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Owen Smith has promised to attempt to block formal negotiations with European Union leaders until the government offers a second EU referendum or calls a general election to approve its final Brexit deal. The former shadow work and pensions secretary said that under his leadership the Labour Party will vote against triggering Article 50 until the Conservatives commit to a second public vote on membership of the EU. Mr Smith criticised comments made by Jeremy Corbyn on the morning of the EU referendum result calling for Article 50 to be invoked immediately. The Labour leader has since backtracked and insisted he misspoke.

British businesses are preparing to shell out hundreds of millions of pounds in fees to lobbyists to try to ensure that the UK leaving the EU means a “good Brexit” for corporate interests. Since the referendum result in June, revenues at some of the largest public affairs consultancies are on course to jump up to 40 per cent. The market is believed to be worth up to £2 billion a year. Industry experts expect this figure to rise as more businesses turn to lobbyists to protect their interests in a world where Westminster, not Brussels, dominates UK corporate regulation.

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Labour leadership hopeful Owen Smith says he would block Brexit until the Government offers a second vote. Mr Smith says that under his leadership Labour would not support the triggering of Article 50 unless there was a commitment from Theresa May to hold a second referendum or a General Election to approve the final Brexit deal. Speaking two months after the June referendum result, he said: “The British people were lied to by the Leave campaign – they deserve to have a say on whatever exit deal the Tories strike with the EU. “Theresa May says that ‘Brexit means Brexit’ – but nobody knows what Brexit looks like.

LABOUR leadership candidate Owen Smith has been condemned after he vowed to try to block the people’s will over Brexit and force a second EU referendum. In a keynote speech, Mr Smith, who is challenging far left leader Jeremy Corbyn, insisted that a Brexit deal would require another vote from the British people. The threat has been seized on by the Tories who said it was proof that Labour “cannot be trusted” and are “out of touch”. Conservative Party chairman Sir Patrick McLoughlin said: “The result of the referendum was clear and decisive and we in the Conservative Party will deliver on the people’s verdict.

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Owen Smith has said he will try to stop Theresa May triggering official EU exit talks unless she offers a referendum on the final Brexit deal or agrees to call a general election to approve it. The Labour leadership challenger said if he is elected, the party will oppose triggering Article 50 until the government commits to a second vote. Labour will not give the Tories a “blank cheque”, he is to tell backers. Ministers said they would deliver on the “decisive” referendum verdict. The UK voted to leave the EU by 52% to 48% in a referendum on 23 June but the manner and timing of the country’s departure remains uncertain.

Britain could become part of a new North Sea union to link countries with common trading and energy interests after leaving the European Union. The proposal by the conservative leader of Flanders has been seized upon by Brexit supporters as a sign that the UK will be able to find innovative ways of co-operating with its neighbours after the referendum result. Countries inside and outside the EU could form a union to develop offshore energy generation and transmission and help marine research and trade, Geert Bourgeois said.


Theresa May was last night urged to use the Navy to take back control of British waters now – as EU laws are forcing fishermen to throw 1.7 million tonnes of dead fish back into sea each year. Experts claimed the huge waste represents HALF of what is caught in British waters. Think tank The Adam Smith Institute said the EU’s disastrous fisheries policy should be repealed following the Brexit vote, and replaced with a ten point plan to ban all foreign boats from UK waters. The Navy and air-force would then be drafted in to enforce the new rules. The experts claim that “the EU’s Total Allowable Catch quota has led to the dumping of dead and dying edible fish back into the sea to the tune of 1.7 million tonnes a year.”


The economy

Orders for British manufacturing exports hit a two-year peak in August following a Brexit-induced fall in sterling, as the weaker pound also pushed up price expectations to their highest in over a year, a survey showed on Tuesday. The Confederation of British Industry said its measure of overall factory orders dipped slightly in August to -5. But that beat a median forecast of -9 in a Reuters poll of economists, and export orders improved to -6 from -22, their highest since August 2014. Manufacturers were more optimistic as output expectations for the next three months rose to +11 from +6 in July.

