More than two-thirds of subscribers to The Daily Telegraph will vote for Britain to leave the European Union, according to a survey. A survey of nearly 19,000 subscribers found that 69 per cent are intending to back a Brexit at the June 23 referendum. Those surveyed also overwhelmingly back Boris Johnson to become the next leader of the Conservative Party, with 42 per cent saying they would “prefer” him to succeed David Cameron. Michael Gove, the Justice Secretary who is backing a Brexit, is in second place on 16 per cent of the vote, with Theresa May in third place on 13 per cent of the vote.


The leaders of Britain’s biggest trade unions have issued a plea to 6 million members to vote to stay in the EU, warning that leaving would allow a Tory government to dismantle hard-won worker rights around parenting, holiday and equality. In a joint intervention, the general secretaries of Unite, Unison, the GMB and Usdaw were among 10 trade union leaders warning that the Conservatives would “negotiate away our rights” if the UK decides to leave. They argued leaving the EU would pose a great threat to maternity and paternity pay and leave, the right to paid leave for holidays and equal treatment for full, part-time and agency workers.

BBC News

The UK faces a “triple whammy of woe” – including footing an extra £2.4bn bill from Brussels – if it remains part of the EU, Boris Johnson will say later. The UK will face a bigger bill because of budget increases in Brussels, future eurozone bailouts, and a “£20bn black hole” in the EU finances, he will say. Remain’s Chuka Umunna said the claim was “nonsense” and the UK will not have to contribute to any future bailouts. Meanwhile, David Cameron will accuse Vote Leave of “an economic con-trick”. The PM will be joined by Labour’s Harriet Harman, Liberal Democrat Tim Farron and the Greens’ Natalie Bennett at an event later, where they will collectively call on the Leave camp to spell out an economic plan for the UK if it quits the EU.


Britain could be forced to hand an extra £2.4billion to Brussels if it stays in the EU, Boris Johnson claims today amid a dramatic escalation of the Tory civil war. Attacking David Cameron and George Osborne’s stewardship of the economy, the leading Brexit campaigner said the UK has been left facing ‘massive risks’. He added that the EU has run up almost £20billion of unpaid bills in recent years, and once the referendum is over Britain will be presented with a demand for its share if the country votes to stay in. Mr Johnson also claimed the UK could be asked to fork out extra cash to help deal with the continent’s immigration crisis and to bail out the eurozone if the single currency collapses.

After last week’s featherweight entrants, we were onto some seriously heavyweight fibs this week. In truth there were only two contenders in this week’s EU dishonesty stakes. The first was Jeremy Corbyn’s lacklustre attempt to explain why after a lifetime’s Euroscepticism he is backing ‘Remain’. Here is how the BBC captured the excitement of Corbyn’s speech: ‘The Labour leader said the EU could “deliver positive change” on issues ranging from mobile phone charges to clean beaches and protecting bees.’ Gosh. Well sign me up.


Immigration dominated the week after official figures showed net migration into Britain running at its second highest level ever, despite pledges by Prime Minister David Cameron to bring the numbers down. “Out” campaigners seized on the data to claim Britain’s EU membership meant the country had no control over its borders and subsequent opinion polls showed marked gains by the Leave campaign. Leading Out figures like former London mayor Boris Johnson said Britain would introduce an Australian-style points-based immigration system if it voted to leave the EU on June 23. Cameron, repeatedly pressed on immigration by a sceptical audience on Thursday, was forced to concede action was needed to cut the numbers but insisted that leaving the EU would be “an act of self-harm” for Britain.


GEORGE Osborne has been accused of “treating the British public like idiots” after he unleashed the latest Project Fear tactic by the Remain campaign. The Chancellor claimed that mortgage would increase by an average of £120 a month, which led one Tory pro-Brexit MP Nadine Dorries to compare him to a school bully. The claim is the latest in a long list used in what Brexit supporters are now describing as “Project Armageddon” with scaremongering that 3 million jobs would be lost, pensions would drop in value, house prices would collapse and even World War Three would break out.  The Chancellor’s latest attack comes after a terrible week for the Remain campaign which has seen Leave go ahead in the polls and the debate moving on to uncontrolled immigration from the economy.


British taxpayers will be hit with a shock £2.4billion bill if the UK stays in the European Union, Boris Johnson will say on Monday. Mr Johnson will say there is a “£20billion black hole” in the EU’s finances which will be paid in part by the UK unless Britain votes for a Brexit on June 23. In a sign that Mr Johnson’s Leave campaign intends to increasingly focus on the economy ahead of the referendum, the former mayor of London warns that the EU is “demanding even more of our money”. He will say that British taxpayers face a “triple whammy of woe” as the EU hands the UK an extra £2.4billion bill, increases its overall budget because of the migration crisis and pays for potential bailouts of struggling eurozone economies.


Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell has unveiled a plan to create 160,000 new homes in the next four years – but only if Britain stays in the EU. Under Mr McDonnell’s plan, the EU would increase funding for housebuilding. And Mr McDonnell says the project could create 65,000 jobs. He added: “Labour wants to remain and reform the Europe so that we can better use the levers of power inside the EU to ensure our country punches its weight in the world and better delivers for all working people. “The opportunities to build a better world will be with a Labour vote to remain in the EU not a Tory Brexit.

