Four key claims made by the Remain camp were demolished last night in the final hours of the referendum battle. As voters prepared to go to the polls in a knife-edge contest, Leave supporters said David Cameron’s arguments on Turkey, trade, migration and welfare had fallen apart. And in a final impassioned plea, Michael Gove declared today was ‘D-Day’ for current generations of Britons. He urged wavering voters not to flinch from regaining sovereignty from a Brussels machine that would leave their country poorer and less secure. Polls make the contest neck and neck. ‘It’s 50:50,’ said Professor John Curtice – the only analyst to have predicted last year’s election result. Making his final arguments for Britain to remain in the EU, the Prime Minister suffered a series of body blows from events and interventions beyond his control:

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Brussels (AFP) – The EU will open new membership talks with Turkey as planned in a few days, EU diplomatic sources said Wednesday, just as Ankara’s accession becomes a hot-button issue in Britain’s vote on its future in the bloc. One source, who asked not to be named, told AFP that EU member states will meet June 30 to agree to open a new negotiating chapter with Turkey on finance and budget affairs. A British spokesperson in Brussels said the decision was procedural and followed up a pledge made by European Union leaders in March to open another accession chapter with Turkey. “In March, all member states agreed to open Chapter 33, during the Netherlands (six-month EU) presidency. This is a technical step to implement that agreement,” the spokesperson said.

Talks on Turkey’s membership of the European Union (EU) are set to recommence just days after Britain votes on its membership of the block. The revelation, made by inside sources speaking to AFP, comes after Prime Minister David Cameron promised Turkey could not join “until the year 3,000”. The Prime Minister said last month that it would be “literally decades before this even had a prospect of happening,” and said, “the Leave campaign are making a very misleading claim” about its impending membership. However, the EU source, who asked not to be named, said that EU member states will meet on the 30th of June to agree to open a new negotiating chapter with Turkey.

Britain’s referendum on leaving the EU is “too close to call” as a string of polls released on the final campaign day showed neither side clearly ahead. Four separate polls released on Thursday gave differing pictures, with two putting the Leave campaign ahead and two giving the pro-EU side the lead.  The result will be decided by which campaign can get out most supporters and how floating voters divide, according to polling experts. Around one in 10 voters remain undecided despite months of campaigning and could only decide when they enter the polling booth.

The European Union referendum is too close to call, a series of polls suggested last night, with the country split down the middle over the economy and immigration. After a bitterly fought four-month campaign, the Remain and Leave camps were separated by two percentage points, according to three surveys. They point to a narrow result as voters head to the polls today — and a legacy of grievances over the campaigns’ tactics and tone. A YouGov poll for The Times put Remain on 51 per cent against 49 for Leave.

A SHOCK poll has revealed 81 per cent of voters felt bullied and unable to express their true feelings in the EU debate because of a culture of “political correctness”. The ComRes survey of 2,000 voters comes as the referendum race goes right to the wire 2,037 days after the Daily Express kicked off the crusade to get Britain out of the EU, back in November 2010.  And as voters make their decision, new evidence emerged of a plan by Brussels to take control of national taxation.  According to papers released yesterday, European Parliament discussions will be held in September over plans to bring national budgets under EU control and harmonise them.

A SHOCK poll has tonight placed Leave a monumental seven points ahead of Remain with just hours left until Britain’s historic EU referendum vote. The bombshell survey, by respected pollsters TNS, shows Brexit has surged ahead by 49 per cent to 42 per cent once people’s likelihood to vote is taken into account. t will send shockwaves through Downing Street tonight, which has shown increasing signs of nerves over how the referendum will pan out amid fierce criticism of David Cameron’s Project Fear campaign.  Analysts at the firm surveyed 2,320 adults across the UK online between June 16-22. Their baseline results reveal a two per cent lead for the Leave campaign, with support for Brexit at 43 per cent compared to 41 per cent for Remain.


The TTIP trade deal is unpopular across the political board in Britain. The controversial agreement has been revealed to include provisions for the US to degrade protections on the environment, consumer rights, and would give US companies influence over European laws.  Jeremy Corbyn recently said he would “veto” the deal, and even Boris Johnson performed a spectacular U-turn to attack the EU-US trade deal which he had previously hailed as “Churchillian” in its brilliance. Yet while Mr Johnson campaigns for Brexit, and putting the UK out of reach of the deal, campaigners have warned that leaving the EU would make Britain more vulnerable to being forced to accept the terms of the deal at a later stage.


Leave campaigners have released a shocking video of a sailor smuggling three ‘refugees’ across the Channel to show just how easy it is to get migrants into the UK. The unnamed sailor takes three people he claims are migrants on a small rubber rib boat from Gravelines in northern France to Folkestone Harbour without being challenged once. As the three men get off the boat, their alleged trafficker says: ‘No harbour master, no police, no customs no nothing.’ The unnamed sailor (pictured, bottom right) takes three people he claims are migrants (top right, in the Channel) on a small rubber rib boat from Gravelines in northern France to Folkestone Harbour without being challenged once.

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