Banks ‘destroying small firms’: Cable report accuses RBS and Lloyds of ‘unscrupulous’ practices

  • Probe claims RBS and Lloyds have deliberately caused small firms to fail
  • RBS, 80 per cent owned by taxpayer, referred to financial watchdogs
  • Bank claims it tried to help the businesses, ‘but can’t save all of them’


Hate preacher Anjem Choudary ‘encouraged young British Muslims to fight for Al Qaeda in Syria’

  • Investigation finds the London-based extremist encouraged Brits join cells
  • It is alleged 80 of his UK supporters are currently fighting in Syria
  • Report by Hope Not Hate says Choudary is a ‘serious player’ in international Islamism


How French spies plotted to kill Abu Hamza on a London street: Security forces were intending to shoot hate cleric with rifle before blaming far-right organisation 

  • French spies concerned radical cleric was inspiring Algerian terrorists
  • They feared the militants would attack the 1998 World Cup
  • Plan was to send hate messages to Hamza from Nazi group Combat 18
  • Officials would then shoot him dead and let the group take the blame
  • Another plan was to kidnap him and take him to France on a ferry


Tories label Ed pathetic as he fumes at Co-op ‘smears’: Labour leader under fire for bid to shift blame over drug banker

  • Labour leader said PM was ‘demeaning his office’ and had political strategy to ‘sling as much mud as possible in the hope that some of it sticks’
  • Outburst follows weeks of negative headlines and scandals for his party
  • Include vote-rigging scandal in Falkirk and revelations about Paul Flowers
  • Tory chairman said claims were a ‘pathetic attempt to evade serious issues’


Bulgarian ambassador: Britain has approved all our work permits since 2007 despite Home Office staff being told to refuse requests if UK workers can do the job

  • Konstantin Dimitrov hit out at ‘anti-Bulgarian propaganda from UK politicians
  • Between 8,000 and 10,000 Bulgarians come to Britain each year in search of work


Quarter of council tax goes on funding town hall pensions: £5.7bn handed over in past year goes on paying retirement incomes

  • Of the £22.4billion handed over by families in council tax in England in 2012-13, some £5.7billion went towards paying for council workers’ pensions
  • In Scotland the figures are even worse where councils paid £1billion in employer contributions but collected just £1.9billion in council tax
  • New figures show that high costs and lax governance are corroding the pension scheme predict that within three years it will run out of cash


Coalition split over plan to curb benefits for new EU migrants: Lib Dem minister says he ‘needs to be persuaded’ while Boris backs restrictions

  • Scottish Secretary Alistair Carmichael is unsure about David Cameron’s proposals
  • But Boris Johnson said ‘it’s time for the UK to take back more control


150,000 say no to EU migrants: Daily Express readers demand block on migration tidal wave

A HUGE army of Daily Express readers has called on David Cameron to defy the EU – and stop a new wave of ­migration into Britain.


Labour may need to ‘pay back £2 million Co-op loan’ before next general election

LABOUR is facing a financial crisis as the party may need to pay back a £2 million Co-operative Bank loan before the next general election, it has been claimed today.


Time is running out for Mr Cameron to see sense

WHAT will it take before the Prime Minister listens to the people and prevents a social and economic catastrophe?


Reform this wicked tax

THERE is no more immoral way of raising revenue than inheritance tax, which cruelly penalises families while they grieve the loss of a loved one.


Pay-day loans: new law will cap ‘overall’ cost to customer

George Osborne says capping the ‘overall cost of credit’ for those taking out payday loans was the part of the process of fixing ‘all parts of the banking and financial system’


Help to Buy is nothing but an election ploy

Britain will solve its housing crisis only if it builds more homes and lets in fewer people


Iran nuclear deal: EU ‘will lift sanctions in coming weeks’

EU could lift sanctions as early as December, French foreign minister says, as Obama reassures Israel over deal


Cost-cutting council ‘contributed to death of student’ by switching off street lights

Student was hit by a taxi just five days after Warwickshire County switched off selected street lights across the county in a bid to save half-a-million pounds


Lord Stevens: We must bring back neighbourhood policing

Former Met Police chief Lord Stevens says serving the community must be the main aim of our police force

Conservative Home

Why is Labour still on course to win the next election?

Back in September, I stuck my neck out (a little bit):

“…here’s a not especially daring prediction: come Halloween, the polls will show Labour with a sufficient lead to put Ed Miliband into Downing Street.”

And lo, it came to pass!


The final four for South East Cambridgeshire

The shortlist is apparently as follows:

Heidi Allen. Paul Bristow. Lucy Frazer. Charlotte Vere.

Guido Fawkes

Osborne: “Attempts to Fix Prices Crush Endeavour”
Cameron Calls Market Intervention “a Communist Plot”


Tories target seriously ill people and immigrants in latest benefits raid

More than half a million patients with long-term sickness like cancer face losing benefits currently paid to them

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