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THE Queen asked VIP guests at a private dinner: “Give me three good reasons why Britain should be part of Europe.” Royal biographer Robert Lacey revealed she asked close friends and family their views on whether we should be in or out of the EU. He said yesterday: “The Queen has no vote but I think she may feel we should be Out. “That’s only my guess as to her thoughts — but she does like robust debate. “She likes a debate around the table like all of us round the country and she’s been debating Brexit with close friends and family.

The Queen has been canvassing opinion on the EU debate by asking dinner companions: “Give me three good reasons why Britain should be part of Europe.” Her Majesty’s biographer, Robert Lacey, reported the Queen’s comments and suggested they may mean the Queen favours withdrawal from the European Union. Buckingham Palace would neither confirm nor deny that the Queen had been debating the merits of Brexit in private, but royal sources pointed out that the words attributed to the Queen were “a question not a statement”. However the leading nature of the alleged question adds weight to previous claims that the Queen would like Britain to pull out of the EU.

The Queen has been challenging her inner circle to explain why Britain should stay in the European Union, according to a biographer. Robert Lacey said she has been asking dinner companions: “Give me three good reasons why Britain should be part of Europe.” Although her remarks appear to indicate Euroscepticism, Mr Lacey said her conversations did not show that she supported Brexit but that she wanted to have a debate on the referendum. His disclosure in an article for The Daily Beast website follows a row over claims that the Queen expressed Eurosceptic views to Nick Clegg during a lunch.

The Queen is said to have been asking dinner guests to give her ‘three good reasons’ why Britain should be in the EU.  Royal author Robert Lacey claimed the monarch has been posing the question to those she entertains privately.  In an article for The Daily Beast website, Mr Lacey wrote: ‘”Give me three good reasons,” she has apparently been asking her dinner companions recently, “why Britain should be part of Europe?”‘ A Buckingham Palace spokesman said it would not comment on private conversations. ‘The Queen is above politics and acts on the advice of her Government in political matters,’ the spokesman said.

The Queen is reported to have asked dinner guests to give her “three good reasons why Britain should be part of Europe”, according to royal author Robert Lacey. Mr Lacey, writing for The Daily Beast website, said the monarch posed the challenge recently. “’Give me three good reasons’, she has apparently been asking her dinner companions recently, ‘why Britain should be part of Europe?’” Mr Lacey wrote.


Throughout this long and often acrimonious referendum campaign, the most striking fact about the Remainers is that they have failed to articulate a single positive reason for staying in the EU. Instead, they have subjected voters to a barrage of scaremongering, with the aid of a once proudly independent Civil Service, pinning all their hopes on persuading the British people that the dangers of withdrawing from Brussels outweigh the many drawbacks of belonging to it. In doing so, they have had to seek the support of the likes of Jeremy Corbyn, Ed Miliband, Gordon Brown and Tony Blair — from the very party voters rightly rejected at the last election on the grounds that they couldn’t be trusted.

The ‘Remain’ campaign has tried to scare us to death about the terrible damage which will be done to the British economy if we leave the European Union. What no one has explained, however, is that the majority of our partners in Europe — 19 out of the 28 nations — are members of the eurozone which is delivering an economic catastrophe of historic proportions. Instead, the Remain camp has resorted to talking down the performance of Britain’s economy post-Brexit, without any reference to the parlous state of the eurozone. The more negative the language ‘Project Fear’ has used, the more it damages and confuses businesses and consumers, and the more it therefore becomes a self-fulfilling prophesy. In warning citizens of the dangers of a ‘Leave’ vote, the Prime Minister David Cameron and Chancellor George Osborne have resorted to the most negative forecasts in living memory about the prospects for Britain.


SCHOOLING for the children of EU migrants is set to hit taxpayers with a bill of up to £29billion over the next 14 years, according to a new estimate published by anti-Brussels campaigners last night. Research from the Vote Leave pressure group forecast that an extra 261,000 youngsters will be crammed into Britain’s classrooms by 2030 as a result of EU migration. And the total could reach 571,000 if Turkey and a string of Balkan states join the EU in the near future, the figures suggest. Vote Leave said the research showed that the “devastating impact of uncontrolled migration on our schools” if Britain votes to remain in the EU in tomorrow’s referendum.

Euro 2016

French grass chiefs have launched a blistering attack on an England-based turf expert amid a diplomatic row surrounding the quality of pitches at Euro 2016. The nation’s grass association has directed blame at Leeds-based consultant Richard Hayden after the host country came under fire as for sub-standard playing surfaces. A war of words erupted after Uefa, the tournament’s governing body, expressed concern on Friday about the state of pitches at the tournament, in particular in Marseille, Saint Denis – where the showcase Stade de France is located – and Lille. There was further dismay on Sunday after France’s game against Switzerland in Lille where groundsmen were forced at halftime to try to patch up a cut-up pitch at the Stade Pierre Mauroy as players slid repeatedly.

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