BRITAIN is today toasting a triple whammy of post-Referendum boosts — on exports, jobs and house building. Manufacturers say orders from abroad for their goods are at their highest since August 2014. A jobs poll also shows nearly a quarter of firms intend hiring permanent staff in the next three months, with just three per cent cutting back. Thirdly, Britain’s second-biggest house builder Persimmon said visitor numbers to its sites are up by 20 per cent since the June 23 EU vote . Details of the UK’s export surge came in the Industrial Trends Survey from the Confederation of British Industry which quizzed 505 firms.

Britain appears to be bouncing back from the post-Brexit panic in better shape than expected, after a string of indicators showed growth across the manufacturing sector, the building industry and in consumer spending. A survey of manufacturers reported a rise in exports to their highest level in two years. Persimmon, Britain’s biggest housebuilder, said customers were flocking back to view new build homes . And grocers enjoyed a 0.3% rise in sales in the 12 weeks to 14 August, the best performance since March. Nicholas Wrigley, Persimmon’s chairman, said that while the result of the EU referendum had created increased uncertainty, the news was quickly digested by customers.


Foreign aid

An ORB poll has revealed more than twice as many voters think the UK’s ring-fenced aid budget should be scrapped than would keep it in place. Seven in ten respondents want to see an end to the 0.7 per cent of GDP spending pledge the poll found, when undecided voters are removed. Just three in ten of the 2,000 respondents said they hope the UK sticks with the United Nations-backed aid target.
The Telegraph commissioned the survey after Conservative MPs urged a review into the commitment, which David Cameron enshrined in law during the Coalition. Pointing to the fact ‘Brexit’ will allow Britain to set up trade deals with developing countries, Tory MPs argue that boosting trade could have a more positive impact.


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Jeremy Corbyn’s team has insisted the Labour leader could not find an unreserved seat when he got on a train – amid a row with Virgin Trains. The rail company took issue with Mr Corbyn after he complained in a video he had to sit on the floor because of “completely ram-packed” carriages on a service between London and Newcastle. The politician was travelling on the three-hour Virgin Trains service on 11 August for a leadership hustings in Gateshead. A video then emerged which showed him sitting on the floor, reading a newspaper, and saying “this is a problem that many passengers face every day”, before calling for public ownership of the railways.

SUPPORTERS of Jeremy Corbyn apparently infiltrated the undecideds section of a BBC TV debate audience before announcing that they had been swayed to vote for him by his performance, can reveal. This website has unearthed evidence several audience members at the Victoria Derbyshire show last week were seated by BBC
bosses in the supposedly neutral part of the audience, despite the fact that they have already pledged their allegiance to Labour’s embattled leader. The debate show caused a massive stir amongst Labour members when, at the end of a bruising two-hour battle between Mr Corbyn and rival Owen Smith, the majority of the ‘undecideds’ section declared their allegiance for the party’s veteran left-wing chief.

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Virgin Trains has questioned footage showing Jeremy Corbyn sitting on the floor of a “ram-packed” service.
In a film shown on The Guardian , the Labour leader said he was experiencing a problem “many passengers face every day” on the London to Newcastle train. But Virgin said CCTV showed Mr Corbyn and his team walking past available seating before starting filming. It says the crew helped him to a carriage where seats were available and he sat for the rest of his journey.

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THE Labour leadership contest took a bizarre turn yesterday as a row broke out about whether Jeremy Corbyn was forced to sit on the floor of a Virgin train. A video released last week showed Mr Corbyn crouched on the floor during a three-hour journey from London King’s Cross to Newcastle before the Labour leadership hustings event at Gateshead. In a piece to camera about the need for public ownership, he described the train as “ram-packed.” Now Virgin Trains have released CCTV footage from the journey which allegedly shows Mr Corbyn walking past empty seats shortly after boarding, although the seats are clearly reserved.

