Don’t lift curbs on Romanian migrants, Tories tell Cameron: Dozens of MPs set to call for five more years of restrictions for jobseekers

  • Restrictions on arrivals from Romania and Bulgaria to expire on January 1
  • Dozens of Tory MPs likely to back plan to extend restrictions for five years
  • Proposal heard by committee of MPs today, with Commons vote in weeks


We must build on countryside so young can own homes, says Cameron: PM accuses grassroots Tories who oppose new rules of putting own interests before the country

  • Echoes Sir John Major’s calls for Coalition to do more for social mobility
  • David Cameron said plans should be viewed ‘in the round’ because more houses have to be built


Miliband held a private meeting with drug shame bank chairman: Labour leader facing difficult questions about his relationship with Paul Flowers

  • Methodist minister Paul Flowers, 63, caught on camera buying drugs
  • It was just days after he was grilled by MPs over his bank’s performance
  • Flowers boasted of using ketamine along with cannabis and club drug GHB
  • Ed Miliband held private talks in Commons office with disgraced bank boss


Labour and its ‘ethical’ bank are as morally bankrupt as each other
Cut benefits cap to £20,000, say Tories: Group of MPs says amount should be cut by £6,000 to send message to workshy that they cannot live comfortably on handouts

  • Members of Free Enterprise Group of Conservative MPs issue unanimous call for welfare cap to be reduced from current level, £26,000
  • Group said it would help raise cash to pay for middle-class tax cuts


Calls to quit EU are unpatriotic, says Clegg: He blasts sceptics as UKIP lures multi-millionaire backer

  • Deputy Prime Minister tears into Ukip and anti-EU Conservatives
  • Lib Dem leader says backing EU membership is the patriotic thing to do
  • Ex-Tory donor Paul Sykes promises millions of pounds to Ukip
  • Ukip leader Nigel Farage says pro-EU establishment is worried
  • Danny Alexander says: ‘If you are anti-Europe, you are anti-growth’


£10 charge to visit your GP: Think tank suggests patients should pay each time they visit the doctor and be fined if they miss an appointment

  • More than half of doctors polled were in favour, with some suggesting £25
  • The think-tank, Reform, said funds could be put towards opening weekends
  • Two-thirds of Western countries charge patients to visit their GP


Income tax would have to rise by 9p in Scotland if voters choose to leave the UK, new study on independence warns

  • Tax hikes and spending cuts needed to plug financial blackhole
  • Falling North Sea oil revenues and ageing population add to problem
  • Institute for Fiscal Studies predicts extra 9p on income tax or VAT at 28%
  • SNP claims Scotland would have been better off if independent since 1970s


Has Osborne got £20billion to play with? Boost for Chancellor as borrowing set to fall below expectations

  • George Osborne handed major boost ahead of Autumn Statement
  • Fall in borrowing spurred by higher corporation tax receipts, £1.7billion windfall from privatisation of Royal Mail and pick-up in pace of growth


City councils ripped for spending taxpayers’ cash on straight bins crusade

CITY council bosses were slated yesterday after spending taxpayers’ money on thousands of leaflets to tell people how to put out their bins.


Paul Sykes: I will do whatever it takes to get us out of the EU

THE European elections next May will be the most important in my lifetime. Why? Because they represent the last chance we have to halt the abolition of Britain as an independent nation state.


Co-op chairman quits amid Flowers allegations

Len Wardle brings forward resignation after taking responsibility for appointment of former Co-op Bank chairman Rev Paul Flowers


The baffling recovery of Teflon Labour and Unpopular Ed

Politics sometimes throws up great mysteries. Why does public spending always rise and never fall? How did Gordon Brown ever become Prime Minister? Why is David Cameron still clinging to his pledge on overseas aid?


Can moneyed mavericks like Paul Sykes make a difference?

Paul Sykes may not seek power for himself, but he can play a part in denying it to others


Pressure mounts on Osborne for two-year business rates freeze

Chancellor uged to give retailers a break as business rates tax take overtakes rents and puts thousands of shops and jobs at risk


Return former Co-op bank chief’s £50,000, Ed Balls told

Shadow chancellor facing calls to return £50,000 donation linked to former bank chief Paul Flowers, who has been accused of buying class A drugs.


We’re importing the equivalent of three new Waleses in one generation

Conservative Home

Romania and Bulgaria: Why Cameron should come out for Britain leaving the EU


Stephen Tall: Why Conservatives should embrace proportional representation for local elections

Guido Fawkes

Top Drug Charities Bank With the Co-Op

City AM

UK moves up ranking of competitive tax regimes

THE UK is climbing the ranks of the most business-friendly tax regimes in the world, behind only three other countries in the western world.


Now Tories want to slap VAT on food and children’s clothes and RAISE tax on energy bills

Less well-off families would be hit hardest because they spend a larger proportion on food and goods not currently charged at the full rate


Any GP you want: so long as you’re healthy

Jeremy Hunt wants to scrap GPs’ catchment areas to give patients more choice. Sounds great – until you think it through

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