‘I’ll never forgive Labour, they destroyed my mates’ jobs’: The Who’s frontman Roger Daltrey blames immigration policy which left working class unemployed

  • Singer accused Labour of not controlling mass immigration when in power
  • Musician said blame does not lie with immigrants but with the politicians
  • Claimed the influx of thousands of immigrant workers during Labour’s 13-year reign left the indigenous working-classes unemployed


Scrap stamp duty on homes under £500,000: Influential group of Tories call on Osborne to remove fee as part of package of tax cuts to help middle classes

  • Free Enterprise Group will warn Osborne to help those on middle incomes
  • Proposals include rising threshold at which people start to pay income tax
  • Will argue: ‘UK has highest home tax in the world, stamp duty is too much’


Top doctors ‘must work weekends’ because it is ‘wrong’ for patients to be at greater risk on Saturdays and Sundays

  • Academy of Royal Colleges: ‘Drastic changes needed to hospital running’
  • ‘Senior staff, emergency tests and surgery should be quickly accessible’
  • At present junior doctors are expected to staff hospitals at weekends


The rip-off pensions that won’t make you money till you’re 100: Minister accuses firms of taking advantage of consumers not shopping round for best annuity rate

  • Pensions Minister Steve Webb accused firms of making ‘excess profits’
  • Scandal likened to the mis-selling of payment protection insurance


Ex-Tory donor says he will do ‘whatever it takes’ to ensure Ukip triumphs in Europe as he donates millions of pounds to the party

  • Paul Sykes, a former Tory Party backer, has promised millions of pounds to Ukip to ensure their success in the European Parliamentary elections
  • Mr Sykes, thought to be worth £650m, yet to declare how much he will give
  • Reportedly donated £1.5million to the party’s 2004 campaign
  • Defected to the party over his hardline views on Europe in early 00s


Tory support in North as low as in Scotland: Support drops two points as poll finds party is also failing to attract women voters

  • Party’s support in the region has dropped from 31 per cent to 29 per cent
  • Labour, on the other hand, has strengthened in its northern heartlands
  • Results from a poll which asked voters how well a political party will do


Hitler didn’t stop me. But elf ‘n’ safety has, says Navy hero told he can no longer lead parades because he is ‘too old’ to be insured

  • Albert ‘Dusty’ Miller barred from serving at Royal British Legion events
  • Insurers have said he is too old to be a marshal or standard-bearer
  • Mr Millar said: ‘I never even knew standard-bearers had to be insured’
  • The 89-year-old served with distinction in the Royal Navy in WWII
  • Legion insists that its hands were tied for ‘health and safety reasons’


Emails expose Ed Miliband’s fury at ‘nightmare’ Ed Balls

A BITTER feud between Ed Miliband and Ed Balls over how Labour should respond to the economic recovery was exposed yesterday in leaked emails.


Anger at calls to lower age of consent to 15

A CALL from Britain’s leading public health expert to allow teenagers to have sex legally at 15 sparked a furious backlash yesterday.


Nick Clegg brushes off migrants fear

NICK CLEGG sparked anger yesterday by claiming there will not be another mass influx of migrants to the UK when visa restrictions on Romanians and Bulgarians are lifted in six weeks.


Why health tourism could be the death of the NHS

THE NHS is a noble and distinctly British idea – a national insurance scheme to guard every citizen of our country against the misfortune of ill health.


Ed Miliband: Banks will use ‘big profits’ to fund extra childcare

The Labour leader says a levy on the banks will fund an increase in free childcare for young children to ‘help families’


Tories ready to adopt Nick Clegg’s pledge to cut income tax for lower earners

George Osborne is prepared to implement a fresh cut in income tax for low-earning workers suggested by Nick Clegg, the Conservatives signal


Paul Sykes: ‘I want to set Britain free from the EU’

Paul Sykes is on a crusade to get a referendum on Britain’s membership and to restore our borders – and he’s putting his millions where his mouth is, he tells Philip Johnston


Sykes and Ukip could put Labour into No 10

Mr Cameron should be wary of Ukip. The 2015 election could be decided not by a clash with Labour but a feud within the Right

Conservative Home

Priti Patel MP: Why we must strengthen our relationship with India

Last week’s visit to India by the Prime Minister marked another important milestone in the UK-India relationship. It was his third visit to India as Prime Minister, his second of the year, and a strong demonstration of his personal commitment to the relationship.


How much oxygen for Nigel Farage? An important constitutional question

Since the last general election, UKIP has made a number of breakthroughs – in local elections, by-elections and the opinion polls. In a fascinating article for the New Statesman, Matthew Goodwin and Rob Ford look at another important breakthrough for Nigel Farage and his followers – UKIP’s media breakthrough.

Guido Fawkes

Rich’s Monday Morning View
Balls Owes Office to Coke Sniffin’ Rev

City AM

Entrepreneurs now have their own pressure group

LISTEN up, entrepreneurs: you are about to get your own trade union. Yes, you read that right – a union, or at least a pressure group, specifically set up to fight for those who create and set up businesses. This new Entrepreneurs’ Alliance is an excellent idea.


City Matters: Business needs bold action from the chancellor to safeguard UK prosperity

IN TWO weeks’ time, the chancellor will deliver his Autumn Statement, following the first few months of consistently good economic news for several years.


Millionaire MP Jeremy Hunt claims 5p for a paperclip as he prepares to land £21m business deal

The miserly Cabinet minister also submitted expenses requests for an 8p page marker and a 41p black folder


Tory toff David Cameron’s hollow talk of aspiration is falling flat in middle-income homes

Politics columnist Kevin Maguire says here is a PM born with every advantage money could buy and a gilded old school tie network to land him cushy numbers


Threat from NSA leaks may have been overstated by UK, says Lord Falconer

Ex-lord chancellor defends Guardian reporting of Snowden files and says he’s sceptical of warnings from spy agency chiefs

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