Daily Mail

Enough is enough Mr Cameron: Mail poll reveals voters’ deep concern over wave of new migrants

  • 82% of respondents said no to a new influx from Bulgaria and Romania
  • 85% think migration was putting huge pressure on schools and hospitals
  • Only one in 20 think Brussels should be in charge of policies
  • Think tank Migrationwatch believes 70,000 migrants will arrive in January


Scots get £1,600 more per head than English: Figure show huge benefits they enjoy by being part of the Union

  • National statistics showed the glaring disparities of public spending
  • Scots get £10,152 spent on them, compared to £8,529 for the English
  • The Local Government Association said the 34 year-old Barnett Formula should be dropped


NICE says no to cancer drugs… but yes to tai chi: NHS watchdog spends millions a year on unproven ‘crank’ therapies 

  • Alternative therapies approved include tai chi for multiple sclerosis
  • Other treatments include ginger for mothers-to-be with morning sickness


Royal Mail sale ‘was a catastrophe’: Tory think-tank says sell-off has let down the taxpayer

  • Think tank says that privatisation ‘robbed the taxpayer’
  • Calls for independent inquiry into the Post Office sale


It’s an outrage that Ukip hasn’t got any peers, says Farage: Party’s leader signals he wants a place in the House of Lords

  • Ukip leader attacks Cameron for failing to recognise party
  • Says party had suffered in the past because it resembled a ‘rugby club’
  • Reveals party will run candidates in every seat at the 2015 election
  • Says he would work with Boris Johnson or Michael Gove if they became Tory leader


Clegg signals support for Cameron’s EU poll: Lib Dem leader suggests he backs PM’s bid for in-out referendum

  • Previously said he’d support a nationwide vote if a change in EU treaties
  • Now says Lib Dems will support nationwide vote ‘when rules next change’
  • But he made clear he would fight to keep Britain in the EU


Chasm between English and Scottish spending widens

The chasm in public spending between Scotland and England has widened further, according to Treasury figures showing the gap is now nearly 20 per cent.


UK population growing faster than any other EU country

Measured by absolute numbers of people, Britain’s population is growing faster than anywhere else in the European Union


The cracks are starting to show between the Prime Minister and Chancellor

Far from ‘seeing eye to eye’, David Cameron and George Osborne are cut from different political cloth


If Cameron has changed his mind on global warming why doesn’t he just say so?


Conservative Home

Shares in David Cameron are under-valued


Heresy of the week: The conservative case for a citizen’s income

The Free Enterprise Group of Conservative MPs caused a stink this week by calling for an end to VAT exemptions – including those on food and children’s clothes.


Nirj Deva MEP: China and India are the future – let’s not close our doors to them

Nirj Deva is a Conservative MEP for South East England.

Guido Fawkes

Local Vaz Larks

From the Leicester Mercury


Nadhim Zahawi MP dropped by charity after claiming £5,882 expenses for energy bills

The Tory had been due to chair a meeting on the unfair effects of installing prepayment meters into vulnerable households in Stratford-upon-Avon

City AM

Firms warn EU dark pool cap will hit savers

CITY firms yesterday said plans for new EU rules on so-called “dark pool” trading platforms will lead to a worse deal for savers and urged regulators to focus on compiling more accurate data.


Ukraine vote on jailed leader slams brakes on EU trade deal


Three steps David Cameron can take to end our dysfunctional green farce

THERE is some controversy over whether David Cameron actually told his team they need to “get rid of all the green c**p”. But while Downing Street has denied it, there is little doubt that some ministers are realising they need to do something about the punishing costs of their current energy policies.


UK must do more to explain stance on Saudi Arabia, say MPs

Campaigners claim whitewash after committee says there would be no advantage in stopping UK arms sales to kingdom


Europe is falling out of love with open borders

Fears about economic insecurity and EU migration are leading many voters to the right. The centre left must take note


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