce since February 2013.

NEW economic figures have revealed that Britain’s Brexit boom is gathering strength in a sign of growing confidence in the country since the historic vote to leave the EU on 23 June. The latest range of positive figures show that consumer confidence has risen at the fastest monthly rate for three and a half years defying the doom laden predictions of the Remain campaign. In an added boost infrastructure company John Laing, which relies on attracting foreign investors, has announced that its half yearly profits have trebled to £108.3 million and said they expect more money to pour into Britain after the decision to leave the EU. The Confederation of British Industry (CBI), which was part of the Remain campaign’s Project Fear warning of an economic disaster with Brexit, has had to admit that retail figures have been higher in August.

IT is time to stop using the misleading term “Brexit negotiations”. Britain’s exit from the European Union is not subject to negotiation. It has been determined by the British people — the sole legitimate authority on this issue. One negotiates to enter an institution, not to leave it. We are simply checking out of the EU hotel. We paid our bill long ago and are free to leave. We are merely saying a courteous farewell. The weasel term “negotiations” — too uncritically accepted by Leavers — suggests we can only leave the EU by gracious permission of the Brussels apparatchiks, that they will decide how many laws, regulations and even payments into the EU budget will still be imposed on Britain. Unhappily, many British civil servants who will be involved in the “negotiations” share this absurd mindset. The mentality of these people, marinated in the habit of deference to the EU, is that Britain is an offender petitioning the parole board for early release. The Government’s pretence that Article 50 cannot be triggered until next year typifies this delusion.

Labour leadership contender Owen Smith has accused Jeremy Corbyn, his rival, of lying about his remain vote in June’s EU referendum during a fractious hustings event in Glasgow. In his most direct attack yet, Smith – whose team have placed debate over the EU at the heart of their campaign – said: “I’m not even sure that Jeremy did vote ‘in’ in the EU referendum.” He then told the crowded hall of party activists: “One reason why Jeremy can be so complacent and passive about this is that he’s happy about the result.” During the ill-tempered exchange, Corbyn immediately hit back, accusing Smith of failing to act like a “grown-up” debater and saying: “I thought we’d agreed to stop using those kind of arguments.”

GLOBAL businessman Sir Martin Sorrell yesterday added his weight to calls on Theresa May to get a move on with Brexit. The pro-Remain multimillionaire advertising chief said business people now want uncertainty ended as soon as possible – although he conceded the process of leaving the EU was complex and would “last a long time”. He spoke as other Brexit campaigners renewed their calls for swift progress. Mrs May, who returned to the UK yesterday from her Swiss walking holiday, has said only that she will not invoke Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty – kick-starting up to two years of formal Brexit talks – until next year. Sir Martin, whose London-based WPP owns advertising agencies around the world and employs more than 190,000 people in more than 100 countries, spoke as his company posted pre-tax profits up nearly 16 per cent to £690million in the first half of the year.



Net long-term migration into the UK over the past year was more than 327,000, remaining at a near record level. Almost half of new arrivals came from within the European Union (EU) and there was a surge of Bulgarian and Romanians before the Brexit vote. The population of non-British nationals in the UK leapt from 5.3 to 5.6 million in 2015. Poland is now the most common non-UK country of birth for people in the country, overtaking India for the first time. Meanwhile, net migration from Romania and Bulgaria hit a record level of 61,000. In total, more than 180,000 EU citizens came to the UK, down slightly from 184,000 in the year ending in March 2015. The new quarterly figures from the Office of National Statistics (ONS) also revealed that there were 44,323 asylum applications made over the same period – the 6th successive annual increase.



ITV News
A “glut” of NHS hospital services could soon be shut down, a health expert has warned. Chris Hopson, chief executive of NHS Providers, which represents frontline NHS leaders, said the financial strain was getting too much. He called on Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt and NHS England boss Simon Stevens to admit there is a disparity between what the NHS is being asked to achieve and the money that is available to do it. “We are increasingly finding people cannot find the senior consultant staff in order to keep those rotas up and running,” he said.

Health bosses are preparing to announce a ‘glut’ of service closures this autumn in a bid to control the NHS financial crisis, it has emerged. Officials have been told to draw up a list of services which are ‘not clinically and financially sustainable’ – with the aim of closing struggling units or shifting them to bigger hospitals. Every hospital trust in England was sent a letter last month by Bob Alexander, director of resources at NHS Improvement, the health services’ financial watchdog. It told trust bosses to identify departments which could be ‘re-provided’ by other institutions. Hospital chief executives were given a deadline of July 31 to provide details.

The NHS has begun drawing up a formal list of hospital departments which will be closed amid the worst financial crisis in the history of the health service, officials have revealed. Hospitals will embark on a “glut” of closures, with Accident & Emergency units and key services for the elderly among those stripped out and centralised, NHS leaders have said. It came as two NHS hospitals suspended A&E services for children, after admitting they could not run them safely. Every area of the country has now been ordered to identify departments which are not sustainable, as part of efforts to tackle short-staffing and a growing financial crisis.


