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NHS gives £1m payoff to couple – and then rehires them a few weeks later at a different trust

  • Karen Straughair, 50, got £605,000 when trust she worked at was wound up
  • Husband Chris Reed received £345,000 when his organisation was abolished
  • Now they are both working at another trust just weeks later

Ah, Pesto!

These poverty poster girls of Welfare Britain want the gravy too… without having to pay for it, writes RICHARD LITTLEJOHN

Osborne to consider new property tax on oligarchs: Chancellor plans to add capital gains on UK homes with foreign owners

  • Foreign buyers currently pay no capital gains tax on sale of UK property
  • Booming demand has sent London house prices soaring 10 per cent
  • Experts say imposing CGT on foreign buyers is better than a ‘mansion tax’

Our £3.7bn a year bill for illegal immigrants’ health and education: Huge cost emerges as ministers admit controversial ‘go home’ vans led to just 11 people leaving the country

  • Each illegal immigrant costs Treasury £4,250 in services, says Home Office
  • Latest figures suggest 863,000 people may be living in the UK illegally

Costs of staying in the EU outweigh the benefits, warn business leaders as they overwhelmingly back plans for referendum

A poll of more than 1,000 bosses, from companies of all sizes and sectors, found overwhelming backing for plans for an in-out referendum on Britain’s place in Europe, with 66 per cent in favour.


Is there no refuge, even in our smallest rooms, from the EU’s insufferable instinct to boss us about?

Where would we be without the European Union?

All right, it has its little drawbacks, such as destroying democracy in the continent of its birth by placing all the most important decisions in the hands of unelected, unsackable bureaucrats.



98% demand a ban on new migrants as thousands support our Crusade

THE Crusade launched by the Daily Express yesterday to prevent a new surge of European immigration to Britain has already won massive support.

Rebekah Brooks and Andy Coulson had ‘six year affair’, court told

THE former boss of News International Rebekah Brooks and the ex-editor of one of the group’s papers Andy Coulson had an affair lasting at least six years, the Old Bailey heard today.

We’ve been here before and we know how this EU story will end, it is time to say NO

WE have been here before and I am afraid we already know how this story will develop if job market restrictions on two more eastern European countries are lifted.

Mass immigration is down to the EU

ODD things, polls.



Human Rights Act is stopping us deporting foreign criminals, minister says

European human rights laws that prevent the deportation of foreign criminals must be overhauled, a minister has said, after figures showed that only a tiny fraction are ever thrown out of Britain.

Europe moves nearer Japan-syle deflation trap with shock price falls

ECB warned it must take immediate and pre-emptive action to head off he risk of full-blown deflation by next year.

HS2: George Osborne should halt the train journey no one wants to take

The HS2 high-speed rail project could derail Chancellor George Osborne

Conservative Home

Heresy of the week: The battle for the future is not red versus blue, but black versus green

Is the left-right spectrum the only way of defining our primary political differences? Could we, for instance, see a realignment around liberal and authoritarian positions on social issues? Or centralised versus localised distributions of power?

The T-800 is coming for your job, not your scalp

Douglas Carswell

Tories opt for press regulation. We really are pretty hard to distinguish from Labour these days

The longer I have been in Parliament, the more I realise that those on either front bench actually have rather a lot in common.



MPs keep HS2 high speed rail line on track and Scotland could be next to benefit

Bill allowing the Government to plan a detailed route and buy property was passed by a Commons majority of 350 to 34


Germany may invite Edward Snowden as witness in NSA inquiry

Green politician meets US whistleblower in Moscow to discuss possibility of helping parliamentary investigation into US spying

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