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Leave campaigners have set out a “roadmap” of action the UK should take to “take back control” if the country votes to leave the European Union. Parliament should act to end free movement and curb the power of EU courts, Vote Leave said. It said a new settlement with the EU – including a UK-EU free trade deal – could be reached by 2020. The Stronger In campaign said Vote Leave wanted “to quit Europe with no idea about what comes next”. The UK votes on whether to remain in the EU or to leave on 23 June.


Senior Tory Cabinet ministers today publish six pieces of legislation they would pass to restore Britain’s border controls and end the supremacy of EU law in the event of a Brexit. In an audacious challenge to the Prime Minister, Michael Gove, Chris Grayling and Boris Johnson set out what is effectively a manifesto for a ‘government in waiting’. They pledge that the new laws would be in place by the next General Election in 2020. In an attempt to take charge of what would happen if the UK votes out on June 23, the leading Conservatives also say that Labour MPs and senior figures from the world of business and law should be involved in thrashing out a new deal with Brussels.


Downing Street is considering a last-ditch attempt to revisit a deal on the free movement of workers before next week’s EU referendum, either by making a unilateral statement of intent or securing an understanding from European leaders that the issue can be examined under the UK presidency next year. One senior remain campaign source said: “If I said this was not being looked at it, you would not believe me, given where we are in the polls.” However, No 10 insiders are understood to be concerned that a last-minute pledge would not be credible with voters, and the chances of getting support from European leaders for a new deal are remote, with deep hostility in France and Germany towards unpicking the painfully agreed UK settlement reached in February.


GEORGE Osborne has been warned against using a “nuclear bomb option” in the Government’s Project Fear campaign after it was claimed that the Chancellor intends to panic the markets to get a Remain vote. Former Defence Secretary Liam Fox has warned that voters “will not forgive” the Chancellor if he “threatens to inflict a punishment Budget” on them for voting for Brexit.  His warning follows a senior source in the Remain camp admitting to the Daily Express that there had been a Treasury briefing suggesting that Mr Osborne intends to let it be known that he would suspend trading in the City and hold an emergency Budget if there was a Brexit vote.


A web story showing 80 per cent support for leaving the European Union was taken down just days before the company’s chairman e-mailed staff urging them to vote Remain, Breitbart London can reveal. Just two days after a survey of over 20,000 people showed 80 per cent support for a vote to Leave the European Union (EU), BT Chairman Sir Mike Rake, as well as the telecom company’s chief executive Gavin Patterson, circulated a memo on Monday to their more than 81,000 UK-based employees warning of the economic risks of Brexit.


BENEFICIARIES of EU grants would receive equivalent funding if Britain left the EU, campaigners say. Ministers have said savings made by leaving would ensure there would be “more than enough money” for institutions that currently receive funding to continue being supported. An open letter signed by prominent Brexit campaigners Michael Gove, Boris Johnson and Priti Patel, claims the UK could also benefit from taxing offshore companies if it left the EU.


The European Central Bank would publicly pledge to backstop financial markets in tandem with the Bank of England should Britain vote to leave the European Union, officials with knowledge of the matter told Reuters. The preparations illustrate the heightened state of alert ahead of the June 23 referendum, which will help determine Britain’s future in trade and world affairs and also shape the EU. The pound and euro have lost value on fears a Brexit could tip the 28-member bloc into recession. Such an announcement from the ECB would come on June 24 if an early-morning result showed that British voters had chosen to leave the EU, according to the sources. The aim is to underpin investor confidence across Europe and contain further market jitters.


Britain appears poised to leave the European Union with just over a week to go before referendum day. Two new polls released on Monday night from the ICM and YouGov firms show significant leads for the Leave campaign after weeks of tightening. Following on from and Independent/ORB survey late last week showing a 10-point lead for Leave, ICM gave Leave a six-point leave and YouGov a 7-point lead.


THERE is a very clear possibility that the Leave camp will clinch victory in next week’s historic EU referendum, experts have predicted. In what will come as a shattering blow to the Remain camp, experts say a British exodus from the European state is currently much more likely than the Conservatives winning a majority at the 2015 general election. With just nine days until the historic referendum, it appears voters have decided to reject David Cameron’s ‘Project Fear’ tactics, which he hoped would scare voters into remaining in the 28-nation bloc.


There’s just over a week to go until the polls open for the EU referendum and Britain decides what it would like its future to look like. The debate has been fierce – and no more so than when The Spectator brought together key figures from both campaigns to make the case for Leave and Remain for our last debate, when Leave won.  Tonight, Andrew Neil chaired a second debate between key members of both sides. The Leaves had it again – they initially had 308 votes, and swung to 369. Remain had 138 and swung to 160 – and the undecideds had 144 to 69.

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PRO-BREXIT Tories “love the NHS like Dracula loves a blood bank,” Jeremy Corbyn fumed yesterday as trade unionists on both sides of the EU debate threw down the gauntlet over public services. The Labour leader was joined by the entire shadow cabinet and pro-EU trade union leaders at a central London event to flag up risks to the NHS if Britain votes to leave. But British commuters will be lobbied this morning by trade unionists calling for an Out vote, who will argue that staying in is a bigger risk to public services.


DAVID Cameron’s Remain campaign was yesterday rocked by a triple whammy of bad news. An exclusive Sun poll showed support for the pro-EU camp had dwindled to a one-point lead. Analysts also predicted UK shares would get a “rocket boost” and firms would boom post-Brexit. And Britain has been invaded by crop-ravaging moths from Europethat have swarmed across the Channel. The blows to the campaign to keep us in the EU followed The Sun’s declaration of support for a Leave vote.


A Pro-Brexit pop concert has been cancelled, with organisers blame heavy handed scrutiny from the Electoral Commission. But they admitted they probably did break the rules in spending thousands of pounds organising the lavish pop extravaganza in the closing days of the campaign. BPop Live was due to take place on Sunday at Birmingham’s NEC. Organisers say the event faced unfair scrutiny for being linked to campaign groupLeave.EU, and that they’d been threatened with criminal charges if they didn’t “jump through hoops” and “fill in forms in triplicate.” It’s understood the Electoral Commission had Suspicious Minds that the concert would break spending limits for independent campaign groups.


German 10-year bond yields have fallen below zero for the time in history as Brexit fears send investors scurrying into safe-havens, and Europe slides deeper into the psychological trap of deflation. The eurozone is rapidly running out of AAA and AA-rated sovereign bonds for sale as the European Central Bank mops up the debt market under its quantitative easing programme, leaving pension funds and insurers desperately short of assets needed to match liabilities.



One of the largest A&E units in the country could be shut down over patient safety fears because it is staffed by too many trainee doctors. The emergency unit at North Middlesex University Hospital will be forced to close if it doesn’t hire more experienced and competent doctors within a fortnight. The trust has been warned by the General Medical Council and NHS bosses about junior doctors being left in charge of the unit at night. Internal documents claim the department poses a ‘significant risk’ to patients overnight – with just two of its 26 junior doctors ever having worked in casualty before.



Putting more bobbies on the beat really does cut crime – even if they are just police community support officers, research suggests. It found targeting high-crime areas with PCSOs, who have fewer powers than police constables, saved £56 in prison costs for every £10 spent on extra manpower. The officers spent just over ten minutes twice a day patrolling 34 ‘hot spots’ where crimes were statistically more likely to happen.

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