There is no “upper limit” to the number of EU migrants who can come to Britain if it votes to stay in the European Union, Jeremy Corbyn has admitted. The Leave campaign seized on the comments by Mr Corbyn after the Labour leader defended the free movement of EU migrants. His comments infuriated moderate Labour MPs, who warned that Mr Corbyn could “single-handedly” cost the Remain campaign the referendum. One MP said that Mr Corbyn is “out of touch” and his comments risk alienating traditional Labour voters, who will be key in the outcome of the EU referendum.


LEAVE campaigners today seized on an admission by Jeremy Corbyn that Britain could not put a ceiling on immigration while it was a member of the European Union. Asked on BBC One’s Andrew Marr show if there was any kind of upper limit to the numbers coming into Britain, he said: “I don’t think you can have one while you have a free movement of labour – and I think the free movement of labour means that you have to balance the economy so you have to improve living standards and conditions. “And so that means the EU’s appalling treatment of Greece… that is a problem. If you deliberately lower living standards and increase poverty in certain countries in south-east or eastern Europe then you’re bound to have a flow of people looking for somewhere else to go.”


JEREMY CORBYN has hit out at Ukip and Nigel Farage by describing a recent campaign poster as appalling – and claimed there is not “uncontrolled immigration” in Britain. The Labour leader slammed Mr Farage for raising fears over immigration during the EU referendum campaign and said Britain “must not turn our backs” on the humanitarian crisis caused by conflict in the Middle East. Mr Corbyn dismissed claims there is “no uncontrolled immigration” and championed the need for workers’ rights in Britain as the referendum campaign enters its final days.  Last week, Mr Farage unveiled a Ukip poster calling for Brexit with the words “Breaking Point. The EU has failed us all,” showing an image of migrants entering Europe last year. Speaking on Sunday on the Andrew Marr Show, Mr Corbyn was asked whether politicians had been “too feeble” in making the case for immigration.

The Sun

JEREMY Corbyn has admitted it will be impossible to put any limit on EU migrants if the country votes Remain. The Labour leader’s confession, coming as Migration Watch revealed immigration costs us £17billion a year, is a huge boost for Brexit. Remain-supporting Mr Corbyn made his comments after being asked by the BBC’s Andrew Marr if any kind of upper limit could be put on EU migrants. He said: “I don’t think you can have one while you have free movement of labour. “The very principle of a single market across Europe is the free movement of people.”

BBC News

David Cameron’s “impossible” pledge to reduce net migration to below 100,000 must be abandoned if he wins the referendum, Vote Leave has said. Gisela Stuart, who chairs the group, said promising to control numbers and then failing to do so was “corrosive” of public trust in politicians. Voting Leave on Thursday is the only way to “take back control” on immigration, she said. Mr Cameron said leaving the EU was “not the right way to control immigration”.


Illegal migrants from Russia, Ukraine and other countries have bought the right to live in Britain using fake documents produced by an international criminal organisation. An investigation by The Times today exposes a gang charging £1,000 to secure genuine Romanian citizenship, which allows buyers to work throughout the EU. An undercover journalist had her application approved a year after responding to the group’s advertisement in a London newspaper. The operation’s mastermind boasted of processing ten applications in a single morning. His accomplice in London said that thousands of people from other countries had obtained Romanian nationality after paying the fee.



David Cameron was hammered by voters over his failure to tackle immigration tonight as he pleaded with them not to sacrifice the economy by leaving the EU. The Prime Minister was told by one woman that public services were at risk of being ‘flooded’ by levels of inflows, while a man compared him to Neville Chamberlain for appeasing other EU leaders during his renegotiation bid.  He was also accused of ‘shamful’ scaremongering during the referendum campaign – and refused three times to say that he would deploy Britain’s veto to prevent Turkey joining the EU. But Mr Cameron insisted there was no ‘silver bullet’ to bring down numbers and cutting ties with Brussels would severely damage UK plc.



A strange atmosphere hangs over Brussels. On the one hand, there is Donald Tusk, President of the European Council (representing all 28 EU governments), warning of Armageddon if Britain votes to leave the European Union on Thursday. As he told a German interviewer last week: ‘I fear Brexit could be the beginning of the destruction of not only the EU but also Western political civilisation in its entirety.’ But you won’t hear a squeak on the subject from most people in the vast glass-and-steel bureaucratic palaces across this city. As an EU fromage of great magnitude, Mr Tusk can get away with saying this sort of thing. Lesser Eurocrats are under strict orders to say nothing on the subject, for fear of adding any further heat to the issue. There has even been a ban on using the word ‘Brexit’ in official communications.



It was the week the polls began pointing ever more clearly towards Brexit, leaving Downing Street barely able to conceal the rising panic in the ‘remain’ camp, but in Brussels – in public at least – the show went defiantly on. High up on the 13th floor of the labyrinthine Berlaymont building that houses the headquarters of the European Commission, the college of commissioners held their weekly meeting as usual, a dust-dry, three-hour affair covering pesticide regulations and a new “middle management strategy”.


DAVID CAMERON’S former adviser has claimed the EU referendum is a lifeline to Britain from the “sinking ship” which is the EU. Steve Hilton, the former director of strategy for the prime minister, also accused the Remain side of only citing experts because it suited them. Mr Hilton has frequently criticised his former boss during the EU referendum campaign – and claimed Mr Cameron would support Brexit were he not prime minister. He also branded some of the Remain campaign’s “scare stories” as “utterly ridiculous”. The political strategist told ITV’s Peston on Sunday: “It is clear that those who want to Leave the EU have won the economic argument.

Euro 2016


England fans have been attacked by a group of French ‘Ultras’ wearing red crosses on their arms. The 30-strong hooligan gang threw bottles and smashed up a bar while the travelling support were relaxing at British style pubs in Lyon. Three Lions fans were soaking up the pre-match atmosphere in a quiet square ahead of tomorrow night’s fixture with Slovakia when they were set upon at around 7.30pm.  The thugs responsible were dressed all in black with red crosses on their arms.

Daily Star

FRENCH football hooligans have attacked England fans in Lyon as shocking Euro 2016 violence continues. A 30-strong group of local “Ultras” have ambushed England supporters in the southern French city. The far right mob – who were dressed in black with red crosses emblazoned on their arms – jumped about 100 Three Lions fans on Sunday evening. The England fans were pelted with bottles, chairs and tables.



Patients are being harmed because the NHS has half as many hospital beds as France and Germany, senior doctors will warn today. Representatives from doctors’ union the British Medical Association will call on the Government to halt the drive to slash hospital beds. They will point out that the UK already has one of the fewest rates of hospital beds in the Western world and that this is leading to overcrowding, the spread of infections and patients having to wait for hours on trolleys. Latest figures show the UK has just 2.8 beds per 100,000 – an average of one per 360 patients – compared to France at 6.3, Germany at 8.3 and even Hungary at 7.2 beds per 100,000.  Of EU nations, only Sweden’s ratio is lower, at 2.7.


Morning Star

ORGANISERS of an aid convoy made up of around 250 vehicles protested outside the French embassy in London over the weekend after authorities refused them entry to France. The convoy, organised by campaign groups including the People’s Assembly (PA) and Stop the War Coalition, was separated from traffic and held at Dover. Lorries, cars and minibuses were carrying aid donations for refugees living in makeshift camps and shanty towns in Calais while seeking to travel to Britain. The entry ban sparked an impromptu rally as people chanted: “Solidarity with refugees.” Earlier shadow chancellor John McDonnell tweeted in support of the convoy carrying essentials, food and clothing on Saturday.

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