Conservative Party


David Cameron will on Monday intensify the Tory civil war over the EU referendum by “uniting” with Labour’s Harriet Harman and the leaders of the Liberal Democrats and Green Party to attack the Brexit campaign. In a move described as “crass” and a “slap in the face” by Conservative Eurosceptics, the Prime Minister will give a speech alongside Ms Harman, Tim Farron, the Lib Dem leader, and Natalie Bennett of the Greens. They will also release a joint-statement attacking Boris Johnson and Michael Gove, the leaders of the Leave campaign, for “perpetuating an economic con‐trick on the British people”.


A NEW report has revealed that David Cameron’s government has failed in its promise to have “a bonfire of the quangos” and instead hundreds of political appointees are raking in thousands of pounds a year from “cushy jobs”. The Taxpayers Alliance has exposed a “jobs for the boys culture” still going on more than six years after Mr Cameron became Prime Minister.  The damning report reveals that 3,000 positions were filled on the boards of quangos in 2014-15 alone.  Meanwhile 135 unelected, unaccountable individuals sit on more than one quango board earning thousands of pounds from the taxpayer.

Labour Party


Labour had been urged to sack Damian McBrideGordon Brown’s controversial former spin doctor, over allegations that he has been secretly helping the Leave campaign. Mr McBride, who now works for shadow Defence Secretary Emily Thornberry, accidentally posted a private message on Twitter that appeared to show him advising Tory cabinet minister Michael Gove.



British special forces are on the front line in Syria defending a rebel unit under daily attack by Isis, military commanders have told The Times. The operation marks the first evidence of the troops’ direct involvement in the war-torn country rather than just training rebels in Jordan. British special forces based in Jordan frequently cross into Syria to assist the New Syrian Army (NSA), which has been holding out in the southeastern village of al-Tanf. The rebel unit, made up of former Syrian special forces who defected from President Assad’s army, was retrained by the British and Americans.


ISIS commanders are killing their fighters by dropping them in vats of acid as the terror group searches for spies who are passing information to the US military. The terror group has lost several senior members to drone strikes in recent months prompting the major security review.   In March, a senior commander with ISIS was driving through northern Syria on orders to lead militants in the fighting there when a drone blasted his vehicle to oblivion.

Daily Star

ISLAMIC State’s desperate commanders have resorted to dropping their own men into tubs of acid in a bid to root out spies. The panicked witch-hunt began after a US drone annihilated senior commander Abu Hayjaa al-Tunsi – whose movements within the so-called caliphate were a closely guarded secret. The scramble to find spies within territory held by ISIS – also known as Daesh – resulted in 38 of its own members being eliminated by the group on suspicion of spying for the US military. They make up just some of the scores of the twisted terror cell’s fighters that have been slaughtered or imprisoned over fears there is a mole within the terror group.

Daily Star

BRITISH special forces are battling Islamic State jihadis on the frontline in Syria, it has been revealed. The squaddies are defending Western-supported rebel units from incoming jihadis – who are launching daily attacks on their position. The operation is believed to be the first frontline involvement of British troops on Syrian soil as the West fights to wipe out the delinquent death cult, also known as Daesh. British soldiers were initially introduced to train fighters from the New Syrian Army – a group of rebels who are being equipped to fight ISIS by Western military personnel.



The Border Force is said to be in talks with the Royal Navy over the possibility of sending military vessels to patrol the English Channel. Officials are understood to have asked the Ministry of Defence (MoD) for more support amid concerns that an increasing number of migrants will attempt to reach Britain by water.  The two agencies already work together on operations protecting Britain’s coastlines but it is understood officials are requesting further assistance, although no formal request has been made.

Sky News

British fishermen are regularly being offered money by people traffickers to take migrants across the Channel, Sky News has learned. A total of 18 Albanians and two Britons were rescued off the Kent coast last weekend when their flimsy vessel ran into difficulties. But local fishermen are adamant that many more are routinely getting through due to the numerous isolated coves and deserted beaches along the Kent coastline. “I have been approached in the past by a man who asked if I was interested in making more money,” said one fisherman, who asked not to be named.



The Deputy leader of the Alternative for Deutschland (AfD) party has blasted Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel as a “dictator” in comments made this weekend. The Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ) newspaper reports that Alexander Gauland, the deputy leader of the anti-mass migration party, said Mrs. Merkel represents “a policy of human flooding” and blasted her as a “dictator”. He said that her policy is an “attempt to have the German people gradually replaced… from all parts of the world population.” “Today, we are tolerant, and tomorrow strangers in their own country,” he said during a joint appearance with his party colleaue Björn Höcke in Brandenburge Elsterwerda on Thurday night.


EU RED tape is potentially “killing people” because it is delaying the marketing of new drugs by years and forcing research laboratories across the UK to close. The shocking revelations by top medical research professors in Britain has added fuel to the drive to get Britain to throw off Brussels rule. The disastrous regulations in the EU’s Clinical Trials Directive forced on Britain in 2004 has seen the UK global share of research plummet from 12 per cent to just one per cent. According to very senior figures they are delaying vital testing of drugs for years and then delaying allowing them to be marketed by years more. Smaller research facilities have been forced to close down because of the regulatory burden imposed by the EU in rules lobbied for by large corporations.

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