Jeremy Corbyn has claimed all the empty seats on his ‘ram packed’ train journey to Newcastle had bags on them, and that’s why he had to sit on the floor. And a fellow traveller told LBC radio train that staff “shuffled” people around on the train so Corbyn and his team could sit together, later in the journey. Mr Corbyn made the journey on August 11th, and shot a video of himself sitting on the floor of the carriage, complaining the train was too full for him to get a seat. But Virgin Trains have since come forward with footage and CCTV stills which appear to disprove this claim. They show him walking through a carriage with empty seats, just as the train was leaving the station – before he made the video clip, which was later published by the Guardian.

Owen Smith yesterday declared that “Jeremy is not the only socialist in the village” as he attempted to steal a lead on his rival Jeremy Corbyn in the Labour leadership contest. The challenger also rounded on his rival by warning: “What you won’t get with me is some lunatic at the top of the Labour Party.” At a rally in west London Mr Smith said: “At a hustings a few weeks ago, Jeremy Corbyn said, ‘Yes we’ve got to get some of the people who contemplated voting Tory in the past to vote Labour.’ Rubbish! We’ve got to get two million people who actually voted Tory, 12 months ago, to vote Labour, in 106 seats. “And what you won’t get from me, is some, you know, lunatic at the top of the Labour Party, you’ll have someone who tries to form a coherent narrative about what’s wrong with Britain.”



People throughout the world are becoming increasingly uncomfortable with immigration levels which are higher than any time since the Second World War, according to a new survey published Monday. At least six out of 10 people in France and Belgium, which have recently suffered deadly jihadist attacks, believe immigration has had a “negative impact”, said the Ipsos polling institute. Similar figures were found in Russia, Hungary and also Italy, which has had to deal with large numbers of migrants fleeing the Middle East or Africa and seeking to forge new lives in Europe. In all, 49 percent of those surveyed in 22 countries said there were “too many immigrants” and 46 percent felt “immigration is causing their country to change in ways they don’t like,” Ipsos said in a statement.

THE Jungle refugee camp in Calais has doubled in size in just two months. There are fears of trouble breaking out as the refugees battle each other to sneak aboard lorries and cars. A 37-year-old Ethiopian was killed on Monday night in a “hugely violent” fight between rival gangs from Sudan and Afghanistan. Another 15 were seriously injured. Road Haulage Association chief executive Richard Burnett said: “The number of migrants in Calais has now topped 9,000 with more arriving every day, all with the sole intent of reaching the UK by whatever means possible. Only the French military have the number of personnel that are so desperately needed. “Does an HGV driver, or even a family, have to die before action is taken?”

Angela Merkel has called for the EU to sign Turkey-style “one in, one out” deals with North African states in a bid to avert a growing summer immigration crisis. The German Chancellor signalled that the deal with Turkey, which saw billions of euros pledged to the country, could form a blueprint for others. Her call came following a meeting with leaders of France and Italy and after a UN warning that the immigration crisis in which thousands have drowned in the Mediterranean, is once again about to explode. The UN special representative for international migration reported that 95,000 people had already made the perilous journey across the sea from Africa to Italy this year, with numbers set to soar in September and October. Under the EU-Turkey agreement, Ankara agreed to take back one Syrian who made it to Greece in return for being allowed to send one from its extensive refugee camps to the bloc, in a more orderly redistribution programme.


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Hospitals in England are being forced to suspend acute services due to staff shortages. Acute services are essential services such as maternity wards, stroke services, breast screenings and urgent care units. Sixteen hospital trusts told ITV News they had to close or suspend such services in the last year – with one saying they had to close their maternity unit 11 times. See if your hospital is affected here:

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Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn is to promise to “remove” private provision within the NHS as part of plans to “renationalise” the health service. In a speech on Wednesday, he will vow to make the NHS fully publicly funded and bring services provided privately “back into public hands”. A future Labour government would end PFI contracts in the NHS and restore publicly-funded bursaries for nurses. Leadership challenger Owen Smith plans to boost NHS spending by 4% a year. Setting out his vision for the NHS in England, Mr Corbyn will say his priority is to ensure the whole of the health service remains free at the point of use and can operate on a secure financial footing. “The Tories have run our treasured National Health Service into the ground and we need to get serious about stopping them,” he will say.

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