BBC has become too powerful for its own good, says Dimbleby: It’s squeezing life out of local newspapers and should share licence fee with rivals insists veteran presenter

  • Dimbleby called on BBC to ‘cut out some of the gardening and cookery’
  • Question Time presenter also criticised ‘terrible’ coverage of River Pageant
  • Intervention adds to pressure of director-general Tony Hall to accept cuts


How much did Labour know about disgraced Co-op chief? Bank chairman quit council over gay porn and went to No10 meetings with Miliband and Balls

  • Flowers attended a Downing Street reception hosted by Miliband and Balls
  • Three meetings followed between Flowers and Mr Miliband
  • Labour knew two years ago that Flowers had been forced to resign as one of the party’s city councillors after gay porn was found on his computer


How violent crimes ‘are made to vanish like a puff of smoke’: Police chiefs tell MPs that stats are routinely fiddled

  • Officers tell Commons committee about how figures are manipulated
  • Serious offences including rape and robbery are disappearing, MPs told
  • About 300 burglaries vanished from Met Police data in just a few weeks
  • Tory MP Bernard Jenkin said he was ‘shocked’ by the evidence


One in six college applicants is Romanian or Bulgarian: More than 5,000 apply for vocational courses with many entitled to up to £10,000 in grants and loans

  • Universities minister orders tougher checks on applications
  • David Willetts also tells 23 colleges to cut the number of students recruited
  • Number of students enrolling rises from 13,000 to 30,000 in two years


Immigration checks at tube and train stations will not be halted despite allegations of racial profiling

  • Immigration officials carried out a series of operations this summer
  • They have been defended by immigration minister Mark Harper
  • He denied racial profiling was taking place, saying they were ‘targeted’


Tories demand extra troops to defend the rock from Spanish after survey vessel encroaches on Gibraltar’s waters

  • Spanish ship RV Ramon Margalef entered British waters yesterday
  • Refused to leave for 20 hours despite being contacted by HMS Sabre
  • Foreign Office has asked the Spanish ambassador to explain


Lib Dem plan to increase parental leave to 65 weeks: Coalition in dispute over changes that would allow parents to ‘chop and change’ time off

  • Parents would get up to 15 months of leave between them in plan
  • Able to switch time off with just a weeks’ notice, Lib Dem proposal stated
  • Idea, drawn up by equalities minister Jo Swinson, caused rift in coalition
  • Conservative ministers objected so strongly it has now been shelved
  • Coalition has agreed new fathers should be able to take up to six months of paid leave from work


Britain’s economic recovery speeds ahead of biggest nations as OECD upgrades growth forecasts AGAIN

  • Respected think tank revises up UK growth by more than any G7 nation
  • Now expects growth of 2.4% in 2014, after forecasting 1.5% in May
  • Major boost for George Osborne ahead of Autumn Statement next month


Conservatives cannot win without launching a new party aimed at young Tory-hating voters, Cameron is warned by minister

  • Planning minister Nick Boles calls for a revival of National Liberal Party
  • Joint-ticket candidates could woo voters from the Liberal Democrats
  • Warns Lib Dems in coalition have cast Tories as ‘heartless extremists’
  • But Number 10 quickly rejects idea: ‘It is not going to happen’


Public faith in the crime figure hits rock bottom

THE most shocking thing about yesterday’s allegations of police fiddling the crime figures is that not many people will be shocked.


Taxpayer should not bankroll an Ethiopian girl band


A way of averting a crisis

FOR Britain to maintain controls on Romanian and Bulgarian immigration for another five years – as suggested by Tory MP Nigel Mills – would be an advance on the free-for-all due to begin in January.


Spanish ships could be mistaken for terrorists and shot at, Gibraltar minister warns

Gibraltar’s chief minister suggests that shots could be fired if a Spanish ship entering the British territory’s waters is mistaken for ‘terrorists’


Philip Hammond: Tory rebels can do ‘nothing’ to halt Army cuts

Tory rebels hoping to force a pause in plans to replace regular soldiers with reservists will do nothing to stop the changes because the Army “cannot go back”, Philip Hammond says.


Labour: We’ll scrap benefits for under 25s

Only those in “purposeful” training or carrying out an “intensive” job search would be eligible for the allowance, under proposals being considered by the party


Labour must step in to rescue a generation of doomed youth

Ed Miliband wants to honour his promise to help the young, but it will not be cheap


Tax take from business rates to overtake council tax and fuel duty

Fix the rates: Government rakes in £27bn from business rates and it will soon boost Treasury receipts more than council tax and fuel duty


Why are the Tories languishing in the polls? Their brand is still toxic

Could it be that the question underlying politics at the moment is not, in fact, why Labour is doing so well, but why the Conservatives are doing so badly?


Nick Boles and the Cameroons have been getting it wrong for almost a decade

At the heart of the Cameroon problem is a catastrophic mistake made almost a decade ago. They were right that the Tory Party needed to change and that to stop losing elections it must attract new voters. But to attract new supporters they set out to be rude to the party’s existing voters.

Huffington Post

Ukip’s Empty Rhetoric of Self-Government

British multi-millionaire Paul Sykes recently made the news by announcing that he would help bankroll UKIP’s 2014 European parliamentary election campaign. His goal is for Britain “to get back to becoming a self-governing nation” by withdrawing from the EU. But what kind of policy autonomy is realistic for a medium-sized economic power?

Conservative Home

Old people aren’t responsible for escalating health costs, fat people are

The upward pressure on healthcare budgets is usually explained in demographic terms: Older people have more medical problems, therefore the ageing of the population drives up demand for healthcare.

Or does it?


Syed Kamall defeats Richard Ashworth to become leader of the Conservative MEPs


Dr Ged Mirfin: Are we all working class now?

Dr. Ged Mirfin is a Business Economist at Peel Policy Forum

Are “We” all Working Class Now?: The Rise of the New White Collar Working Class and Why Radical Tax Cutting Measures are Key to restoring the fortunes of the Tory Party

Guido Fawkes

Cowardly Cameron Can Get Tae…
Cam Cannot Continue to Dodge Caledonian Confrontation


Bank which sold Royal Mail at cut-price figure CASHED IN AGAIN on £250m worth of its shares

The Mirror has discovered the Wall Street bank made a packet brokering deals in at least 45 million shares for wealthy clients

Fukushima nuclear disaster is warning to the world, says power company boss

Exclusive: UK government must learn from Japan’s catastrophe as it plans a new generation of plant, nuclear chief claims

City AM

Britain set to boom as global economy slows

THE UK will defy the weak global economic trend next year as the recovery takes hold in Britain, analysts at the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) predicted yesterday.


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