Fresh immigration shocker: How Roma girl offered a newborn for sale in park

A SECOND newborn has been offered for sale in a city that is home to rising numbers of Roma migrants.


The EU would be “impoverished” if the UK left the bloc, says Nick Clegg

A BRITISH exit from the European Union would “impoverish” the continent as a whole, Nick Clegg has warned.


Why Britain must restore control over its borders

THIS newspaper will always tell its readers the awkward facts that the political establishment would prefer to see swept under the carpet. And the facts are seldom more awkward than on the issue of uncontrolled immigration.


Parties exploiting voters

IT CANNOT be right that in an era of austerity MPs are able to use taxpayers’ money to fund their constituency parties.

Daily Mail

Coalition means ‘bad’ compromises not in national interest, Cameron warns but Clegg insists he was ‘right’ to block Tory policies

  • Prime Minister complains about ‘bad’ decisions taken for political reasons
  • Issues plea for single party government after the next election
  • But Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg defends opposing Conservative plans
  • Blocked ‘fire at will’ rules, profit-making schools and Snooper’s Charter


MPs use £3.6million in taxpayers’ money to rent offices from their own political parties in ‘back door subsidy’

  • Hundreds of MPs use expenses to rent from their own political party
  • Half the Cabinet including Grant Shapps and Nick Clegg use the deals
  • Labour MPs Luciana Berger and Jon Cruddas rent from unions
  • Deals are within the rules but will be reviewed by expenses watchdog


Eurozone economy virtually stagnant with just 0.1% growth after French economy unexpectedly shrinks

  • In the previous quarter the 17 euro economies grew by 0.3 per cent
  • Spain’s economy grew by 0.1 per cent, but one in two are still unemployed


Youth unemployment could tear Europe apart, warns WEF

Crime rates will soar, economies will stagnate and Europe’s social fabric will deteriorate if policymakers do not act to address youth unemployment, World Economic Forum report warns


‘Disturbing’ reversal in social mobility over last thirty years, says William Hague

The Foreign Secretary says that it is harder now than when he left school for a comprehensive educated child to make it to the top of politics


Welcoming the Roma and banishing hangovers: Nigel Farage and Peter Oborne speak their minds

City AM

City firms back EU’s revamped insurance rules

EUROPE’S biggest insurers yesterday hailed a crucial EU deal to introduce a new regulatory framework for insurers in Europe.


David Miles fears enormous housing debts

HOUSE prices are hitting such unaffordable levels that households should seek new ways of buying, in a bid to avoid taking on dangerously high levels of debt, the Bank of England’s David Miles said yesterday.

Conservative Home

Under cover of his euro-scepticism, IDS launches a new offensive against pensioner perks


Wiltshire Council increases councillor allowances

Conservative-run Wiltshire Council has voted to increase councillor allowances. The basic allowance has increased by one per cent but the Special Responsibility Allowances are up by 22 per cent.


Paul Routledge on David Cameron’s party: North of England would never countenance voting Conservative

Four out of 10 people up ’ere say they will never consider voting Conservative, almost as many as north of the border


Iran slows expansion of nuclear programme

Atomic watchdog IAEA says Tehran has installed no new major parts in its heavy water reactor in three months


Competition is killing the NHS, for no good reason but ideology

Enforced competition, as predicted, is wasting millions and putting lives at risk. Just look at Bournemouth and Poole


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