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The Sun has officially backed Brexit. In a front page splash, the tabloid urged its readers to “BeLeave in Britain” and free the country from what it called “dictatorial Brussels” in the referendum on June 23. It comes amid growing alarm among remain campaigners that the momentum is with the Brexit campaign with nine days to go. The Sun, which is Britain’s biggest selling newspaper, said staying in the EU would be worse for immigration, worse for jobs, worse for wages and “worse for our way of life”.

The Sun

THREE key battlegrounds have emerged in the referendum campaign – sovereignty, migration and the economy. These are the issues that audiences bring up time and again in the TV debates. And polls consistently show that the topics are uppermost in voters’ hearts and minds. Politicians from both sides have repeatedly tried to claim victory on all three fronts. Here, we present the logical views of three experts who argue that in each case, a vote for Brexit would be a vote for a stronger, better Britain.



The Leave campaign has moved into the lead in the referendum campaign with just over a week to go, a poll for The Telegraph has found. The Brexit campaign, led by Boris Johnson and Michael Gove, is on 49 per cent of the vote compared to Remain’s 48 per cent amongst those definite to vote, the survey finds. It is the first time that the Leave campaign has been in front since the beginning of April and comes just days after David Cameron’s Remain campaign was said to be “panicking” over the prospect of a Brexit.


Britain’s “Out” campaign has widened its lead over the “In” camp ahead of the country’s June 23 referendum on its membership of the European Union, two opinion polls published by ICM showed on Monday. According to two ICM polls, one online and one conducted by telephone, “Out” held 53 percent support compared with 47 percent support for “In,” the Guardian newspaper, which sponsored the telephone poll said. That compared with a 52-48 percent split in favour of “Out” in ICM polls two weeks ago, the Guardian said. Those polls excluded respondents who answered “don’t know.”

Sky News

Scotland, London and the southeast are the only regions in the UK where there is more support for the UK to remain in the EU than to leave, according to recent data from Sky News’ Eurometer. The Leave campaign has a clear lead in every other part of the UK. And the figures suggest that, with just 10 days until polling day, the campaign to stay in the European Union has the harder task. The information is drawn from the responses of hundreds of thousands of UK residents using the Sky News interactive Eurometer app. It has been analysed by independent political scientists from Vox Pop Labs who also developed the app, designed to help users understand where they stand in the EU referendum debate.


Britain’s “Leave” campaign opened up a 7-point lead over “Remain” ahead of a referendum on membership of the European Union an opinion poll showed late Monday, while the nation’s biggest-selling newspaper urged readers to vote to quit the bloc. The result of the June 23 referendum will have far-reaching consequences for politics, the economy, defense, migration and diplomacy in Britain and elsewhere. Recent polls are suggesting that momentum has swung towards the “Leave” camp, or a so called Brexit, unsettling investors. “Leave” in recent days has focused its campaign on the issue of immigration


A clear majority of voters want Britain to quit the European Union, according to a poll for The Times that gives Brexit a seven-point lead. The YouGov survey puts Leave on 46 per cent, up three points since the end of last week. Remain is on 39 per cent, down three — giving Brexit its largest lead since the start of the campaign, the pollster found. Eleven per cent of people do not know how they will vote and 4 per cent plan to abstain. Women are now more likely to support Brexit, as are people aged 25 to 49.

The Guardian

Support for leaving the EU is strengthening, with phone and online surveys reporting a six-point lead, according to a pair of Guardian/ICM polls. Leave now enjoys a 53%-47% advantage once “don’t knows” are excluded, according to research conducted over the weekend, compared with a 52%-48% split reported by ICM a fortnight ago. The figures will make grim reading for David Cameron, George Osborne and the Labour party. They follow a fortnight in which immigration became the dominant issue in the referendum campaign, with the publication of official figures showing that net migration had risen to a near-record 333,000 in 2015.

