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A spectacular mistake on immigration: Straw finally admits Labour ‘messed up’ by letting in one million East Europeans

  • Former Home Secretary said the party’s 2004 decision to hand immediate working rights to migrants from other EU states was a mistake
  • Admission in his local paper is furthest any Labour minister has gone
  • His successor David Blunkett also warned Roma migrants could cause riots
  • Government had predicted influx of 13,000 a year – 1m came in a decade


After Blunkett’s warning over Roma migrants, residents on patrol in his city: Fears of growing civil unrest as ‘angry’ locals take action against new arrivals

  • Influx of migrants in Page Hall, Sheffield, has caused racial tensions
  • Local Pakistanis are patrolling, ‘educating Roma population on English ways’
  • Follows David Blunkett’s warning Roma migrants could cause riots


Put feckless fathers in chains and make them pay for their abandoned children, says Tory: MP David Davies demands men foot benefits bill for their babies

  • Monmouth MP says men who father children should pay for upbringing
  • He tells the Commons the state should not be left to pick up the bill
  • Also condemns over-generous benefits which pay for ‘teenage love nests’
  • He says he used to meet his teenage girlfriend ‘on a park bench’


Sudanese sex offender who targeted 13-year-old girl to be paid COMPENSATION because of delays in attempts to deport him

  • 25-year-old was jailed for four years in 2008 for sex offence
  • After sentence he remained behind bars during deportation fight
  • Fought against deportation, claiming his human rights would be violated
  • Court of Appeal orders compensation for ‘unlawful’ detention


We must do more to cut red tape and simplify taxes so businesses hire more staff, says Osborne

  • Chancellor told Telegraph Business Festival he cannot magic jobs
  • Suggested entrepreneurs have the power to solve unemployment crisis
  • Comments come ahead of the autumn statement, to be read out next month

Dozens of EU human rights are smuggled into the UK: Grayling attacks Brussels after claims by top judge

  • Mr Justice Mostyn said EU’s Charter of Fundamental Rights appeared to apply despite Labour supposedly negotiating watertight ‘opt out’
  • Justice Secretary fired broadside at Brussels after judge’s comments

Supermarkets are exploiting our farmers, says Prince Charles in impassioned plea to save British countryside which is ‘as precious as any cathedral’

  • Charles issued warning over countryside’s future in Country Life editorial
  • He has guest edited the magazine to mark his 65th birthday tomorrow
  • The prince says rural communities are facing their ‘toughest challenges’
  • ‘Farmers have taken a battering in recent years,’ he writes



Lord Heseltine: ‘The North and the Midlands made Britain great: they now deserve HS2’

TORY grandee Lord Heseltine, the political driving force behind the regeneration of London’s Docklands and Liverpool’s Albert Dock, today urged the country to regain a “sense of adventure” and to back controversial high speed rail.


Europe at risk of polio outbreak as refugees flee Syria

SYRIAN refugees fleeing from their country’s devastating civil war could inadvertently bring the paralysing disease of polio back to Europe, experts have warned.



Tory Eurosceptics won’t be quiet for long

Adam Afriyie’s referendum revolt is a distraction – opponents of the EU have tougher demands


George Osborne: Britain is on the path to prosperity

Chancellor George Osborne tells the Telegraph Festival of Business that the UK is enjoying a recovery that “very many countries would crave”


Police set to rule out foul play in ‘spy in a bag’ mystery

Scotland Yard expected to conclude MI6 spy Gareth Williams likely to have climbed in to holdall himself


BBC human resources director Lucy Adams using licence fee money to pay legal fees

The BBC is paying Lucy Adams’s legal costs after a trade union made claims of a “dirty tricks” campaign by her department.


Eric Pickles: Immigrants should learn English to become part of a community

The Communities and Local Government Secretary said it was “common sense” to teach English rather than translate into other languages


Only a Eurosceptic Tory party can win a majority

Douglas Carswell

The “real Tory divide” on Europe, according to my friend James Kirkup, is between Tory MPs in safe seats versus those in the marginals.


City AM


Power bills will soar until 2030

A REPORT out today from the National Audit Office (NAO) predicts government spending on new nuclear and green initiatives will send household energy bills soaring above inflation for the next 17 years as the public stumps up two thirds of the cost.


EU seeks to increase influence on global accounting rulebook

THE  EU is seeking to increase its influence over global accounting standards by beefing up the agency that scrutinises new rules and in certain cases tweaking how they are applied in the bloc.


Conservative Home

Dominique Lazanski: “Net neutrality” is just another name for Government meddling in the internet


Bedroom Tax fury at “running scared” Iain Duncan Smith who laughs off Commons absence and mocks Mirror reporters

IDS answered Mirror questions by saying: ““I can’t hear you, I can’t hear you!” and then explained, with a smile, “I am not there because I am here”



ITV news presenter hits back after abuse for not wearing poppy

Charlene White faced racist and sexist abuse which, she said, acted against all the goals that the fallen soldiers fought for


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