Labour party

BBC News
Labour leadership candidate Owen Smith has claimed Jeremy Corbyn was “happy” about the UK voting to leave the EU. Speaking during a sometimes ill-tempered hustings debate in Glasgow, he also warned that the party could split unless Mr Corbyn was replaced. Mr Corbyn again insisted he voted to Remain in June’s EU referendum. And he warned against splitting the party, saying it was important that Labour remained “democratic and accountable”. The event at the SECC was the latest in a series of debates being held by the two politicians during the Labour leadership contest. Mr Smith is attempting to unseat Mr Corbyn less than a year after he was overwhelmingly elected as leader.

Sky News
Security firm G4S says it has rejected an approach by Labour to cover its conference, sparking fears it could be cancelled. G4S said it was contacted by Labour this week, despite being boycotted previously over links to Israel and detention centres. The company said it could not take on the “large, complex” job – which begins in Liverpool on 25 September – at short notice. The rejection comes after a standoff between the GMB union and another security firm, Showsec, who it was hoped could run security.

The prospect of the Labour Party cancelling its annual conference has become ever more realistic after G4S turned down a last-minute offer to provide security. G4S has been present at the event for 20 years, but has recently been criticised by party figures for various prison contracts and links to Israel. A replacement was found for the Liverpool event, a new security firm called Showsec, but they as yet are unable to settle an industrial dispute with the party over union membership for its workers. There have been threats to form a picket line outside the conference entrance, which several Labour members have said they would refuse to cross. Merseyside police have said that the event cannot go ahead without security, and that they are not in a position to provide it. No other security firm has put forward a bid to police the conference in Liverpool.



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Scotland’s large economic deficit would not disqualify the country from European Union membership, according to Finance Secretary Derek Mackay. Mr Mackay confirmed that the Scottish government was considering a second independence referendum to keep Scotland in the EU. He also told BBC Scotland a 9.5% budget deficit would not be an obstacle. But the Scottish Conservatives said the SNP was “in denial” about the economic challenges facing Scotland. And Scottish Labour said it was becoming “increasingly clear” that the promises made by the SNP ahead of the 2014 independence referendum were “completely misleading”. The EU stability and growth pact urges member states to keep deficits below 3% of gross domestic product (GDP). Government figures for 2015/16 showed Scotland had a £14.8bn deficit when a geographic share of North Sea revenue was included, up from £14.3bn in 2014/15 .

NICOLA STURGEON today appointed her own Brexit minister as she battles to keep Scotland in the EU. The First Minister has handed her SNP ally Michael Russell the job of haggling with Westminster as the UK exits the EU following the historic Leave vote on June 23. The MSP and former Scottish education secretary has previously vowed to retain Scotland’s EU membership “no matter how and no matter what it takes” in defiance of Brexit. Despite the majority of the UK public voting to quit the EU, the Scottish Government has agitated to stay in the bloc. Ms Sturgeon has insisted it is her “duty” to keep Scotland tied to Brussels after 62 per cent of her countrymen voted Remain.

JEREMY CORBYN has attacked Nicola Sturgeon over her ‘Tory’ policies as he ruled out a Labour-SNP coalition. The Labour leader dismissed recent suggestions from one of his MPs the party could team up with Scottish nationalists in the House of Commons after the next general election. In an article for the Daily Record, Mr Corbyn insisted Labour are “not looking for an alliance with the SNP”. Delivering a withering verdict on Ms Sturgeon’s record as First Minister in the Scottish Parliament, the left-winger blasted the “failed” SNP-led Scottish Government. Mr Corbyn accused the SNP of blindly following the policies of the Conservative Government in Westminster and claimed Ms Sturgeon’s party would not be “radical” enough to be relied upon by Labour. He wrote: “Let me make it clear – I will welcome support for all or any of our policies from any other political groups or parties. I’ve always been willing to work with others where I can because that’s how change happens. But I’m well aware that Labour and the SNP come from different traditions and have different goals.



A FEARED assassination attempt on German Chancellor Angela Merkel has been foiled in Prague. Cops pointed guns at a man in a black 4×4 Mercedes who was attempting to join the German Chancellor’s motorcade during her visit to the capital of the Czech Republic. She was making her way from the airport, when the suspicious vehicle being driven by an armed man pulled up. Police spokesman Josef Bocan said: “He is suspected of attempting to cause a crime – specifically an attempt to use violence against an official.” There are fears the incident may have been the lead-up to an assassination attempt or a kidnap plot. Merkel was in Prague to meet with Prime Minister Bohuslav Sobotka. Detectives are currently investigating the motive for the attack. Mr Bocan said: “Thanks to the professional actions of officers, Angela Merkel’s life was not in danger.”



Morning Star
TICKET office clerks on Britain’s worst performing railway will shut up shop next month in a strike against job cuts. Rail union RMT says Govia Thameslink Railway, which operates Thameslink and Great Northern services as well as the notorious Southern, wants to close or reduce the hours of ticket desks at 83 stations. They will now stage a 24-hour strike on Wednesday September 7. RMT general secretary Mick Cash said: “Our members have made it clear that they will not stand by while this basket-case franchise unleashes yet another attack on jobs and services in the drive for profits and that is why we have no option but to take strike action. These cuts plans fly in the face of the response from the thousands of passengers who objected to the closure of ticket offices and the destaffing of stations.”

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