Second referendum

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MPs will debate the prospect of a second referendum on Britain’s membership of the EU after more than four million people signed a petition. The debate in the House of Commons has been scheduled for 5 September. Incoming Prime Minister Theresa May’s has insisted that “Brexit means Brexit” – but the Petitions Committee has ruled that because of the number of people who have signed the petition, the issue should be discussed. It said: “The Committee has decided that the huge number of people signing this petition means that it should be debated by MPs.

A House of Commons debate on a petition calling for a second EU referendum will take place on Monday, 5 September. The Commons Petitions Committee confirmed the record-breaking online petition, signed by more than four million people, will be put forward for debate. The petition, which was set up by a Brexit supporter before the referendum was held, called for the Government to annul the results if the Remain or Leave vote won by less than 60 per cent on a turnout of less than 75 per cent.


Labour leadership

Defiant Jeremy Corbyn tightened his grip on power after Labour chiefs ruled he can ­automatically take part in the coming leadership contest. In a landmark decision, the party’s National Executive Committee voted 18-14 that Mr Corbyn does not need the support of fellow MPs to be included on the ballot of party members. It plunges Labour even deeper into bloody civil war, with Mr Corbyn hot favourite to win again and rebel MPs now privately talking about splitting the party for ever if he does so. One was close to tears as she told the Mirror: “This is an absolute disaster. It honestly could be the end.”

Jeremy Corbyn was jubilant after the party’s ruling national executive committee (NEC) decided his name should automatically appear on the ballot paper in the leadership contest triggered by Angela Eagle. In a crunch meeting at Labour’s Westminster headquarters that began at 2pm on Tuesday and continued into the evening, NEC members, including Corbyn himself, voted 18-14 in a secret ballot that he was not subject to the rule that forces candidates to show they have the backing of 20% of the party’s MPs and MEPs. However, in a separate decision taken after Corbyn had left the room, the NEC ruled that only those who have been members for more than six months will be allowed to vote – while new supporters will be given two days to sign up as registered supporters to vote in the race, but only if they are willing to pay £25 – far higher than the £3 fee many Corbyn backers paid in the contest last year.

Jeremy Corbyn has secured a victory over rebels in his party by ensuring that his name is automatically on the ballot paper for a leadership contest to be held this summer. In a secret vote last night Labour’s governing body chose by 18 members to 14 to guarantee that Mr Corbyn could take part in a leadership election without the need for 51 nominations from MPs and MEPs. A vote is expected before the Labour Party conference at the end of September. Moderates believe that if their left-wing leader is re-elected the party will split.

Jeremy Corbyn will be automatically included on the ballot paper in Labour’s upcoming leadership election, the party’s ruling body decided in a nail-biting vote tonight. But the move was immediately slammed by one of Tony Blair’s former special advisers who said it signalled ‘the end of the Labour party’. The National Executive Committee (NEC) voted 18-14 in favour of the incumbent leader going forward onto the ballot without requiring nominations from MPs and MEPs after Angela Eagle received the necessary nominations to challenge him for the leadership yesterday. The crucial meeting, which is likely to define the future of the Labour party, lasted for nearly six hours as 32 NEC members debated conflicting legal advice on the party’s ambiguous rules. 

Angela Eagle MP has received death threats and had a brick thrown through her office window after launching a leadership challenge against Labour’s hard left leader Jeremy Corbyn. The attacks, allegedly committed by supporters of Mr. Corbyn, have left her staff “frightened” and unable to answer phones due to the level of abuse. Security has been stepped up and the MP has been forced to cancel two meetings. Mrs. Eagle’s Facebook page has been hijacked by abusive Corbyn supporters, and a message was left on the answer phone of her House of Commons office telephone calling her a “f*cking b*tch”.



THERESA May will make a strict new limit on immigration her top demand in her push for an EU exit deal, the Daily Express has learned. Senior Tory sources say the new Tory leader – who will be appointed prime minister by the Queen on Wednesday – has already drawn up the key red lines that must be included before she will accept any agreement on the country’s future relationship with Brussels. Number one item on the list will be the ending free movement for EU citizens to come to the UK. And she is also determined to ensure that the EU’s Court of Justice no longer has any supremacy over UK law. A source close to the Tory leader said: “The clear message from the EU referendum was that people want us to get back control of our borders. Theresa is absolutely determined to do that.”

The entire ‘Jungle’ refugee camp in Calais will soon be “torn down”, the French port’s mayor claimed last night. Natacha Bouchart hopes the radical step will see 5,000 asylum seekers currently living there heading to Britain as quickly as possible. In the meantime, she wants all “migrants and trouble making activists who commit criminal offences arrested, prosecuted and expelled from the country”. Back in March, demolition experts supported by CRS riot squads dismantled the southern half of the shanty town.




The people of Europe are increasingly rejecting the idea that multiculturalism is good for society, a new survey has shown. After a year that saw the unprecedented migration crisis as well as Islamist terror attacks in Paris and Brussels, attitudes to immigration are hardening across the continent, even in traditionally liberal countries, the Pew Research survey shows. When asked if diversity makes their country a “better place to live”, only a minority of Europeans now agreed.


Conservative leadership


THERESA May’s quiet husband Philip was last night tipped to become her closest adviser during her Premiership when he enters No10 alongside her today. The investment banker and close political confidant is a vital member of Mrs May’s team, and was key to securing support from MPs last week. Last night comparisons to Denis Thatcher — Britain’s only other “First Gentleman” — were made, but friends of the couple have warned he was nothing like Maggie Thatcher’s man. Pal Catherine Mayer said: “There was a sense there that Thatcher was the boss, but I can’t see that here. It’s a very harmonious relationship.”



UFO spotters have raised the alarm after the International Space Station live feed cut out just as a large mysterious object appeared to enter Earth’s atmosphere. The incident occurred on July 9 and was first reported by prolific UFO hunter Streetcap1 in a video uploaded the same day. The enthusiast did not directly imply that the object was an alien spacecraft saying: “This could well be a meteor or the like. But he implied that the camera being turned off was slightly sinister: “What made it interesting was that the camera cut off when the UFO seemed to stop.”

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