UP TO five million more EU migrants are set to settle in Britain over the next 20 years if Britain remains in the European bloc, a bombshell report warned last night. Net migration from other EU countries could reach a massive 320,000 every year by 2035 if Brussels freedom-of-movement rules are given to Turkish citizens, according to research from the think tank Migration Watch.  Around 100,000 Turks could be expected to head for Britain in the immediate aftermath of their country getting full Brussels free-movement rights, the report estimated.  Once non-EU migrants are included in the forecast, the figure rises to a staggering 7.1million more migrants by 2035.


Daily Star

ENOUGH migrants to match the population of Southampton could swarm the UK every year if Britain stays in the EU, experts have warned. Experts have predicted that more than a quarter of a million migrants will infiltrate Britain over the next 20 years. Competition will be fierce for scarce resources, houses and overcrowding of roads and transport systems. A staggering 60% of migrants coming to British shores would come from the EU.


The Sun

MORE THAN 700,000 Turks could come to live and work in Britain by 2035 — a think tank claims today in a dramatic EU Referendum “wake up call”. Migration Watch says 100,000 Turkish migrants will be coming to the UK every year once the country becomes a full EU member. And it believes Turkey could get EU status by as early as 2024 – with‘transitional controls’ that limit the number of arrivals coming off seven years later, 2031. This means 710,000 could have settled here by 2035. The staggering claims come as Migration Watch warns that even without Turkey, net migration to Britain from the rest of the world will average as much as 320,000 a year for the next 20.


The Sun

A MIGRANT camp set up in Cyprus last year for 115 refugees has shut leaving UK taxpayers with a £1million bill. The tented village was built in October for 67 men, 19 women and 29 children who arrived at RAF Akrotiri in two wooden fishing boats. It was constructed by soldiers in Dhekelia. A freedom of information request by The Sun on Sunday led to the revelation that £671,000 was spent on shelter and care in the first month of the migrants’ stay. Insiders said the final total, which came out of the UK defence budget, topped £1million.




A cabinet minister yesterday accused David Cameron of trying to ‘terrify pensioners’ into voting to stay in the EU as he ramped up warnings about the cost of Brexit. Amid mounting panic in the Remain camp, the Prime Minister suggested he could be forced to scrap the so-called ‘triple lock’, which guarantees the state pension rises each year by whichever is highest – wage growth, inflation or 2.5 per cent. Mr Cameron said pensioners’ free bus passes and TV licences could also be lost after Brexit – and warned that spending in areas such as health and defence could suffer. Today, he will effectively hand over the campaign to keep Britain in the EU to Gordon Brown and Jeremy Corbyn in response to growing fears that traditional Labour voters will back Leave next week. In a move that echoes the final desperate days of the 2014 Scottish independence referendum, the Prime Minister will let his Labour predecessor take the lead in the hope Mr Brown can reach working-class voters.

Morning Star

MEMBERS of the public packed out the People’s History Museum in Salford, Greater Manchester, at the weekend to hear a string of speakers lambast the European Union as a capitalist club. Speakers aligned with the Communist Party, the Socialist Workers Party and a Labour MP united to share the platform. The meeting was organised by the Lexit campaign, which is pressing for EU withdrawal from a left standpoint. Blackley and Broughton Labour MP Graham Stringer said: “The voice of the left has been almost kept out of the debate.” He said Labour minister Barbara Castle had warned in the referendum of 1975 that joining the then EEC would eventually damage the NHS, and that 40 years later she had been proved right.



A NEW poll has given those wishing to leave the EU a remarkable 19-POINT lead over Remain. The Opinium Poll, commissioned by the Brexit-backing Bruges Group think tank, is further evidence that the Leave camp is gaining support and delivers the biggest margin of victory for Brexit so far, after giving voters the option of a choice of free trade agreements with the EU. It found 52 per cent chose to leave the EU, with only 33 per cent choosing to keep the status quo. Despite there being less than two weeks before the crucial referendum, on June 23, a further 15 per cent said they still didn’t know.




ne of David Cameron’s biggest donors has withdrawn his financial support for the Conservatives and is considering quitting the party over the way the Prime Minister has handled the referendum, the Telegraph can reveal.  Edi Truell, a pensions expert who has donated over £270,000 since 2010, said he will only hand over money if Boris Johnson or Michael Gove take over from Mr Cameron after a Brexit vote. It came as Priti Patel, a Government minister, accused Mr Cameron of “undermining” the Conservative manifesto by warning that the triple lock on pensions could be at risk if the UK votes to leave.  She said: “I simply think this is just an unrealistic statement, another intervention that is quite frankly there to terrify pensioners in a quite demeaning way.”



David Cameron says he will stay on as Prime Minister until the end of this Parliament, regardless of how Britain votes in the EU referendum. Speaking on the BBC’s Andrew Marr Show, Mr Cameron hinted he would reshuffle his Cabinet to give greater power to pro-Brexit Conservatives in the event of a vote to leave. Asking about what the Government would look like if the Prime Minister loses the argument on 23 June, Andrew Marr said: “You have said two things: that you will stay on as Prime Minister – presumably until the end of this Parliament… And that you will carry out the wishes of the British people.”   To both statements, Mr Cameron replied “yes”.


French electricity

The Times

Britain is set to double the amount of electricity it imports from France under plans to construct a new £1.1 billion subsea power cable. The power line running from Le Havre to Lovedean, near Portsmouth, will supply enough electricity to power four million British homes, according to its developer. It also is intended to be up and running in 2021, at least four years earlier than the new nuclear plant planned for Hinkley Point, Somerset, by the French utility EDF.


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