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Britain is the only major developed economy in the world to significantly increase spending on foreign aid, a report has found. The UK’s aid budget has risen 144 per cent in a decade and Britain is now the only major economy meeting a controversial United Nations target to spend 0.7 per cent of GDP on development money every year. Ahead of the G7 meeting in Japan, which David Cameron is attending, the organisation released an aid spending “progress report” which shows that no other country is even close to meeting the 0.7 per cent target.


Daily Mail

Britain’s foreign aid spending is ballooning faster than that of any other major nation, making the country ‘the mugs of the world’, critics warn today. The UK is the only member of the G7 group of leading nations to hit the target of spending 0.7 per cent of national income on overseas aid. Since 2004, the amount the UK gives foreign governments and aid bodies has rocketed by 144 per cent to £13.2billion – meaning that, proportionally, it spends almost twice as much of its national wealth on aid as any other G7 nation.
The Sun

BRITAIN has increased aid spending by 144 per cent in the past decade while other rich nations cut back, a bombshell report shows. MPs have accused David Cameron of turning the UK into the “mugs of the world” — as the Government’s lavish spending on overseas charity was lauded by global leaders. Our outlay has leapt from £5.4billion to £13.2billion in the past ten years — meaning Britain now accounts for a fifth of the entire G7 aid budget.




Daily Mail

David Cameron was branded a coward last night for refusing to debate on TV with senior Brexit campaigners. Despite claiming the case to stay in the EU is overwhelming, the Prime Minister will take part only in interviews and question and answer sessions with voters. His opponents suspect he fears a clash over open borders when thousands of migrants are heading across the Mediterranean to Europe. EU border officials say a deal with Turkey to control the flow into Greece is working – with numbers down 90 per cent. But yesterday Italy said it had rescued more than 2,600 migrants from the sea in just 24 hours.


Daily Mail

Thousands of migrants have poured into Europe this week, heralding the start of another summer of chaos on the continent. The fresh influx – into Italy – comes after the EU negotiated a controversial £4.7billion deal with Turkey to ease the pressure of migrants arriving in Greece. Two weeks ago the EU said that the number crossing the Aegean Sea to the Greek islands had fallen by 90 per cent since Turkey agreed to take them back. But at the same time the number attempting the more perilous crossing from North Africa into Italy is rising as the weather begins to warm up.




Daily Mail

Britain’s Armed Forces would be more effective outside the European Union, 12 former generals and admirals claim today. Throwing their weight behind the Brexit campaign, the former military top brass say the EU has become ‘intrusive’, ‘out of control’ and ‘not fit for purpose’. They reject the idea that a Brexit would have a negative impact on the UK’s defence and security, saying that Nato is responsible for peace across Europe. And in a shattering blow to No 10, one of Britain’s most respected generals claims EU law has seriously undermined the country’s combat effectiveness.
BBC News

EU policies are undermining the UK’s combat effectiveness, a dozen former senior military officers have warned. Speaking out in favour of Britain leaving the EU, they said that Nato, and not the EU, should remain the cornerstone of Europe’s defence. Among the group is General Sir Michael Rose, whose name was originally on a letter organised by Downing Street supporting UK membership of the EU. The Remain campaign says membership of the EU and Nato is not contradictory.


The Sun

Slashing EU immigration after Brexit will not hit the UK economy hard, leading academics have declared. A respected think tank said cutting total net migration by two-thirds would only knock one per cent off national output. And even then it could take 50 years for the economic effects to be noticed, said the National Institute of Economic and Social Research. Campaigners urging Britain to take back control of its borders insisted the research destroyed the argument for mass migration. Immigration has previously been praised by Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, who dismissed calls for his party to win back voters by promising tougher border controls.


Daily Express

Britain will be forced to join a single European Union military unless voters back Brexit because of a binding agreement signed by Gordon Brown, two retired senior commanders have warned. The revelation comes as nine retired generals and admirals with experience in every conflict from the Korean War to Afghanistan will today back the campaign to end Brussels rule. The top military figures will warn at a Veterans for Britain event that the EU is undermining Britain’s military forces and the Nato alliance which is the cornerstone of security in Europe and around the world. But more alarmingly it has emerged that clauses in the Lisbon Treaty will force Britain to join an EU military if there is not a Brexit vote, despite denials by the government.


Daily Express

David Cameron and George Osborne have been ridiculed for “straightforwardly ludicrous” claims Britain couldn’t stand on its own two feet if it left the EU. The Prime Minister and Chancellor took to B&Q in Hampshire to claim a Leave vote would see the nation crumble economically and spark the world’s first “DIY recession”. But fellow Tory Tom Pursglove hit out at the pair for suggesting Britain was not strong enough to stand on its own two feet and leaving the European Union would trigger a financial crisis. The MP for Corby said: “If the EU in its current form were invented today, there would be zero interest in joining it.




David Cameron could face a no-confidence vote by his own MPs over his handling of the EU referendum, it has been reported. The Daily Mail newspaper says “dozens” of Tory MPs are angry at the Prime Minister for his conduct during the campaign, including endorsing a Treasury dossier on the effects of Brexit described by Boris Johnson as “hoax”. Senior party figures are quoted as saying Mr Cameron should set a date for his departure



Dozens of Conservatives have threatened the Prime Minister David Cameron with a vote of no-confidence following his claim that voting to leave the European Union (EU) is immoral. This morning he upped the ante, suggesting that a vote to leave is unpatriotic. Senior Conservative figures have called on Cameron to name the date of his departure as leader or face civil war within the party, but have warned that even doing so may not save him from a vote of no confidence following the referendum, such is the level of anger within Conservative ranks over his handling of the referendum debate.

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