A full walkout by junior doctors on Tuesday will cause an “unacceptable” risk of patient deaths, Jeremy Hunt has warned, as new figures show one in three hospitals are already in crisis ahead of the strikes. The Health Secretary has urged the British Medical Association (BMA) to “put patients first”, saying it was not too late to call off strikes which could have “deeply worrying” consequences.


Jeremy Hunt will make a last-ditch appeal to junior doctors today to call off tomorrow’s strike after he rejected a cross-party compromise. The health secretary is expected to make a Commons statement detailing preparations to protect patients during the two-day walkout that will include emergency care for the first time in NHS history.


Jeremy Hunt has dismissed a plan by Tory and Labour MPs that could have stopped the junior doctors’ strike. Shadow Health Secretary Heidi Alexander unveiled the 11th-hour deal last night to head off the first A&E walkout in NHS history. But her plan, to hold regional trials before launching the 7-day NHS contract across England, has been slapped down despite winning the backing of Tory former health minister Dr Dan Poulter.



President Obama has shown his “woeful ignorance” of the hampering effect that being within the European Union has on Britain’s security, a government defence minister has said. The minister suggested he ask the CIA if he was unsure why creating an EU-wide intelligence agency wouldn’t help.  Mr Obama has spent the last few days visiting Britain, taking the opportunity to tell the British people why he thinks they should vote to remain within the European Union at the upcoming referendum on the matter.


Boris Johnson: “So I gather they think it’s game over. The Bremainers think they have bombed us into submission. They think that we have just seen the turning point in the referendum campaign, and that the British people are so intimidated by these testimonials –American presidents, business leaders, fat cats of every description – that they now believe the British people will file meekly to the polls in two months time and consent to stay in the EU; and thereby to the slow and insidious erosion of democracy in this country.”


Plans have been drawn up for a full-blown United States of Europe over which Britain will have ‘very little say’, a Cabinet minister warned today. The Prime Minister has promised that, as a result of his referendum reforms, Britain will not be sucked into an EU superstate. But Chris Grayling, the leader of the Commons, pointed to a document signed last September in Rome by the speakers of the national parliaments in Germany, France, Italy and Luxembourg



Britain will be subject to a migration “free-for-all” as the next wave of EU expansion hands millions more people the right to move here, Michael Gove warns today. The approaching accession of five applicant countries, including Albania and Turkey, poses a “direct and serious threat” to public services, living standards and harmony, the justice secretary writes in The Times.


David Cameron could be defeated in the Commons today over the government’s policy on taking in child refugees. At least 12 Tory MPs are said to be considering backing a Labour amendment demanding that the UK admits more unaccompanied young people who have fled to Europe from war-torn parts of the Middle East. The amendment to the immigration bill, backed by the House of Lords last month, commits Britain to take in 3,000 lone child refugees who are already in Europe.


Britain could be forced to accept unlimited immigration from other European countries even if the country votes to leave the EU, the Home Secretary Theresa May has warned. In her first major intervention in the referendum debate Mrs May said if the UK wanted access to the single market we would have no choice but to allow the free movement of people just as we do at present.


Opposition MPs hope to inflict an embarrassing defeat on the government on Monday over its refusal to extend help to unaccompanied child refugees from Syria and other war-torn countries who are stranded in Europe. Charities led by Save the Children are urging MPs on both sides of the house to back an amendment to the immigration bill tabled by the Labour peer Alf Dubs and passed by the House of Lords, which would force the government to accept 3,000 unaccompanied children.


Morning Star

DANGEROUS transatlantic trade deal TTIP would have little economic or political benefits for Britain but instead leave US investors free to sue the government to get their hands on our public services, the government’s one and only risk assessment has found. Campaigners fighting against the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) revealed the self-admission today as the trade talks resume in New York.

Local elections


Labour is on course to suffer its worst result in opposition for 34 years at the local elections, one of Britain’s most respected polling experts has warned. The party will lose 170 councillors and control of a string of councils if people vote as the polls currently suggest, according to analysis by Prof John Curtice for The Telegraph.



Huge swathes of the Green Belt have been eaten away as developers as the number of houses built on the protected land rose by a quarter to 275,000 houses last year. The number of homes built comes despite government promises in the Tory election manifesto that the Green Belt was ‘precious’ and ‘paramount’. In its report ‘The Green Belt under siege,’ the Campaign to Protect Rural England said that planning policy is being weakened through loopholes. The report said the 275,000 homes is 50,000 more than 2014, and 200,000 more than in March 2012.



BHS is set to call in administrators, ITV News understands – putting around 11,000 jobs at risk. It comes less than a month after the struggling retailer was granted a lifeline by creditors who agreed a plan to reduce the rent on some of its high street stores.

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