EU expenses

The Guardian

Vote Leave has challenged the European commission to explain five- and six-figure spending by Brussels officials on private jets, luxury hotels and an elite chauffeur service. According to a European Union financial transparency system, commission staff spent €22,193 (£17,610) staying at the five-star Shangri-La hotel in Singapore and €54,677 at the five-star Stamford hotel in Brisbane in 2014. Other expenses listed that year include €439,341 on Abelag/Luxaviation, a luxury private jet provider, and €23,696 on chauffeur taxi services. Priti Patel, a Brexit campaigner, said European commission officials were “getting away with living the high life at our expense”.


SCANDALOUS spending by European Union officials on luxury hotels, private jets, chauffeurs, golf and chocolate was exposed tonight by new research. Leave campaigners said expense claims they had discovered often hiding under innocent-sounding headlines in EU accounts underlined why Britain should vote next week to quit the bloc. Brexit campaigner Priti Patel, the Employment Minister, said: “This is how EU officials are spending your money. “The complete lack of transparency in the EU means that eurocrats think they can get away with living the high life at our expense. “They have tried to hide this spending for years.

Trade unions

Morning Star

NEOLIBERAL policies are at the heart of EU legislation and Britain should vote for Brexit to save itself from the threat of permanent austerity, campaigners said at a bakers’ conference fringe meeting yesterday. Trade Unionists Against the EU outlined their left-wing argument for voting to leave the “white man’s club” of the European Union in the referendum in nine days’ time. Casualisation of labour, which entails zero-hours contracts and unstable wages, is a direct effect of the European Commission setting laws that favour big business over the individual worker, Enrico Tortolano told the fringe meeting at the Bakers, Food and Allied Workers Union conference in Southport.


Sky News

Net migration into the UK will stay above 250,000 a year if the UK decides to remain in the EU, a pressure group has claimed.

Migration Watch UK says the number of people in the UK will increase by at least a quarter of a million a year for the next 20 years resulting in “a massive impact on our population”. It bases its claim on current levels of net migration – 336,000 in the year to June – and estimates on the UK’s ability to limit the numbers arriving from both the EU and beyond. It does not take into account the possibility that Turkey joins the EU, which has been a topic of fierce debate in the last few days.


According to a British diplomat, Chancellor Angela Merkel is ready to give visa-free travel in the Schengen zone to 75 million Turkish citizens despite the failure to meet key European Union conditions. In starkly undiplomatic language, British Ambassador to Germany Sir Sebastian Wood has said that Chancellor Merkel’s officials are ready to strike a “compromise formulation” on the Turkish terrorism law which was a sticking point to the proposed EU-Turkey migrant deal.

EU funding

BBC News

Ministers campaigning to leave the European Union say recipients of EU funding would get the same money if the UK votes to leave. EU funding projects for areas including farming, science, and culture would be continued until 2020, they said. They said the payments could be made more efficiently, allowing for more cash for priorities such as the NHS. But Remain campaigners said leaving the EU would “wreck Britain’s economy” and trigger public spending cuts.

BBC News

Campaigners for a Leave vote have said money Wales gets from Brussels would be maintained by the UK Government in the event of Brexit. In a letter, several Tory government ministers, including Michael Gove and Chris Grayling, said there was “more than enough money” to make the promise. David Cameron has said it was not certain if the money would be replaced. The Remain campaign said a Leave vote would “rip Wales away from its most secure source of funding”. In the open letter, the Leave campaign said all programmes would be funded at current levels until 2020, “or up to the date when the EU is due to conclude individual programmes”.

UK business


British entrepreneurs are on track to start up a record number of businesses this year, ignoring the doom and gloom forecasts from pro-Remain economists in the run up to the EU referendum. 91,618 new businesses have been formed in the Greater London area alone so far this year, according to StartUpBritain, putting the country as a whole on track to smash last year’s 608,110 new businesses across the country. A breakdown of the figures shows there were 2,761 firms launched in Tower Hamlets so far this year; 4,464 in Islington, 8,057 in Hackney, and a massive 9,329 in Westminster, which tops the list of boroughs in terms of new start-ups, City AM reported.

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